Scientology in the Media [Internet]

A Documentary History of the Church of Scientology and the Net
Deana M. Holmes

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Usenet: alt.religion.scientology
April 1995

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A Documentary History of the Church of Scientology and the Net
VERSION 1.0 / April 17, 1995
Compiled by Deana M. Holmes (

Compilation (c) 1995 by Deana M. Holmes.

But the long and the short of it was that the CoS was going to rely on screening Dennis Erlich's posts to enforce its copyright. As many pointed out, this is an impermissible prior restraint under the U.S. Constitution.

On March 13, several persons from a.r.s went out to their local Scientology orgs and protested the actions of the CoS on the Net and elsewhere. Jeff Jacobsen was interviewed by a local paper in his home state of Arizona, and there were protests in Australia as well.

A lurker posted the following excerpts from an article in the Mesa Tribune, on Jeff Jacobsen's protest at his local org.

From: (Timothy Barr)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: ARS and Scientology in Phoenix AZ Paper
Date: 18 Mar 1995 19:52:07 GMT
Message-ID: <3kfdl7$>

"Scientologists, Internet users square off over computer missives." It 
can be found in the Mesa/Tempe/Chandler/Scottsdale Tribune, on the first 
page of the Religion section of the March 18 edition. There is also a 
picture of some protestors who were picketing in front of the local COSI 
location. Dennis Erlich's suit was also mentioned in passing. And a new 
line by a Lisa Goodman, media relations director for the main office of 
COSI. <quote from article by Tribune Religion editor Kelly Ettenborough 
to follow>

Goodman called the messages posted by flamers a form of hate crime. 
"It's not a matter of global freedom of expression. It's cyber 
terrorism" she said.

Just thought you folks would like to know what may be the COSI's next 
Internet attack format may be.

Returning to lurk mode!

Wishing I had a Virtual Shotgun to take care of all these
Internet CackleDemons.  BOOM!!!! shick-shuck   <grin>


Also on March 13, Diane Richardson, a librarian, posted her results of an OCLC search in the Library of Congress on "Snake" Thompson, the man who the CoS said tutored LRH in psychoanalysis one summer when LRH was a teenager. The results revealed that while Thompson was a herpetologist and had indeed composed a 10-page bibliography of works on psychoanalysis, he was not the expert the CoS claimed he was. Diane also has continued to post long excerpts from court cases involving the CoS. Particularly interesting is Judge Gesell's condemnation of the e-meter back in 1971. (Thank you Diane!)

On March 17, Dennis Erlich posted very good news to a.r.s . He had finally gotten very high-powered legal representation, and based on their work on his behalf, the Scientology push to judgment was sidetracked. This despite the fact that the Scientologists wanted the contempt hearing to take place as scheduled, on March 17th.

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 95 17:41:45 -0800

                       * updated update *


Faithful Reader,

With the help of the mighty MoFo (Morrison and Foerester), Judge
Whyte has taken everything off the RTC v Internet calendar.  He
will issue a revised schedule for the case in the coming weeks.

This means:

1)  There will be no contempt hearing tomorrow morning at 9 AM in
    San Jose.  So those of you who planned the Pilgrimage to the
    Presence of That Person [tm] can stay home and play
    parcheezee instead.  (Those who don't get this message in
    time will at least be able to see the courtroom where the
    drama takes place.)

2)  My MoFo lawyers have succeeded in taking the momentum out of
    the scieno's preposterous pleading-paper pounding of Judge
    White.  We now have time to respond with a full-blown defense
    of law.

3)  The scienos are gonna be feeling like the dung they are
    for quite a while.

So ... the ticket now is sit back and wait for their best laid
plans to be exposed.

I understand that the scienos have (or are considering) subpoena'd a
tape of a radio interview I did with KQED (public radio) in SF.
The station may or may not submit to their demands, I'm told.

Anyway .... enough chit-chat.  Fasten your seat-belts and prepare
for a long haul.

Next stop ... crosstown.

          Rev. Dennis L Erlich   * * the inFormer * *
                        that person (tm)



After failing to ram through their contempt petition in Judge Whyte's court, the CoS redoubled their efforts on the Net. For the most part, this meant continuing to post redundant and off-topic posts to a.r.s while avoiding pointed questions from critics of the CoS. But there was also an element of harassment there as well.

David C Smith began keeping a killfile count of milne and other CoS posters who were flooding a.r.s on March 18th.

From: dcs@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM (David C Smith)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: More of Milne Kill Count
Date: 18 Mar 1995 22:40:27 -0600
Message-ID: <3kgcjr$6on@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM>
Summary: He's back in my killfile.. hooray!
Keywords: Propaganda Garbage Milne Doodyhead Kill Killfile


Well folks, after reading a couple of posts about our infamous
robo-poster spam-agent milne actually *responding* to postings,
I took him out of my killfile. I figured he'd gotten a clue.
Then comes today. I killfiled our new clueless robo-posters
(recent grads of the OSA sponsored "Milne School of Netiquitte",
and then came upon more spam. From Milne. sigh.

Well, yesterday we hit 156 of's posts ignored
thanks to my killfile. Milne's goal is 200 by today. The OSA will
NOT be pleased if he does not reach 200. :-)
- ------------------- trn log -----------------
>43587  Junked
>43588  Junked


>43647  Junked
>43943  Junked
> Killed 42 articles.
- ---------------- end log --------------------
Wow! Did he make it? Huh? 
The milne kill count is... 198!!! 
awwwwwwwwww.. you didn't make 200...
<checking watch> 
Well you still have time... you only need 2 more garbage 
propaganda posts to do it! Hurry! Hurry!

Version: 2.6.2

| David C. Smith                      |
|             Finger or email for PGP Public Key                        |
| "Don't play with the dead, boy. They have eerie powers.."             |
|                                                       - Homer Simpson |


Tony McClelland posted the following about the protests which were held in Australia on March 18th.

From: Tony McClelland <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Australian demonstration 18 March 1995
Date: 19 Mar 1995 07:51:52 GMT
Message-ID: <3kgnqo$>

A very small number of Australians demonstrated outside Org’s in

The demonstration and after thoughts.

The demonstration was initiated to protest the action taken against 
Dennis Erlich in the USA and leveraged following the CofS investigation
of my past from birth - after my release of the Gosford Kidnapping story
on the Internet.

The number of demonstrators ranged from 1 to 6. 

The small number of demonstrators was not sufficient to attract significant
media coverage.

A demonstration with one person is worth while. The resulting awareness 
is effective.

I was very surprised at the large number of people who advised they 
did not want a leaflet because they (strongly) agreed with us.

The positive response to the demonstration was 
        approximately 80%+
        nonchalant say 19% 
        and negative 1%. 

The Sydney team handed out 500 leaflets.

Somebody stole 100 leaflets in a rubber band from my bag. I like it! Good one!
Yes - I do have a sense of humour.

The only criticism we received, apart from members of the CofS was
--- why have you not demonstrated before????

THEIR OWN HANDS. This was the bonus for the day.

Demonstration problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All the sandwich boards hanging from our necks were something like
Scientology     ]Scientology    ]Scientology    ]Scientology 
is              ]       is      ]               ]
a               ]       a       ]               ]
Wealth          ]Health         ]Cult of        ]Free test
Hazard          ]Hazard         ]Greed          ]$us 380,000.00
        A small but significant number of people were initially hostile
        to us because they read Scientology and thought we were supporters
        of Scientology.
Suggestions for improvements   ---Please!!! Must not have Scientology
at the top --- must be approximately 4 words or less.

The result was worth the effort. The legal action to be taken against me
has to be measured against the need to inform the public so citizens
are able to make an informed decision about the CofS BEFORE joining.


Tony McClelland 


From: Tony McClelland <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: CofS to sues McClelland
Date: 19 Mar 1995 07:52:40 GMT
Message-ID: <3kgns8$>

Australians demonstrated outside Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and
Adelaide Orgs.

Adelaide demonstration was closed down after the CofS called the Council 
who removed the demonstrator.

The Law Officer from the Sydney Council declined to removed me when
he arrived at the scene to investigate the complaint by the CofS.

Mrs V Hanna the Australian manager of the CofS spent approximately
an hour on the street talking with me and later my wife. Mrs Hanna 
objected to the leaflet we were distributing She advised that the claim
that Scientologists are paid $40.00 per week is inaccurate. She did not
dispute any other facts on the leaflet. 
        (the information for the claim I made
        came from a recent court case. The statement was made 
        by the CofS solicitor. They lost - vexatious and frivolous. 
        Mrs Hanna said the Scientologist was only
        paid $40.00 that week and in addition the Scn received 
        food and board. I asked if she would advise the court that 
        they had lied yet again. She advised no. 
        I asked why the Scientologist had not paid her judgement. 
        Mrs Hanna advised that she did not agree with the decision. 
        It seems the CofS uses courts and law if it suits
        or they win - if they do not - poor decision, CofS does not obey)

Obviously I read checked and re-checked the document before distribution. 
Since yesterday with a further check the only error I could find was the
inaccurate spelling of Dennis Erlich name (apologies Dennis).

Mrs Hanna advised the CofS will take legal action against me.

I guess the good news is --  this will be a good public forum to  
air the full facts about the Gosford Kidnapping under court oath. The
Gosford case was referred to on the leaflet.


Tony McClelland 


From: Tony McClelland <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: CofS Aust kidnap - facts in court
Date: 19 Mar 1995 07:55:41 GMT
Message-ID: <3kgo1t$>

Now the CofS has decided to sue me I will be able to
discover the facts relating to the Gosford kidnap.

Can anyone assist me now with a copy of the Introspection rundown?


Tony McClelland 


From: Tony McClelland <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Demonstrators required - apply here
Date: 19 Mar 1995 08:01:38 GMT
Message-ID: <3kgod2$>

Demonstrators required - apply here

I have a rate card - for every summons the CofS serves on me
I will provide 100 demonstrations outside their premises.

If you wish to volunteer please advise me.


Tony McClelland 


From: Tony McClelland <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Should educate 1.5m in Australia
Date: 19 Mar 1995 08:13:08 GMT
Message-ID: <3kgp2k$>

One Scientologist same to me protesting my use of the word exploitive cult.

He insisted that nothing in the CofS was dynamite.

After several minutes I was still explaining the difference 
between explosion (bang) and exploitive (take advantage)


Tony McClelland 


From: Tony McClelland <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Adelaide heroine!!!
Date: 19 Mar 1995 08:08:41 GMT
Message-ID: <3kgoq9$>

Sue Page is my heroine.

She demonstrated solo in Adelaide until ordered off the track by the 
Adelaide Council

Congratulations for your courage Sue.


Tony McClelland 


On March 19,, another Scientologist, came on and asserted the following, thus exposing his virtual lack of knowledge of how the Net works:

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Moderated a.r.s
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 95 13:47:54 PST
Message-ID: <3kfkg0$>

>a.r.s is not fucking moderated.

a.r.s. WAS moderated up until recently.  Get that through
your illogical ideas.

>A.R.S. isn't fucking *capable* of violating anything.

OK, you win.  ARS isn't.  It's moderators and squirrels are.


On March 19th, Daniel Davidson informed the readers of a.r.s that he was in danger of losing his internet access because he had forwarded posts from alt.activism.

From: (Daniel Davidson)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: The threat to Usenet...
Date: 19 Mar 1995 14:20:18 GMT
Organization: San Francisco State University
Message-ID: <3khej2$>

March 19, 1995

As you probably know, the Church of Scientology is
apparently pursuing legal action against me, probably for
my alleged act of cross-posting a previously extant post,
posted by another party, from alt.activism to

In fact I did not post anything *to the Internet*. I did see
a post on another user group, alt.activism, that was
previously posted by another party not know to me, titled 
Secrets of Scientology (long)), and thought it would
contribute to the conversation on alt.religion.scientology,
discussions largely having to do with Scientology's past
and and possibly present criminal behavior.

The post from alt.activism begins with a commentary
written by an ex-member and critic of the church,
discussing the Church of Scientology's effort to control
the exchange of ideas and information on the Internet.

The content seemed relevant to alt.religion.scientology,
where enormous heat, and quite a lot of light as well, has
been generated in response to Scientology's behavior.

So, I hit "x", then "return", and "p" ...  And the article was
cross-posted to alt.religion.scientology.

This, I believe, is the offense for which I am accused.

Again, I did not in fact post this article *to the Internet*.
Actually, I don't even know with real certainty this is the
text the church seeks to suppress, as the church has not
stipulated exactly which specific text(s) attributed to me
they are referring to.
The post from alt.activism titled Secrets of Scientology
(long) may in fact be the post in question. This post --
which I canceled from a.r.s upon receiving Helen Kobrin's
email, is *still*, as of today, present on alt.activism. 

This identical post has been present on the Internet on
one user group or another for some time.

Anyway, I thought to ask if you have any addresses for
people or institutions/affinity groups in Australia who may
be interested to hear of the details of this case...

And I'd be most appreciative for letters to the systems
administrator at San Francisco State, John True at, offering him your thoughts on all this. If
you could send me a copy, I will take it with me to my
meeting with the Director of Student Affairs, where I
have been called to a meeting about the church's
complaint against me, which is scheduled for the
afternoon of Friday, the 24th of March.

Evidence indicates that the Church of Scientology is in
fact making a serious, well financed attempt to assert a
limiting control over the content of public discussions 
on the Internet. If they succeed, it may well constitute a
grave threat to the nature of the Internet itself: the free
flow of ideas and information. 

If access to material *already present* and in the public
domain on Usenet and the Internet can be restricted, I
believe this would constitute a serious threat to the future
of communication within the Internet. The necessity for
unimpeded communication between people is a critical
requirement for a free society. To protect the free
exchange of ideas, asserting the fundamental nature of
Usenet as part of the public domain is, in my view,

Thanks for your attention...

Very best,

Daniel Davidson

(Background material in a following post)

                          = Daniel Davidson =

          When seeing someone lying unconscious on a city street,
            it is considered appropriate to continue walking,
                         essentially unaffected.


From: (Daniel Davidson)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Chronology of events/Background texts
Date: 19 Mar 1995 14:23:04 GMT
Message-ID: <3kheo8$>

March 19, 1995

       Background Material / San Francisco State University,
       Daniel Davidson and Church of Scientology

Background material on the Church of Scientology's
pressuring of San Francisco State University and
Daniel Davidson over the alleged cross-posting of
a news article from the Internet Usenet group 
alt.activism to the Usenet group alt.religion.scientology.

Sequence of events

On about 1 March 1995, while reading a Usenet usergroup
on the Internet, I noticed a post titled Secrets of Scientology
(long). I pressed the return key to see the post, and read a
commentary critical of the behavior of the Church of Scientology,
and some science-fiction like acounts of space men and volcanos.

Having been participating in another Usenet usergroup,
alt.religion.scientology, where conversations largely
concern the church's proven past and possibly present 
criminal actions. I thought that the post from alt.activism
might be relevant to the discussions. I then, allegedly,
cross-posted an article from alt.activism to 

On 14 March I noted a post on a.r.s claiming that this post
may contain copyrighted material. I immediately posted a new
thread titled Copyright violation?, where I said that if I
was informed of any copyright violation, I would remove the
cross-post from alt.religion.scientology.

On Friday 17 March, I received an email from,
Helena Kobrin (who appears to be representing the Church of 
Scientology). The full text of this email is found below.


* Text one: The first pages of the post from alt.activism titled
Scientology Secrets (long). These were the pages I read,
and thought relevant to the discussions on a.r.s. I did
read past page three.

** Text two: My offer to remove the post, when another party in the
discussions on a.r.s suggested that there may be copyrighted
material contained in it.

*** Text three: The letter to me from Helen Kobrin <>,
representing the Church of Scientology.

**** Text four: The letter to me from John True <>, Computing
Services, San Francisco State University.

***** Text five: My letter to Helen Kobrin <>

* One * The first pages of the post from alt.activism

[begin quoted post * One *]

body Fri Mar 17 14:34:01 1995
From: nobody@replay.COM (Name withheld by request)
Newsgroups: alt.activism
Subject: Scientology Secrets (long)
Date: 11 Mar 1995 22:29:39 -0000
Organization: Replay and Company UnLimited.
Lines: 3744
Distribution: world
Message-ID: <>

The Church of Scientology is taking illegal steps to hound its critics,
and threatening the internet by its use of forged cancels of USENET posts
which it alleges contain violations of its copyright and trade secrets.

In recent months, posts detailing serious abuses by Scientologists
have been posted to alt.religion.scientology, a newsgroup set up for
that purpose.  Some posts have been delivered to the net, purporting
to describe ludicrous "courses" which the cult is using to gull the


One such course describes a tyrant named Xenu who,  70 million years ago,
it is claimed, kidnapped people in spacecraft resembling mid-20th century
DC-8 airliners, dropped them in volcanoes and nuked them.  An average
Scientologist could pay many thousands of dollars, and be subject to months
or even years of softening his critical faculties, to prepare him to hear
this crap.

The Scientologists have been issuing illegal forged cancels from
netcom accounts.  As usual, netcom is doing very little about it.
This is stopping some vital information getting through, but some
is still making it.

Now the Scientologists have obtained warrants and mounted a fishing
expedition on one person, and seem set to do the same to at least two
more.  The information they get from these raids allows them to
threaten and silence critics of the cult's many abuses.  The scientologists
excel in "Dead Agent" tactics--using lies and distortions of the truth to
invalidate someone's arguments.

In another development, the Scientologists have breached the integrity
of the server, making the administrator hand over records
identifying one of the posters.

It is imperative that more people spread the news about this case,
and spread the bad news about the cult's evil activities.

The freedom of all people is threatened by these abuses.

Subscribe to alt.religion.scientology.  Find out what is happening.
Get active.

Netcom users: ask your sys admin why they are not stopping the illegal
cancels being issued by the Church of Scientology's tame poodles.

Day of Protest on March 13th, L Ron Hubbard's Birthday.

World Wide Web Site

Book on the founder of Scientology, L Ron Hubbard.

   AUTHOR: Miller, Russell.
    TITLE: Bare-faced messiah :
           the true story of L. Ron Hubbard /
  EDITION: 1st American ed.
    PLACE: New York :
     YEAR: 1988
   FORMAT: x, 390 p., [8] p. of plates : ill. ; 24 cm.
    NOTES: Includes index.
           Bibliography: p. [382]-383.
     ISBN: 0805006540
  SUBJECT: Hubbard, L. Ron -- (La Fayette Ron), -- 1911-
           Scientologists -- Biography.

"The most horrible thing they have done is to put out hundreds of messages
all over the net that say "free phone sex", with the scientologists'
toll-free phone number on it: 1-800-367-8788"
"Poor little clams - snap! snap! snap!" --SubGenius Pope Charles of Houston

From confidential official cult of scientology archives:
[for definitions of cult vocabulary and acronyms,
see dictionary at end of these files.]

[end quoted post * One *]

** Two ** The post suggesting there may be copyrighted
material in the cross-post, and my response.

[begin quoted post ** Two **]

Message-ID: <3k4992$>
References: <3k10gk$> <>
X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2]

Grady Ward ( wrote:
: Helena K. Kobrin has warned us not to repost these documents
: as it will irreparably harm the Scumologists.  That I can
: believe -- who would continue to pay money to these algae-feeders
: after reading this third rate Xenu crap?

Really? I guessed this stuff was public domain! Since it didn't
get canceled by the (likely) Church-sponsored canceller when it was on
alt.activism, it seemed clear that the Church accepted it as part
of the public record.

Well, I wouldn't condone the missuse of copyrighted material! 

If a legitimate representitive from the Church of Scientology 
contacts me in a verifiable manner and asks me to remove it, I'll very 
likely comply. *Especially* if I'm provided with evidence indicating
that the text, which has been all over the Internet for awhile, is 
not in fact part of the public domain.

                        = Daniel Davidson =
         When seeing someone lying unconcious on a city street,
           it is considered appropriate to continue walking,
                       essentially unaffected.

[end quoted post ** Two **]

*** Three, email from <>, Helena Kobrin,
representing the Church of Scientology

[begin quoted post *** Three ***]

From hkk@netcom.comFri Mar 17 10:04:51 1995
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 1995 09:20:04 -0800 (PST)
From: Helena Kobrin <>
Subject: Copyrighted materials

Dear Mr. Davidson:

       I represent Religious Technology Center ("RTC"), the owner of the 
confidential Advanced Technology of the religion of Scientology, and the 
holder of exclusive rights under the copyrights applicable to the Advanced 
Technology materials.  Among these copyrighted and confidential materials 
are the Advanced Technology materials of certain levels known as "Operating 
Thetan Sections I, II and III," "the L Rundowns The L-12 Rundown Step 6," 
"NED for OTs Series 1, 34, 35, 36, 43."

       We have been informed that you have posted substantial portions, and 
in some cases the entirety, of these copyrighted, unpublished works onto the 
Internet without the authorization of our client, who, of course, would not 
have given such authorization had it been requested.  Your action violates 
our client's legal rights in that it is the unauthorized making of electronic 
copies of the copyrighted material and the unauthorized disclosure of trade 
secrets materials.  

       These actions constitute violations of the United States Copyright 
laws entitling our client to damages, an injunction, and impounding of 
materials and equipment used in perpetrating the infringing acts.  It is 
essential that you take immediate and effective action to remove the 
unauthorized copies from the Internet, and that you refrain from any 
repetition of this or similar acts in the future.

       I will expect an immediate response from you with a statement of 
your willingness to comply with these demands.  If you do not comply 
immediately, I expect to be authorized to initiate legal action to compel 

                                              Very truly yours,

                                              Helena K. Kobrin

[end quoted post *** Three ***]

**** Four, email from John True, <>,
San Francisco State University Computing Services

[been quoted post **** Four ****]

From jtrue@sfsu.eduFri Mar 17 13:42:07 1995
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 1995 13:15:37 -0800
From: John True <>
Subject: Student Discipline Charge

March 17, 1995
Daniel Davidson

Please be advised that as Executive Director of Computing Services, I have
filed a Student Discipline Charge against you with the Office of Student
Affairs for violation of the Student Conduct Code (Title 5, California Code
of Regulations).

This action is based on a complaint that you posted substantial portions,
and in some cases the entirety, of copyrighted, unpublished works onto 
the Internet without authorization.

John True

John True
Computing Services
San Francisco State University

[end quoted post **** Four ****]

***** Five ***** My email to Helen Kobrin, <>

[begin quoted post ***** Five *****]

To: Helena Kobrin <>
Subject: Re: Copyrighted materials
In-Reply-To: <Pine.3.89.9503170901.A2156-0100000@netcom14>
Message-Id: <Pine.SOL.3.91.950317141047.21829A-100000-100000@orion>

Please be advised that upon reading this unverified email,
I immediately canceled a crosspost from alt.activism
titled "Scientology secrets (long)". This post was not
posted to the internet by me.

I resent and condem your attempt to restrict the flow
of information -- already extant on the Internet -- from 
one newsgroup to another.

Assuming you are in fact a representitive of the
Church of Scientology, I ask that you stop interfering
with my right to read and make editorial comments on
material already extant on the Internet.

Daniel Davidson

[end quoted post ***** Five *****]


March 19, 1995
                          = Daniel Davidson =

          When seeing someone lying unconscious on a city street,
            it is considered appropriate to continue walking,
                         essentially unaffected.


Despite the harassment Daniel Davidson was getting from the CoS lawyers, Martin Hunt had his own win against the Scientologists. He trolled in a most satisfying way. Although jet's complaint about Martin appeared two days before this (in a thread called Two Faced Liar), it wasn't until Sri Changiana Saar posted this message that we got the full impact of what had happened.

From: (Sri Changiana Saar)
Subject: Best Troll Yet
Date: 20 Mar 1995 06:10:33 GMT
Organization: United Rulers of Mankind, Local 112
Message-ID: <>

Recently our beloved Martin Hunt, in what has to be the best troll I've
ever seen, pulled several sheep's worth of wool over clueless newbie 
""'s eyes.

Some background is in order:  Jet is a scientologist who is one of the latest
in a very long string of spammers that the cult of Scientology is having
flood the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology with hundreds an hundreds of
off-topic spam articles. Martin is a long-time freedom fighter opposed to the
malign cult that is Scientology.  Below is their exchange, which was posted
to a.r.s. this weekend by an outraged Jet once Martin confessed to the ruse.

The post was called "Two Faced Liar: Martin G.V. Hunt", which is a reference
to the book "Bare Faced Messiah - The True Story of L. Ron Hubbard".

For more information - or if you just want to enjoy the fireworks, subscribe to
alt.religion.scientology. I feel free in posting this since Martin thanked
Jet for doing so.


from <>
This is a correspondence between Martin Hunt and I;
He claimed to be "Jason Kries" of OSA back in December/

M.Hunt: I have never used an anon server; what do you

Jet:    OK, but there are several individuals out there
        who do.  Sorry for mistaking you as one of them.

M.Hunt: I'm an OT; I have an extremely good understanding
        of Scientology and
Jet:    Well, I must admit, it is a bit confusing.  Are
        you on standard Scientology lines?  Most of the
        people in alt.religion.scientology are not.

M.Hunt: Haven't you been informed of the Scientology
        Internet Project?  I am the Sarcasm/Humour I/C.

Jet:    Nope I haven't been informed of it, what is it?


Jet:    Hey, are you doing anything to help the Church
        handle the individuals on this newsgroup who are
        spreading false data, verbal tech, etc?
M.Hunt: Yes; I work for the Office of Special Affairs
        right here in Los Angeles.


Jet:    Glad you told me, and it's really good to see you
        here.  I was beginning to give up on this


M.Hunt: The basic program is to infiltrate the SPs on
        ars, and post the true data exposing their lies.
        It is an on going investigation.  Do not
        discuss this with anyone.  I am not allowed
        to tell you more.

M.Hunt: ARC, Jason Kries,
        OSA INT Internet Project I/C.
M.Hunt  Your Project is to help to infiltrate the ARS
        posters, and get in comm with them.  We are
        gathering information for an Investigation
        by Legal.  You are to act as a sceptical, but
        Unknowing Public.

        Write E-mail to these people: (Dennis Erlich) (Modemac) (Bob Bingham) (Enid Vien)
M.Hunt: Have you written to Dennis yet?  He is to be your
        Prime Target...concentrate on communication with

Jet:    I am, what kinda data am I looking for?  It would
        help if I knew, then I could pull strings a little

M.Hunt: Send in your report by Thursday;
Jet:    This is the e-mail I got from Dennis, just for your
                >You know, my last THREE postings have
                >been deleted!

                What did they say?

                >I wonder why, seems like sensorship to me.


M.Hunt: Find out what his considerations are about
        Scientology; pretend to know nothing, yet be
        willing to learn.  Ask him what his training is,
        what post he had, etc.  But establish ARC first!
        Firing off too many questions will make his
        suspicious that we're on to him.


M.Hunt: If you get replies from other (public) Scientolo-
        gists, you are to tell them you are working for OSA
        on an Internet Project which is confidential and
        cannot be discussed.


M.Hunt: I will have a study assignment for you soon; this
        concerns proofreading certain Anti-Scientology
        books, and finding flaws and errors and ommissions
        in them to post to ARS.
        Reading this material will also help you on post,
        as you will be better able to get in Comm with the
        critics, and can quote them passages out of these
        texts to establish confidence and trust.
An e-mail to Dennis L. Erlich:
                >I'm not sure I follow you, what are you
                >trying to achieve?

                I have been hesitant to tell you;
                if you give me the code for page 121 of
                blue sky, I may tell you more.
M.Hunt: Submit the code to him, and get in deeper

Jet:    Where can I get Blue Sky.  Do you have the code
        for p.121 of Blue Sky?
M.Hunt: It has been removed from California, as it is full
        of lies.  It cannot be legally obtained here any
        more; but you can get it in Hawaii still.  Order it
        from a local wog bookstore; ISBN 0-8184-0499-X,
        Lyle Stewart, author: Jon Atack, full title,
        "A Piece of BLue Sky."

Jet:    Tell me the code, you should have it, you're in OSA.
        Then, i'll respond to Dennis' message and get back
        w/ you.  Until then, I'm gonna ask OSA if you
        really are a staffmember there.  Sorry, but it
        makes me wonder when you tell me to read entheta
        books on LRH & Scientology and then tell me to go
        out and buy it.  Hope you understand.
M.Hunt: I'll have to say goodbye to you now, as I am a big-
        time SP, and you are not allowed to talk or comm-
        unicate with me in any way, as you well know.

        Of course, posting to ars, or reading it, is a
        suppressive act, too.

        Take care; I wish you, your wife, and your baby

        Martin Hunt.

Sri Changiana Saar, LGoT
- Give me another serving of Clam Chowder!!! -
Scientology is a dangerous, malign cult.
"Body Thetans are Baby Squinks. Handle with Care!!!"
By the way, clams are aquatic creatures...


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