Re: Navy: Did L. Ron Hubbard have gonorrhea?
[10 Feb 1998]

In fact, let me say in LRH's defense that (in my estimation) his best writings were in his war diaries. There was a certain style that occurred at the start - that fell away as the months evolved - that was quite amazing and insightful, especially for him.

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From: (Robert Vaughn Young)
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Subject: Re: Navy: Did L. Ron Hubbard have gonorrhea?
Date: 10 Feb 1998 17:54:14 GMT
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Chris Owen ( wrote:
: In article <6blbjr$99a$>, Robert Vaughn Young
: <> writes
: >Moulton was also the one who related the story (heard by all for the first
: >time when the words came out of his mouth) how Hubbard's ship had been
: >sunk off Java (in the South Pacific) and how Hubbard went into the jungles
: >and fought the Japanese and was machine gunned in the back but managed to
: >get on a life raft and escape into the ocean where he was picked up. It
: >seems that Hubbard had told Moulton this story after the two men were
: >taking a piss together. (True! Read on.) It was in a standard men's urinal
: >and Moulton had noticed there was blood in Hubbard's urine and Moulton
: >commented on it and that was Hubbard's story: he was still suffering
: >kidney damage from the Japanese machine gun bullets into his back.

: Moulton's testimony - in defence of Hubbard! - proved to be devastating
: for Scientology in its suit against Gerry Armstrong, as he proved to be
: an excellent witness with a vivid memory. So I have no doubt that the
: story about the bloody urine is true.

: The question is, what caused it? The explanation I've heard is that
: bloody urine was a common side-effect of the sulpha-based drugs they
: used in those days (pre-antibiotics) to combat sexually-transmitted
: diseases. Hubbard did admit later in one of his lectures that he had
: been given a lot of sulpha drugs by the US Navy and complained about
: their effects.

Yes, Hubbard was taking these drugs and at the moment I can't remember the
name of the one. Gerry might.

: He also kept a diary of his wartime exploits, which has
: never been made public - it was one of the documents sealed in the 1984
: Armstrong case. But I understand that it contained references to a
: "lady of negotiable affection" called Fern who gave Hubbard the
: aforementioned disease...

: Gerry, you had the run of LRH's papers; can you tell us any more?

I took over from Gerry and read the same ones. Yes, Fern is in them.
Lovely, delightful, wonderful Fern.

Look, LRH was a sailor and he played around and he caught the clap, as
they called it. He went onto sulfa drugs and the damned thing wouldn't
solve. To me, even when I read it, I went, oh, okay, so he was a sailor
who played around and caught the clap.

Similar to what I posted before on another subject, that really isn't the
problem. The problem is what the cult does with it. They bury it and
attack those who say it because it spoils the air-brush job. It puts a
little reality into this guy. does a bit more. It makes his
story about Java and being machine gunned in the back as just that - a
story. But when you get all of that together, you begin to get the real
LRH, not the LRH that they are pumping out in these authorized "bios" by
Danny "B1" [not the vitimin] Sherman. There, LRH walks on water whereas in
real life, he was a rasty sonufabitch with more color and sides than these
Pablum platitudes dreamed up by DM and Starkey. [Pablum was a brand of
baby food cereal, very bland.]

In fact, let me say in LRH's defense that (in my estimation) his best
writings were in his war diaries. There was a certain style that occurred
at the start - that fell away as the months evolved - that was quite
amazing and insightful, especially for him. He gave some self-descriptions
that were really amazing, right down to knowing that he had these
physically oversized lips. But he put it together in a most articulate
way. The problem is that it will never see the light of day, unless it is
given the heavy Orwellian rewrite, e.g., I think it may be about the third
sentence that he says something like (and this is from memory), "Let me
introduce myself. [And remember, this is a diary.] I am L. Ron Hubbard, a
name that appears on Navy records, a marriage certificate and some police
blotters." Right there. That would be deleted. It can't be allowed by the
LRH Image Police. LRH arrested? Egad!

No, these files will not see light unless they are tampered with and
heavily, which is really not hard to do. After all, they don't need to
show the membership the originals. The catch will be if the originals ever
end up being subpoeaned in a case, then it could be a problem for the
Image Police.

I always wondered what happened to Fern.

Now Barbara, she showed up on the UK Channel 4 "Secret Lives" show.
Another girlfriend and actually a very nice woman. I met with her in LA
where she probably still resides. Her and LRH's loveletters were also in
the files.

Hey, there's a "Ron Mag" topic! LRH: The Lover!

Hey, Danny! What do you say?


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