Re: Repost: the secrets of Xenu was: Re: the 5 stages of Scientology
[11 Jan 1998]

I still savor those moments, when McShane dumped OT3 and Cooley tried to introduce a document with "Xenu" deleted.

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Martin Hunt ( wrote:

: Anyway, here's what Scientologists actually believe. This is the
: inside dope, the "big secret", and the reason for the volcano
: on the cover of _Dianetics_. Some of this was revealed recently
: on 60 Minutes, but I see humour in it:

There's quite a bit on can say about OT3 but having done it years ago, let
me add a couple of points.

I suspect that there are a lot of Scientologist who wonder why it is that
when they first read OT3 they don't get this, "OF COURSE!" feeling. After
all, if LRH is revealing a secret and you've been prepared for it (having
done OT1 and OT2) then when you open the packs and begin to read it, it
should just click. It doesn't. People struggle with it and when you are in
the courseroom, you can see it as they ask the supevisor this questin and
that question and they are looking up words trying to figure out how this
happened. Some, I'm sure, think that of course the "secret" is buried so
deep that it doesn't come easy. Funny part is that it never comes. And if
one OT3 were to compare notes with another (completely forbidde, of
course, for obvious reasons), e.g., "What did the uniforms of the Loyal
Officers look like?" or "What did Xenu look like?", they would each have a
different answer, an odd sort of reaction based on a "truth."

Another point that occurs that few Scientologists realize is that LRH and
the movement keep saying that they never evaluate for you, they never tell
you what is your "case." Bullshit! OT3 is a whopper! You are being told
what is wrong with you. (There are many other ways that they tell you
about other things but this is a whopper.)

Lastly, I still remember the day that RTC President McShane went on the
stand in Denver - about 3 years ago - to testify that the OT3 narrative
was not a secret, had never been a secret. Those of us there looked at
each other in complete shock at what he was doing. It was a strategy, and
a very dangerous one. (Can you say, "Perjury?") I was about to testify and
introduce into evidence a ton of material to show that OT3 had been in the
public arena for decades. This was important for RTC was claiming "trade
secret" but you can't have a trade secret if it is not a secret. So they
were going to try to undercut my testimony. The plan (to make it simple)
was sort of like a lizard dropping its tail, so it can escape.

After my testimony, RTC atty Cooley did a cross-exam on me and along the
way he showed me a document I had allgedly signed a couple of years
earlier. It was a declaration in the Fishman case where I said that we had
done a Nexus search for OT3 using key words such as "___________." (Hang
on!) He asked me if this was my document and I said it appeared to be but
someone had tampered with it. He blustered and challenged me and I have to
admit I thoroughly enjoyed making the point that he was introducing
tampered evidence. The tampering was in a word that had been whited out,
the very word that I said we used for the search. "Well, isn't that word
'Xenu'?" Cooley demanded. I shrugged, really enjoying the moment. I wasn't
going to speculate, I said, about tampered evidence especially mine. (I
just loved that word, "tampered.") He tried again (fool) and I said it
again, that someone had tampered with this. So he gave up and went on
while the RTC-robo-drones scurried through their boxes.

A few minutes later, he came back with a new document. It was the same one
but now the omitted word was there. It was "Xenu." Now Cooley asked me if
that was the word. Yes, I said, I guess it was a trade secret until an
hour ago, referrin to Warren "Can You Say Purjury?" McShane's testimony.
There was a ripple of laughter in the court. Cooley continued (they love
to dig themselves into holes) and at each chance I had, I would say,
"Well, I guess it was, until an hour ago."

He even hauled out a document I purportedly signed while doing OT3 (the
document was not clear about this) to show that I had thought OT3 was
confidential. (Pause: His question was actually sabotaging McShane's
testimony but RTC-robo-drones, including Cooley, have their little agendas
and they can't vary from it. He clearly had a long list of questions for
me that they had prepared days in advance and he was now going through
them, getting me to testify that OT3 was a secret, even though he had just
- and quickly - put McShane on the stand an hour before to say it wasn't.
This was fun!)

So he asked me re OT3 being confidential and I said it had been until an
hou ago.

Each time he tried it, I kept saying the same: Yes, it was a secret for
the cult until an hour ago.

My testimony worked. In the court ruling for that hearing he noted that
there was no trade secret to OT3 and (best part) that RTC had clearly
changed their position in the middle of the hearing, which was about as
polite a way of saying "lied" as he could make it.

I still savor those moments, when McShane dumped OT3 and Cooley tried to
introduce a document with "Xenu" deleted.

There are many Scientologists who still don't know that it is not longer a
secret but it is right there in sworn testimony, folks. Someone might be
able to find McShane's testimony and post and archive it. It is a hoot.

And now, to the no-longer-secret-thanks-to-McShane story...

: Xenu was the head of a Galactic Confederation of 76 planets
: around some of the larger stars visible from Earth who had a
: problem with overpopulation. It seems he had some 250 billion
: people on each planet (must have been hell on the topsoil and
: wildlife, and we can assume this culture didn't use fossil fuels,
: at least on this planet). Hubbard said Xenu had 178 billion on
: average on the planets, which calls into question if Hubbard
: even knew what the word "average" meant. Xenu used mass implanting
: of false memories; he brought people to Earth, called "Teegeeack"
: back then, and put a thermonuclear device on the main volcanoes
: such as Hawaii (which wasn't actually there at that time) and
: Las Palmas and there packaged the people up. Xenu used renegades,
: and implanted false data in his hapless victims. When he finished
: his dastardly deed, Loyal Officers captured him after a 6-year-long
: battle and put him in an electronic mountain trap where he lives
: to this day. (Well, the Knights of Xenu *say* they've released
: him but they haven't provided much proof beyond a couple murky
: webbed photos; can we say "UFO-esque forgery?") Anyway, the long
: and the short of these events which occurred 75,000,000 years ago,
: according to L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology, is that one's body
: is a mass of individual thetans stuck together. You have to clean
: them off by auditing this "OT 3" incident out, and everyone has
: them. That's all there is to Xenu and the Body Thetans, except
: the various methods used to get rid of the implanted BTs, things
: like the Thetan Hand Technique, and others. The result of getting
: rid of these spiritual cooties (the British Body Thetan Society
: works to prevent cruelty to these poor creatures) is that the
: body becomes more transparent, so you see a lot of these high
: OTs walking around that, if they turn sideways, it's hard to
: see them. Suppressives and critics say that's just because they
: subsist on a diet of rice and beans, but we now know otherwise.

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