GO & SO (Was Re: Who Am I?)
[13 Oct 1997]

Getting the dirt on psychiatrists, especially any who dared to speak out against Dianetics or Scientology was a major target of the Guardian's Office from its earliest days.

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Subject: GO & SO (Was Re: Who Am I?)
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[ Son of Xenu ] (Somebody's got to look afer Pop)
[ Mountain Interior ]
[ Las Palmas ] 13 Oct 1997
[ Teegeeack ]

Whoops! I didn't mean to imply that the Guardian's Office
was Sea Org run (although I suppose you could make that stretch),
just that it came into being at the same time. You have to be
careful here because as far as I'm aware the Sea Org was never a
legal corporate entity (i.e. no buildings, no employees, no assets,
just an association of members)

What is true is that the 'Sea Org' consists of people who
have signed a billion year contract of loyalty to Scientology and are
employed by VARIOUS Scientology corporate entities, especially FLAG,
the Advanced Orgs, Saint Hills, Orgs, etc. In other words, they are
paid and housed by the organizations where they work (but they take
orders from senior Sea Org officials of which the most senior are
those associated with the real power behind Scientology such as RTC,
FLAG, etc.) Keep in mind the original head of the Sea Org was LRH,
Mary Sue was in charge of the Guardian's Office, while Diana Hubbard
was head of Dist. Div. (in charge of the Mission network). They were
all 'Sea Org', even though Ron claimed he had nothing to do with the
management of Scientology, and the positions of the others were not
corporate ones.

The CORPORATE structure of Scientology (i.e. CSI, CST, CSC)
has never had anything to do with the actual running of Scientology as
a functioning organization. The elite of Scientology (Sea Org members)
freely cross corporate lines when and as they desire (so did the
Guardian's Office, and so does OSA, RTC, etc.). (And our buddy DM as
a member of CMO was a SO member and probably still is [unless he became
a 'freeloader']). This is prima facia evidence that the breaking up of
Scientology's corporate structure into discrete entities is a total
sham designed to confound and obstruct any investigation of Scientology.

Anyway, to get to the point....

Saint Hill Manor in England in the mid-60's was the center of
Scientology. It was where Ron and his family lived and it was the
technical center of Scientology (equivalent to modern FLAG). Things
were growing and dealing with larger numbers of people and the
inevitable problems they brought with them required a solution. Thus
ETHICS was born. And when things started heating up Hubbard needed
someplace to go to stay one step ahead of the authorities, so he decided
to head for the open seas. Thus the SEA ORG was born.

The 'Sea Org' took care of the ships, oversaw all operations,
and was directly involved in the on-site running of orgs. What was left
behind at Saint Hill were SO staff to run Saint Hill org, SO staff to
serve as a communications liason with FLAG (the ships), and the
Guardian's Office (under Mary Sue Hubbard) to 'protect' Scientology and
Ron and investigate their enemies. The Sea Org also allowed Ron to hide
his involvment in Scientology management as only SO members on the ships
had direct contact with him.

Even before Saint Hill, Sea Org, and the Guardian's Office, Ron's
'enemies' were primarily the IRS, FDA, and psychiatry. You need to keep
in mind that Dianetics came before Scientology and Dianetics was the
thing that the public was most aware of. Dianetics was the "Modern
Science of Mental Health" which put it in direct competition with
psychiatry and psychology, and members of those fields had plenty to say
about the dangers of Dianetics.

There wasn't much Hubbard could do about the IRS and FDA except
to try and placate or confound them, but psychiatry was a different
matter. In the 50's and 60's the public image of psychiatry was very much
like that of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest". So psychiatry-bashing was
a smart PR move and one which to this day is the most popular PR front of
Scientology (even though its outlasted its usefulness - witness the
insanity of the Prozac fiasco).

I can't give you specifics as to when or where the Guardian's
Office started infiltrating psychiatry, but I can verify that they were
definately the first and major target of the Guardian's Office PR and
other departments. Getting the dirt on psychiatrists, especially any
who dared to speak out against Dianetics or Scientology was a major
target of the Guardian's Office from its earliest days.

Nowdays, OSA just has all us SP's on the network to deal with.


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