Hubbard's plagiarism (RVY)
[13 Jan 1998]

He constantly took material written by other people and put his name to it.

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From: (Robert Vaughn Young)
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Subject: Hubbard's plagiarism (RVY)
Date: 13 Jan 1998 17:09:02 GMT
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Summary: Example how L. Ron Hubbard published othe people's work
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Here is a classic example of how Hubbard took other people's work and
claimed credit for it.

In the original (1951) edition of "Child Dianetics," there is this page in
the front that was removed from later editions:

Grateful acknowledgment is hereby made to the following researchers and
contributors: [NOTE "contributors"]

William H. Wood, ex-Army Visual Education instructor, parent-child
relations specialist, board member of the Pasadena Dianetics Group.
Idella Stone, H.D.A. [Hubbard Dianetic Auditor], Hubbard Dianetic
Service Center, Pasadena, California.
William T. Powers, H.D.A., graduate student in Physics, Northwestern
Henry Mauerer, H.D.A., psychologist [probably a paid-by-Minton plant]
Edward A. Reese, H.D.A., professional bibliographer.
Jon Ross, H.D.A., former psychologist parental counselor, nursery
school supervisor, lecturer on child development.
Julia Lewis, H.D.A., president of the Compton [town south of Los
Angeles] Counseling Service, member of the Southwest Counseling Service,
specialist in re-educational play for children.
Waldo T. Boyd, H.D.A., editor and writer.
Wichita, Kansas
August, 1951

This was pretty par for the course, for LRH. He constantly took material
written by other people and put his name to it. (Hell, I wrote material
for him! (shudder) And to think that people are word clearing material
that I wrote, that they think is his. But that is another story.) But
in the early days, he was openly allowing it. It was later that he
insisted that he be "SOURCE", hence the removal of this acknowledgment.

Meantime, it would be interesting if any of these people were still alive.
(Quick, OSA! Find out before the ARSCC [wdne] does it! Fast, before DM
orders it when he sees this in the DR!)

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