Re: The WISE Guys [The Black Lensman]
[23 Oct 1996]

The happy work world of Scientology.

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From: (Shannon Daniel Kealey)
Subject: Re: The WISE Guys [The Black Lensman]
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Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 19:41:59 GMT
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Marina Chong ( wrote:
: The WISE Guys [The Black Lensman]
: =============
: WISE member and applys LRH Admin. Tech to the business. It is interesting
: though that they ALL think that they can get away with paying their
: employees sub-standard wages!

: Most of the Scientology business I worked at paid me "By Production." In
: regular WOG terminology this is called piece work, for example, I would get
: .25 every time I answered the phone. How did they get around the Minimum
: Wage Laws?

I was also exposed to the happy work world of scientology, first as an
employee then as a part of an ownership group. In our case it was
strictly commission based (although some staff were paid on a piece work
basis - the one's who actually did the final work where the real dollars
came in.)

The insidious thing about such an arrangement was that a lot of us were
staff members. As such we were in no position to question this
arrangement as this was the "technology" that we all adhered to body and
thetan when we were at our "real" jobs of clearing the planet. Any
dissent or complaint was handled in an out-ethics type manner befitting
the persecution so endemic to the church. After all it only takes having
"different" purposes from the group to be in the position of enemy. An
easy thing to achieve if you believe your boss is an idiot.

I was fortunate in that WISE was just beginning to get off the ground as
I left Scientology, otherwise I am sure that I would have been forced to
part with some of my money for the "privilege" of applying questionable
business practices devised by LRH.

I can only recall with embarrasment the number of times I frowned on real
business practices when I saw it operating in the real world. I can only
shudder in horror how large corporations and governments would operate if
they were forced to play the mindless "chart the stats" game that tended
to dominate org life - something to be experienced to be believed.

Shannon Daniel Kealey