Re: What is the Cat Sanctuary?
[08 Feb 1998]

This is what Hubbard taught: to find or MANUFACTURE (key word) enough threat to cause a person to "shudder into silence."

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From: (Robert Vaughn Young)
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Subject: Re: What is the Cat Sanctuary?
Date: 8 Feb 1998 22:48:49 GMT
Organization: Eskimo North (206) For-Ever
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Tilman Hausherr ( wrote:
: In <6bl3jf$36v$>, (wgert) wrote:

: > His life prior to Scientology was one of petty criminality,
: >including an arrest for theft of pornography, a conviction for theft
: >from a supermarket as well as numerous incidents of other thefts,
: >statutory rape, and being a peeping tom.

: So you are telling us that he got arrested for stealing porn,
: but *not* for "statutory" rape? Get real.

Tilman, while I didn't see the original "wgert"/OSA account post, this
seems to be the heart of it and if this were all true, then how did I get
promoted up finally to Author Services, Inc., personally by LRH, I might
add, to be one of David Miscavige's aides (and DM admitted in a
declaration that I had been his junior and we had once been friends) and
even been tagged at one time to be Hubbard's biographer (ref: Washington
Post and San Luis Obispo paper)?

The "wgert"/OSA account tactics are known to ARS and the world. All they
are doing is showing what "Fair Game" means. This is what Hubbard taught:
to find or MANUFACTURE (key word) enough threat to cause a person to
"shudder into silence."

Every person of high rank - from Hubbard's own wife and son right up to
Pat Broeker who was Hubbard's closest personal aide for the final years of
his life - become criminal SPs when they step away. Suddenly there are
crimes and crimes galore and - as someone else asked - why weren't these
found/noted before? Doesn't the tech work to find these raving SPs when
they are there? Why are they found only when they leave? And with that,
you answer your own question. They become SPs and the target of Fair Game
BECAUSE they leave and THAT is when these "crimes" are suddenly "found."
But if you keep your mouth closed - as many high ranking execs have chosen
to do - then these "cxrimes" are not found. Simple. And Hubbard said that
in a policy: if you leave us alone, we leave you alone. How's THAT for a

If "wgert" ever leaves and threatens to speak the truth, he/she will get
the same treatment.

HINT: If you leave, take documents.

HINT #2: The first one to talk stays out of jail.

Robert Vaughn Young * The most potent weapon of the oppressor is * * the mind of the oppressed. - Steve Biko *