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Stacy Young

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  1. Thanks to Bob Minton (SBY) [18 Jan 1998]
    We have been the target of their campaign of harassment and character assassination since we began speaking out in 1993, and it has been horrifying to discover firsthand what this terrorist organization masquerading as a "religion" is willing to do to silence its critics.
  2. Scientology Attacks Cat Sanctuary Again (sby) [02 Feb 1998]
    And again I make my offer to Sea Org members: if you want to escape from the nightmare but have nowhere to go, call me. My number is 206-463-6809. Call me any time of the day or night.
  3. Minton's Emancipation Proclamation for Scientologists [12 Feb 1998]
    Ronsamigo's message to Bob Minton (below) reads like something one of the OSA PR writers put together. It is the OSA section I was in, so I'm very familiar with the style, and also with little things that tip me off to where it came from.

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