RVY on the Secret IRS Agreement
[08 Jan 1998]

The outcome of the leaking of this agreement will prove to be much much larger than most can imagine but DM and a few others know it.

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Subject: RVY on the Secret IRS Agreement
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Summary: there is much to come about this agreement
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Now that the glow and hysteria from the release of the IRS/Scientology
secret agreement have faded slightly, I thought I might add my 2 cents as
to what it all means and give the OSA-robos a chance to get their stats up
by their ad hominem attacks on me.

The reason they attack me is that I spent nearly 21 years in the cult,
most of it in Department 20 known first as the Guardian's Office, and
later renamed the Office of Special Affairs. Dept 20 is the "enforcement"
section that attacks media, courts, critics, the Internet etc. Dept 20
contains the spy section, the attorneys, the media manipulation section,
the disinformation section, etc. It was Dept 20 personnel that went to
jail after the US FBI raid and it was Dept 20 that was raided in Greece
etc. Dept 20 is run by the Religious Technology Center (RTC) headed by
David Miscavige, who used to be my boss, which he reluctantly admitted in
a declaration. My credentials can be found in an article I wrote for
Quill, the magazine of the Society of Professional Journalists, which is
archived at
Other posts I have made about Scientology and its criminal Dept 20 can be
found at <http://www.entheta.net/entheta/1stpersn/rvy/> and

Onto the IRS agreement.

While there is much that one can say and speculate about the contents of
this agreement, there are only a couple of points I want to make.

First, I fell on the floor laughing at the formation of the "Church Tax
Compliance Committee" (CTCC) that is to ensure that Scientology
organizations (and members) are in full compliance with IRS tax laws and
that it is headed by David Miscavige who can only be replaced by a
majority vote of the committee. This would be like putting Saddam Hussein
in charge of the weapons inspections program.

The only other point I want to make is that this agreement settles once
and for all that DM is in charge - as if there was any doubt after the
Appeals Court ruling for Wollersheim - and that there is no corporate
integrity. Look at the agreement and look at the role of the CTCC. The
irony is that while the CTCC is a complete joke, it is actually built on
the truth of the organization: DM is at the top and the rest of the
organizations are underneath. What the agreement does is paint a massive
bullseye and paints large arrows saying, "Here is the alterego!"

To that degree, the agreement is more of a menu than a meal. While it
discloses much, it actually provides a titillating menu for subpoenas and
the like. One can flip through it like a catalogue, saying, "Gee, what do
I want to find out about now!"

And remember, there are a number of "exhibits" that were not released.
Look at them being referenced and think what would happen if THEY start to
be leaked out to the media. My oh my!

The outcome of the leaking of this agreement will prove to be much much
larger than most can imagine but DM and a few others know it. Much work
(by DM, Lyman Spurlock and Marty Rathbun) went into creating the corporate
shell game so no one could figure it out and this agreement will help to
crack that shell game and the outcome will be devastating to the cult.

Robert Vaughn Young * The most potent weapon of the oppressor is *
writer@eskimo.com * the mind of the oppressed. - Steve Biko *