RVY Going to Germany
[02 Feb 1998]

The DM/RTC/OSA thug-tactics that were directed at our animals in Seattle managed to create such animosity towards the cult in that section of town that it was truly amazing.

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Subject: RVY Going to Germany
Date: 2 Feb 1998 08:51:31 GMT
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The German federal parliament has been conducting an investigation into
the Scientology movement and invited me to come to Bonn and testify. I had
declined earlier and was slow in responding to their latest requst but now
that Scientology has decided to threaten the animal sanctuary that my wife
and I operate, I have today confirmed with them that I would be delighted
to come. I want to tell them and the world how this cult of cowardly
psycho-terrorists (what other kind of terrorists are there?) operates. And
I want the goon squads to know about it ahead of time.

The DM/RTC/OSA thug-tactics that were directed at our animals in Seattle
managed to create such animosity towards the cult in that section of town
that it was truly amazing. Thousands of people who had never heard of
Scientology came to learn that it is - just as Time magazine and others
have said - a mafia-like cult of thuggery and terrorism.

Now the cult is doing it again on Vashon Island and they are already
losing. Already, within hours of the assault on us here, we have been
deluged with phone calls and visits from people offering support and
asking if we have any idea who is behind this hate campaign. I simply tell
them about Stacy and "60 Minutes," the NY Times, Lisa McPherson, Greece
and all the other Scientology "Big Wins." (And I am more than pleased to
provide photo copies of articles.) When they ask me if Scientology is a
religion, I am happy to tell them about Xenu, thanks to Warren McShane,
who testified in Denver (with a straight face) that OT3 was not a secret
and had never been a secret.

We have received calls from people we have never met. A classic was from a
business owner on the island who ran into someone passing out the hate
literature at a large market. She asked what it was and the person said it
was something that some "neighbors" were worried about. She looked at it
and him and asked if he lived on the island. "Uh, no," he replied, "I'm
doing it for my mother." "Oh," the woman said, "what's her name?" (You
see, Islanders know Islanders here.) "Oh, she wants to remain anonymous."
"Bullshit," said the woman and she marched into the market and demanded
the man be removed. He was.

This is what I was trying to say about Vashon. That's not a stunt for
Vashon. People don't do these sorts of stunts on Vashon. It reminds me of
when Gene Ingram (Lee's boss) went to the UK and applied good old American
tactics to the Brits. Frankly, he could have cared less. He got his $2k
per day plus expenses and got to stroke DM's woodie. Same here. Lee will
send in his reports (minus the little - ahem! - altercations) and DM will
get his woodie and bounce up and down in his little high chair, awarding
himself another bonus. Meanwhile, another section of the Northwest is
turning against the cult. You know, it is almost as if DM gets off on it,
having sections turn against Hubbard. Makes one wonder...

So let's see what's next. How about a picket? The last one pissed off the
neighborhood and even produced a front page story in the Seattle Times
about how Scientology was harassing us! (Big win!) Yeah, let's do a picket
about how the Youngs are paid to hate. It will prove to Vashon what
Scientology is. OSA will get its stats up. (Remember! DM said criticism of
Scientology is a Big Win!) [ROFL] DM will get his woodie up. And Vashon
will get fed up.

The last campaign was so successful that it got us 2.5 acres and a home on
Vashon so why change anything! Show the world the true face of
Scientology, just as Heber so brilliantly did on American TV. Give me some
more to tell the German parliament and the media.

And a final note: You really shouldn't have pissed off Stacy. She is now a
lioness with her cubs and there is nothing more fierce, not to mention the
other lionesses on this island who are coming to her aid. That's why we
moved here.

Robert Vaughn Young * The most potent weapon of the oppressor is *
writer@eskimo.com * the mind of the oppressed. - Steve Biko *