[09 Feb 1998]

Scientologists are not, as a group, charlatans except as they might fool themselves.... What you see in the rank and file of Scientology are people who believe in it and who are working hard to keep that belief.

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From: (Robert Vaughn Young)
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Date: 9 Feb 1998 20:58:24 GMT
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Alec ( wrote:
: They malpractice--by policy. They pillage--by policy. They feel great
: satisfaction in their small-minded cheating.

David, I'm going to do something that just might upset you and some
others. I'm going to disagree with your characterization.

First, Scientologists are not, as a group, charlatans except as they might
fool themselves. But that is not what you appear to mean. Because they
fanatically sell what they believe does not make them charlatans. A
charlatan, the last time I checked, knows it is a fake. What you see in
the rank and file of Scientology are people who believe in it and who are
working hard to keep that belief.

That belief is held in place by a propaganda system that keeps telling
them that the movement is expanding and succeeding. But that is required
by LRH policy, to always represent Scientology as expanding. So the
members get their hype, their injection of hope. They don't hear about
the org that went bankrupt or the court case that was lost or the
country that they just lost or the executive who just left. That's bad
news and bad news causes concern and you can't have concern in
Scientology. Concern is left at the highest ranks where the manipulation
is done to keep the membership happy, to make them feel they are winning.
After all, Hubbard said they are winning and he can't be wrong, is the

The true charlatan is the one who then deceives the Scientologist and
moves him/her along to the next false idea to cover the last mistake.
For example, when Warren McShane testified (with a straight face)
that OT3 was not a secret and had
never been a secret. THAT is a charlatan. The next trick is trying to
either keep that from the membership or work out a "shore story" (tale) to
give those who hear and and think, "Wait, LRH said OT3 ws confidential!"
Those who ask are the ones who must be manipulated.

Nor do the rank and file practice malpractice or pillage or feel great in
cheating, as you describe. Some do but they run the organization. Their
target is as much the Scientologist as it is the critic or the SP, fact
that is often missed.

For example, I don't believe Tom Cruise believes (if he even heard of it)
the statement of Andre Taboyoyan that slave labor (RPF labor) was used to
build his little home and pleasures. I believe that Travolta and Cruise
would be outraged at the idea, which is why they are prone to reject the
ideas. We can challenge them on that - and we should - but we should not
call them charlatans or crooks or anything of that kind. They are being
fooled. They are being deceived. They are victims too. They are being sold
an idea and if any movement was in serious need of a "truth in
advertising" clause, it is Scientology.

But this is not unique to Scientology. There are other fields/subjects
where people are slow to learn that their fun and profit activities are
seriously destructive and perhaps fatal. Look at the tobacco industry.
Now THERE are some charlatans, the ones who said, "Cancer? What cancer?
Here, have a cigarette!"

Now if you want to call the INFORMED cigarette smoker foolish or
delusional etc, fine, do so. But make sure they are informed. In the case
of the rank and file Scientologist, they are not. They THINK they are, but
they are not. Like the avid smoker, they may be cheating themselves, they
may be fooling themselves, etc., but they are not in the same category as
the cigarette executive who lies to the Congress and the media.

But let's face it. Even if the cigarette manufacturers said that cigs
cause cancer, there are people who would smoke. That is human
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