Re: Is this for real?
[30 Dec 1997]

I couldn't believe that I had wasted 5 years in Scientology only to find out this was the big secret that was kept from me that I was working so hard to get to.

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[ Son of Xenu ] ARSCC(wdne): We don't kill cats, dogs, OR people!!
[ Mountain Interior]
[ Las Palmas ] 29 Dec 1997
[ Teegeeack ]

Harry Krause asked:

>> >This quote is from Leslie Stahl on 60 Minutes (28 Dec 97):
>> >
>> >A central doctrine goes like this: 75 million years ago, a tyrant named Xenu
>> >transported people from outer space to Earth, dropped them in volcanoes, then
>> >exploded hydrogen bombs on them. That experience is the root of all human misery
>> >today.
>> >
>> >Is this really a central doctrine of scientology? This is taught to the converts
>> >and they pay money after hearing this?
>> >
>> >Couldn't be...could it?
>> >
>> >Sounds like a plot line from an absolutely terrible pulp sci-fi thriller of the
>> >1940's.
>> >
>> >-
>> It is absolutely true.
>> In fact, you can see the first page in L. Ron Hubbard's *own* handwriting
>> at this URL:
>> ...but it is the *criminal acts* of the scientologists that we object to,
>> not the beliefs. Wacky belief systems -- not criminal activity -- makes
>> the planet a more fun place to be, IMHO.
>> --
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>Depends on the wacky belief, Grady. If your wacky belief is that a Coke bottle you
>find on the ground was dropped from the sky by gods, and you don't use that belief to
>harm others, then it is harmless and possibly fun.
>If, on the other hand, your wacky belief convinces your countrymen to slaughter six
>million Jews, gypsies and others, then the world is not such a fun place.
>I checked out that site...apparently it is true. Do the scientologists hit folks with
>that before or after they get their money?

Definately after, well after. In my case I was in
Scientology for 5 years (that was 20 years ago), I never
got far enough along for me to get to it. In fact most
Scientologists are STILL unaware of it as this knowledge
is keep very secret by Scientology. I only found out about
this stuff a year ago on the Internet. I couldn't believe
that I had wasted 5 years in Scientology only to find out
this was the big secret that was kept from me that I was
working so hard to get to.

Before this point, you are just told that on OT
Level III you will confront the "Wall of Fire" which when
you've got through it will give you these gnarly OT
superpowers like being able to leave your body at will
(since you're a spiritual being), go to Africa in a couple
seconds and look around, direct intention beams at other
lesser people to make them do what you want, etc., etc.

The worst part of it is that up till this point
Scientology is supposed to be a "Science of Mind" which
clears out your past bad memories and other mental
miscomputations in order to become more able.

Suddenly on OT III, they completely change the
rules on you and say that your problem is all these
spirits of others that are stuck to you and your body
and that you have to take them through the Xenu incident
and a memory of the beginning of the Universe (that is
really bizarre!) in order to get rid of them.

Total cost to get to this level and get rid
of all these spirits (Body Thetans or BT's) is getting
close to $500,000 or 1 Billion years in servitude to
the Sea Organization.

They also lie to people about their views
of the "Supreme Being". Newcomers are told that
Scientology is compatible with all major religions
- you're just not allowed to mix the practice of
another belief with Scientology, but whatever you
believe about the "Supreme Being" is OK with Scientology.

Then on the advanced levels L. Ron Hubbard
tells you that God, Christ, and the Cross are false
images implanted in your mind in this Xenu incident!!
Worse, his other confidential writings make it clear
that we are all potentially God-like and we answer
to NO Supreme Being.

You are lied to and conned all the way along
till you've forked over the dough or have sacrificied
many years of your life in servitude.


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OT II: Implant incidents/GPM's
OT III: You are covered with the spirits of others (Body Thetans)
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