How to deal with a Scientologist (RVY)
[12 Jan 1998]

Want to know how to REALLY deal with a Scientologist?

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From: (Robert Vaughn Young)
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Subject: How to deal with a Scientologist (RVY)
Date: 12 Jan 1998 21:35:45 GMT
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Want to know how to REALLY deal with a Scientologist?

Analyze them according to LRH tech and then use the tech back on them. (I
do NOT mean "Fair Game." Read on.)

For example, the "wgert" account is used to "natter" about people. Well,
LRH says what causes "natter" - undisclosed crimes called "missed
withholds." All you have to do is ask them for the withhold. Just don't
expect them to tell you! (laugh)

Or you can find "wgert" on the tone scale. (Hint: try minus-8.)

Just remember that the RTC/OSA types *hate* it when an "SP" can quote the
appropriate policy back to them. SPs aren't supposed to do that! SPs can't
"know" the tech! SPs can't "apply" the tech! So what it does when you
quote it or analyze it in terms of their behavior, it does have an effect
at the other end. Not much, but enough to make some of them think about it
in those quiet moments. Then one day they tell their auditor to try to
handle the upset and they find themselves in a sec check and it gets
worse. That's why people finally leave the organization. The cult itself
drives them out.

So dig out your red and green volumes, your Scientology dictionaries and
let's see who can be more "On Source."

Robert Vaughn Young

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