Re: Letter from Hubbard 1980
[23 Oct 1996]

Letters to Ron were not answered by Ron.

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From: (Shannon Daniel Kealey)
Subject: Re: Letter from Hubbard 1980
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Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 19:56:55 GMT
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Cornelius Krasel ( wrote:
: The following letter was allegedly written by Hubbard in 1980 to a German
: critic of Scientology. For me (as a person who hasn't English as his
: mother tongue) it sounds like written by a child. Unfortunately I don't
: know the history which lead to this letter.

Actually this was one of the first large discoveries that culminated in
my leaving CoS. All early scientologists used to believe faithfuly that
letters written to LRH were answered by him. Belief in the same fashion
as those myths and legends about his background.

This particular belief was shattered one day in Flag, when I had written
a letter to Ron in the morning, deposited in the appropriate
communications try and then received a reply by the middle of the
afternoon. Of course, Ron was out visiting LA at the time, so it was
completely impossible for it to be written by him. I presumed that
someone in the CMO had written it, and thus all the others that had
preceded it. However given the climate of Flag and the enthusiasm that
had been generated over the release of NOTS for OTs, it would not do to
question that perhaps this feat had someone been managed. Santa Claus
had been discovered and Christmas was never the same.

I would be interested in hearing stories from anyone out there who actually
worked in the CMO or handled Hubbard's comm outside of the kerfuffle
regarding TB, authentic HCOPL's, etc. (This would have been 79-81).

Shannon Daniel Kealey