Re: Fatty Tissues, Toxins and the Purif RD
[15 Oct 1997]

I just love it when the scienos attempt to use scientific arguments to support their views and completely ignore any facts which are contradictory to their viewpoint.

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Subject: Re: Fatty Tissues, Toxins and the Purif RD
Date: 15 Oct 1997 18:00:02 -0400
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[ Son of Xenu ] (Somebody's got to look afer Pop)
[ Mountain Interior ]
[ Las Palmas ] 15 Oct 1997
[ Teegeeack ]

I just love it when the scienos attempt to use scientific
arguments to support their views and completely ignore any facts
which are contradictory to their viewpoint.

Whippersnapper goes on at length about the lipophilicity of
drugs and how this causes their accumulation in fatty tissues, so
therefore the Purification R/D is the answer.

Lipophilicity (affinity for fats/oils) is a major property
of interest in pharmacology. It is important for drugs to cross
cell membranes and the blood-brain barrier in order to do their
jobs, and since these membranes/barriers are layers of fatty acids
the lipophilicity of a drug is an important property. It is also
true that highly lipophilic drugs like marijuana accumulate in
fatty tissues TEMPORARILY.

What Whippersnapper has conveniently ignored are two very
important considerations. The first is that the other major factor
in pharmacology which is inseperable from lipophilicity is how fast
a drug is metabolized into a form that is easily transported out
of the body. Lipophilicity and rate of metabolism (pharmacokinetics)
determine the properties of a particular drug in terms of how long
it is effective, how long it remains in the body, and onset of
action. Drugs like LSD and marijuana are lipophilic enough to cross
the blood brain barrier easily and do accumulate in fatty tissues
TEMPORARILY. But they also metabolize fairly rapidly which will
cause them to be eliminated from the body.

In fact, marijuana metabolites can be detected in the urine
for up to one month after stopping heavy use. This is because the
THC accumulated in fatty tissues has built up to a point where it
takes that long for it to be completely eliminated. But after that
point there is no detectable amount of marijuana left in the body
to be eliminated. LSD doesn't last anywhere near as long as THC.

Things like pesticides and PCB's can accumulate in the
fatty tissues for long periods (years) because they are lipophilic
and because THEY ARE NOT EASY TO METABOLIZE!! This doesn't apply
to drugs the Purification R/D is supposed to address. In any case,
cancer is not related to the long term presence of carcinogens in
fatty tissues (if they stayed there they would be no problem).

The second major factor that Whippersnapper is conveniently
overlooking is how is the Purification R/D supposed to be removing
these highly lipophilic, non-metabolisable substances from the
fatty tissues?? Flushing the body with water isn't going to do
anything since being lipophilic means by definition that they have
very poor affinity for water based solutions.

The best way to cleanse your body of toxic substances is
to stop ingesting them (and it doesn't cost any money either). If
the scienos would stop ingesting that mental swill that they keep
sucking up, they could "clear" themselves of all their mental


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