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  1. Can you believe.... [27 Sep 1997]
    For a long time I was a clam. I was as dedicated as the best of them. I worked hard and felt that I was making a difference and that the TECH had indeed helped me. I was good at it too and I was productive. But I was disturbed by the dirty hidden side of the story that I had become privy to until I'd had enough.
  2. Additional on Zegel # 1 [06 Oct 1997]
    Here is what I know of Herbie, a tall thin man on the older side (compared to the rest of us), the head of the Guardians Office Finance Bureau in the 1970's.
  3. GO & SO (Was Re: Who Am I?) [13 Oct 1997]
    Getting the dirt on psychiatrists, especially any who dared to speak out against Dianetics or Scientology was a major target of the Guardian's Office from its earliest days.
  4. Pass the Buck [15 Oct 1997]
    The leadership of Scientology has raised the art of passing the buck to a fine art. Any problem is always the fault of some individual or group deliberately acting against the Church of Scientology out of evil intent.
  5. Re: Fatty Tissues, Toxins and the Purif RD [15 Oct 1997]
    I just love it when the scienos attempt to use scientific arguments to support their views and completely ignore any facts which are contradictory to their viewpoint.
  6. Re: Additional on Zegel # 1 [16 Oct 1997]
    The whole mindset at Flag during the late 70's/early 80's was that the Orgs/Missions weren't doing their jobs as well as they should.... The solution was to put the squeeze on the Orgs/Missions any way they could. Of course, these solutions were greatly to the detriment of Scientology in the long run.
  7. Re: How do I get off their mailing list? [21 Oct 1997]
    Unfortunately, most of the posts on this thread about getting off a Scientology mailing list are from people with no experience with the problem.
  8. Re: "crossing the line" [21 Oct 1997]
    What I do blame the Church for is the willful decision to be dishonest with people, to commit crimes, and to get others to support these actions by a deliberate pattern of deception and coercion.
  9. Re: False Purpose Rundown [08 Dec 1997]
    The IR was a big deal. It was supposed to finally and completely eliminate any need for psychiatry because we now had a way to deal with psychotics.
  10. Mission Network before DM [REPOST] [14 Dec 1997]
    You've undoubtedly heard of the infamous Missionholders Conference of 1982 and of the events surrounding that period of time. Now here is the beginning of the story that you've probably never heard before.
  11. Re: Is this for real? [30 Dec 1997]
    I couldn't believe that I had wasted 5 years in Scientology only to find out this was the big secret that was kept from me that I was working so hard to get to.
  12. A Religious Indoctrination in Confidence Games [30 Dec 1997]
    The scammers get you started by offering you a free personality test, a free ticket to a movie at their place, or a good cheap book on how the mind works.

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