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A Documentary History of the Church of Scientology and the Net
Deana M. Holmes

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April 1995

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A Documentary History of the Church of Scientology and the Net
VERSION 1.0 / April 17, 1995
Compiled by Deana M. Holmes (

Compilation (c) 1995 by Deana M. Holmes.

This was Martin's own take on the whole episode.

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
From: av282@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Martin G. V. Hunt)
Subject: Re: Two Faced Liar:  Martin G.V. Hunt
Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 1995 04:16:27 GMT

In a previous posting, Tony Sidaway ( writes:
> Re: Jet's excellent post.
> If this is true, it's got to be the best troll I have ever seen!
> Thanks for posting the details, Jet.  We've all fallen for trolls in
> the past.  T'ain't nothin' to be ashamed about.  It's just a fact of
> life on the net.
> Well done, Martin!

Thank you.  It's all true, just as Jet says.  It lasted several days,
and well over a dozen E's.  Dennis was in on it, albeit somewhat
reluctantly.  Kim, Chris, and a few others knew about it before
Robert wisely posted it to ars, God bless his soul; I wasn't ever going
to reveal it to the general public, as I thought it would prove too
embarrassing to him.

Really, I just wanted to get Robert to read the critical books...and
according to one exchange we had, I believe he did read some.  I 
thought it might snap him out of it, but it looks like it backfired.

Robert, if you read this, I hope this doesn't make you hostile or
paranoid.  For what it's worth, I enjoyed our little chats.  Do
you mind if I post the remainder of our exchanges, in case anyone
wants to see them?  I'm very fond of the one where you call me a
"master" at the "game of communication."


Wollersheim offers $3000 for serving cult leader David Miscavige!

Cogito, ergo sum.  Martin Hunt, 


I personally decided to test the skills of the people who run the CoS by encheferating certain documents and posting them. The following is the first five paragraphs of a notorious CoS document.

What I gained from the experience is that the CoS was only looking for certain things in certain forms. They never figured out what the encheferation was all about.

From: (Deana Holmes)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Encheferated Oopereting Zeetun Three-a (repost)
Date: 20 Mar 1995 20:35:25 -0700
Message-ID: <3klhht$>

The following is a repost.  You have been warned. Reading this may be 
hazardous to your funny bone!

Deana Holmes


The following document was received through the sacred process of 

                          OoPERETING ZEETUN
                          by L Run Hoobberd
                           Secshun  Three-a

      Zee heed ooff zee Gelecteec Federeshun (76 plunets eruoond lerger
sters feesible-a frum here-a fuoonded 75,000,000 yeers egu) sulfed
ooferpupooleshun (250 beelliun oor su per plunet -- 178 beelliun oon
eferege-a) by mess implunteeng. He-a coosed peuple-a tu be-a bruooght tu
Teegeeeck (Iert) und poot un H-Bumb oon zee preencipel fulcunues
(Inceedent II) und THEN zee Peceeffic erea oones vere-a tekee in buxes
tu HEVEII und zee Etlunteec erea oones tu LES PELMES und zeen re-a
"peckeged". Hees neme-a ves Xenoo. He-a used renegedes. Fereeuoos
meesleeding deta by meuns ooff curcooeets itc. ves pleced in zee
implunts. Vhee thruoogh veet hees creeme-a luyel ooffffeecers (tu zee
peuple-a) ceptoored heem effter seex yeers ooff bettle-a und poot heem
in un ilectruneec muoonteeen trep vhere-a he-a steell is. "Zeey" ere-a
gune-a. Zee plece-a (Cunffedereshun) hes seence-a beee a desert. Zee
lengt und brooteleety ooff it ell ves sooch thet thees Cunffedereshun
nefer recufered. Zee implunt is celcooleted tu keell (by pneoomuneea
itc.) unyune-a vhu ettempts tu sulfe-a it. Thees leeebility hes beee
deespensed veet by my tech defelupment. Bork Bork Bork!

      Oone-a cun freooheel thruoogh zee implunt und deee-a unless it is
epprueched es preceesely ooootleened. Zee "freooheel" (ootu-roonneeng
oon und oon) lests tuu lung, deneees sleep itc. und oone-a deees. Su
be-a cereffool tu du oonly Inceedents I und II es geefee und nut pluoogh
eruoond und feeel tu cumplete-a oone-a zeetun et a teeme-a. Bork Bork

      In December 1967 I knoo sumeune-a hed tu teke-a zee ploonge-a. I
deed und imerged fery knucked oooot, boot eleefe-a. Prubebly zee oonly
oone-a ifer tu du su in 75,000,000 yeers. I hefe-a ELL zee deta noo,
boot oonly thet geefee here-a is needffool. Bork Bork Bork!

      Oone's budy is a mess ooff indeefidooel zeetuns stoock tu
ooneselff oor tu zee budy. Bork Bork Bork!

      Oone-a hes tu cleun zeem ooffff by roonneeng Inceedent II und
Inceedent I. It is a lung jub, reqooureeng cere-a, peteeence-a und guud
oodeeting. Yuoo ere-a roonneeng beeengs. Zeey respund leeke-a uny
precleer. Sume-a lerge-a, sume-a smell. Bork Bork Bork!

      Zeetuns beleeefed zeey vere-a OoNE. Thees is zee preemery irrur.
Bork Bork Bork! Guud loock. Bork Bork Bork!


On a more serious note...I run a college bookstore, and on this day I decided to check in the biology books that I sell to see if there was any mention of "engram." The following post is the result of my research.

From: (Deana Holmes)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Prenatal Engrams ?!
Date: 21 Mar 1995 18:50:33 -0700
Organization: XMission Public Access Internet (801 539 0900)
Message-ID: <>

On 21 Mar 1995 12:28:37 GMT TarlaStar wrote:

 > Ken, just where are these "engrams" stored within the cell? Is it   
 > in the ribosomes, the golgi apparatus, the mitochrondrion, the   
 > centrioles, the rna? Please tell us where the engrams make their   
 > mark, so that we can study to see if there are actual cellular   
 > changes made via engram.  

Quoted from Curtis & Barnes, _Biology_, 5th edition, 1989, Worth
Publishers, page 893:

        Almost 60 years ago, the late Karl Lashley set out to locate
the physical change, the trace of memory, which he caled the engram.
He taught rats and other animals to solve particular problems and then
performed operations to see whether he could remove the portion of the
cortex containing that particular engram.  But he never found the
engram.  As long as he left enough brain tissue to enable the animal 
to respond to the test procedures at all, he left memory as well. 
And the amount of memory that remained was generally proportional to 
the amount of remaining brain tissue.  Lashley concluded that memory
is "nowhere and everywhere present."  With the much more sophisticated
techniques now available for brain research, contemporary 
neurobiologists are just beginning to unlock its hiding places.

"Engram" is not listed in the glossary in the back of this very
large biology book.

Nor is "engram" listed in the following biology textbooks I have on
my shelves at my college bookstore:

Wingerd, _The Human Body: Concepts of Anatomy & Physiology_, Saunders,

Tortora, _Principles of Human Anatomy_, 6th Edition, HarperCollins,

Fox, _Human Physiology_, 4th Edition, Wm. C. Brown, 1993

Talaro & Talaro, _Foundations in Microbiology, Wm. C. Brown, 1993

Alberts,, _Molecular Biology of the Cell_, 3rd Edition, Garland,
1994  (This last is a major textbook!!)

The fact that it's not mentioned in Alberts, and the passing mention
it was afforded in Curtis & Barnes indicates to me that "engram" is
one of those discarded theories that Hubbard picked up and turned
to his own use.  Certainly students are not being taught about these 

Deana Holmes

Thou shalt not mess with the First Amendment!


Our Beloved Woody (aka Noodlehead) first showed up on a.r.s on March 22nd with this post. It wasn't long before Woody began appearing in David Smith's killfile count.

From: (Rick Sherwood)
Subject: Re: Another Court Ruling
Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 1995 23:24:29 GMT

Diane Richardson ( wrote:
: Thanks for the cite, David.  I'll check it out tomorrow.
: Looks like an interesting case.  I always like to see those
: CoS v. US. cases.

Diane, yep. You better chase this one down, too. Keep chasing your tail.



An anonymous poster forwarded the following on March 23rd, which was originally published in a print Scientology magazine.

Message-ID: <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
From: (Cerebrus )
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 1995 10:29:39 UTC
Subject: Repost: From the horse's ass . . .er mouth

The following was posted 3/22/95; 3/23/95 it appears to be missing from some
systems. It is therefore re-posted. 

KSW NEWS arrived today. Pages four and five contain big spread:


 . . . (six paragraphs of introduction)

"Squirrel Caves in on Fight, Drops Appeal, Fully Agrees to Federal
Injunction and Warns Others Against Unauthorized Use of the Tech 
   Using the legal system, RTC makes squirrels cease suppressive acts
against Scientology and Scientologists. A recent case involved a San Diego
squirrel written about in an earlier edition of KSW News. This squirrel was sued
in federal court by RTC for illegally copying and using LRH materials"

. . . (five paragraphs of description)

"RTC Sues Copyright Infringer and  Seizes Illegally Used Materials

   RTC successfully uncovered an SP who covertly and repeatedly violated
copyrights by electronically publishing LRH materials.
   The infringer in this case was tracked down, and RTC discovered it to be
an individual who was declared more than a decade earlier for psychotic and
violent behavior, and partaking in a failed power push. Further
investigation uncovered his full criminal background which includes
physically abusing associates and 
family, and even failing to provide child support (known as a 'deadbeat
dad'). Finally, investigation revealed that this individual is practically
devoid of even a single friend and so he joined the Cult Awareness Network
(CAN), the only group who would have him. CAN is an anti-religious hate
group working to undermine and destroy the very principles on which the
United States of America was founded. Many of its most prominent members
were arrested and/or went to jail in 1994 for criminal and violent conduct.
   Because this SP ignored our official notices to cease and desist
illegally copying and publishing LRH copyrighted materials, RTC filed a
federal suit to prevent further misconduct. The complaint charges copyright
infringement and
other civil crimes. The complaint seeks $100,000 for each infringement, of
which there are many.
   Shortly after the suit was filed, RTC obtained a temporary restraining
order whereby the judge forbade the defendant and his associates from
further copyright infringements. And in order to prevent any further
infringements, the court also authorized the physical seizure of all copyrighted
   Subsequently, law enforcement officials, Church attorneys and RTC
representatives conducted a 7:00 am raid on the infringer with the press in
attendance. All evidence of copyright infringement was located and seized,
including five boxes of materials and over 200 computer disks, as well as
other materials used in what the court order foundto be 'copyright
   RTC's raid and seizure was the worst wake-up call this SP has ever had
and Church attorneys are now proceeding with prosecution of the case.   As
electronic infringement on the copyrights of thousands of different
individuals and companies has become increasingly explosive, the courts are
clamping down on abusers. To date many of the foremost experts in this field
have joined forces
with us to stamp out this abuse and get ethics in on this area. So, through
such actions, RTC is in the vanguard of protecting the rights of many. But
most importantly, through diligently safeguarding the religious marks and
materials, the tech is being kept pure and ethics is going in on the SPs.
   For those who relentlessly Keep Scientology Working while traveling the
route to OT, the future is indeed bright. For you, RTC continues to
strengthen and protect the trademarks and keep pure the technologies they
represent, to  help
ensure that your journey to OT is a successful one."

Reporting Squirrels and Trademark Infringers to RTC:

Religious Technology Center
Reports Officer
1710 Ivar Avenue, Suite 1100
Los Angelees, California 90028
FAX: 213-960-1929
PHONE: 213-663-3258 

Here comes, thank God, another enemy!  Cyrano

     o o o
      \|/   Grrrrrrr   We eat toads!

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In the print media, Allstate took a beating over its Scientology connection. Here's the first word we got of it on the Net.

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: MBN-Allstate Consultant 'unacceptable'
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 1995 00:22:43 GMT
Message-ID: <>

[Writer's note: Sorry if this has been posted already, I just found Ron 
Newman's WWW page just yesterday.  This came out of today's Chicago Tribune 
and is reprinted without their permission - like I'm going to call over there 
anyway.  Chicago Tribune Page 1 of Business section, 3/23/95.  BTW, MBN stands 
for More Bad News.]

Consultant 'unacceptable'

Allstate Corp. acknowledged it hired a consultant who taught "unacceptable"
Church of Scientology management principles to Allstate agents and
supervisors between 1988 and 1992.  But the Northbrook-based company [FYI:
Northbrook is a suburb of Chicago] denied allegations some workers were
hounded, intimidated and wrongfully fired as a result of the training
program.  The consultant first was hired in California and later presented
seminars to company managers across the nation.


Daniel Davidson missed his first appointment with the university regarding his internet access:

From: (Daniel Davidson)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: News on my upcoming disciplinary meeting...
Date: 25 Mar 1995 01:00:23 GMT
Message-ID: <3kvpv7$>

Errr... I've reschedualed my appointment with Mr. Westwood
for 3 pm Friday, 31 March. I've *got* to stop useing that pre-Gregorian

                          = Daniel Davidson =

          When seeing someone lying unconscious on a city street,
            it is considered appropriate to continue walking,
                         essentially unaffected.

Also on March 24th, Andrew Testa posted a letter from the admin of, where a number of Scientology spammers, including "Vera Wallace" have accounts.

From: (Andrew J. Testa)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Letter from Earthlink[tm]
Date: 24 Mar 1995 17:37:19 GMT
Organization: Xenu's Clambake Palace
Message-ID: <3kv00f$>

Dear Skeptics,

  In order to nip our suspicions in the bud, I sent an email to 
Earthlink Network yesterday asking about the ownership of their service,
and received a prompt reply from the president and owner, Mr. Sky Dalton.
My letter is as follows:

Dear Sirs,

  I am writing to ask as to the ownership of Earthlink Network[tm].  As
  you are aware, rumors on the Usenet newsgroups fly fast and furious, and
  speculation as to the ownership of your service has surfaced on the
  newsgroup alt.religion.scientology.  The root of the rumor lies in the 
  appearance on that newsgroup of several members of the Church of Scientology
  with accounts on your service near simultaneously.  As none of the 
  participants on the newsgroup had seen your domain name before, some
  began to speculate that Earthlink Network[tm] was a new service operated
  by the Church of Scientology.  I wanted to make you aware of this so 
  the rumor could be dealt with at its inception.
  Thank you for your attention.


  Andrew J. Testa

I won't post Mr. Daltons reply, but he assured me that

1)  Earthlink has no affiliation with the Church of Scientology
2)  Earthlink is not supprised that CoS and its opposition use the
    service as they are in Los Angeles
3)  Earthlink doesn't care who uses the service so long as proper
    netiquette is observed.

They have a pretty nice Web page setup:  http://www/

So let's put that bogeyman to bed.  Next!

 /       Brought to you by Mars [tm] brand candies.  Xenu's favorite!      \ 
/ Andy Testa                      I'm OT!  I could KILL you with a thought! \
\                                     BWAAAHHAAAAHAAAAAA! /
 \         Contributing to the downfall of Scientology since 1995.         /


Even though Andy wanted to "put that bogeyman to bed," it just wouldn't go to sleep.

On Sunday, March 26th, Martin Hunt posted 27 messages he exchanged between himself and jet in what was becoming known as the "Great Troll of `95." Martin introduced the series with this post.

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
From: av282@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Martin G. V. Hunt)
Subject: The Great Troll of '95
Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 1995 07:50:52 GMT

>From December 17th to february 13th, Robert Carlson, AKA
was the victim of a horrible, nasty, and vicious troll.  By popular
demand, here is a series of letters we exchanged which show some of the
extensive troll in action.  This list is by no means complete; I didn't
save everything we wrote to each other, and I didn't post all of what
I did save here.

It should be noted that Robert Carlson has already posted excerpts of
these posts, and I feel it is only fair that I post all of them, so
we can all have a good chuckle over the foibles so evidently displayed

The thread can be hard to follow, as it involved double-agent tactics
of the best kind, with Dennis a somewhat reluctant foil to jet's
downfall; me and Dennis were in contact throughout jet's demise.
The trickery!  The deceit!  The fun! ;)

Jet made several posts during this troll, evidently under the
belief that he was on post for OSA, as a double agent posing as
a critic of scientology in ars...the posts are not included in this
series, except for a brief excerpt included in one of the letters.

Anyway, enough said; let the troll begin!

Wollersheim offers $3000 for serving cult leader David Miscavige!

Cogito, ergo sum.  Martin Hunt, 


In response to Pope Charles' repeated requests of milne to "tell us about the Marcabs," an anonymous poster sent the following through a remailer.

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
From: (Name Withheld)
Subject: The Real Answer to Marcabs
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 1995 13:46:01 +0000
Message-ID: <>
Lines: 16

Concerning the question of the Marcabs, here is the answer:

"MARCAB CONFEDERACY, various planets united into a very vast
civilization which has come forward up through the last 
200,000 years, is formed out of the fragments of earlier
civilizations. In the last 100,000 years they have gone on
with a sort of a decadent kicked-in-the-head civilization
that contains automobilies, business suits, fedora hats, 
telephones, spaceships. A civilization which looks almost
exact duplicate but is worse off than the current U.S. 
civilization." (SH Spec 291, 6308C06)

(The code says where it came from:  a tape lecture given Aug. 
8, 1963, at Saint Hill, #291 tape at the SHSBC course,
St. Hill Special Briefing Course.) 


The CoS house p.i., Eugene Ingram, visited Jeff Jacobsen on March 24th. This is Jeff's account. (BTW, there is a warrant out for Ingram's arrest.)

From: (Jeff Jacobsen)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Dancing with Eugene Ingram
Date: 28 Mar 1995 01:20:42 GMT
Message-ID: <3l7o9a$>

        Eugene Ingram, private investigator for the Church of
     Scientology, visited my place of work Friday night (2/24/95). 
     I dj at singles dances on Friday nights, and Eugene curiously
     attended even though he's married.  He'll be kicked out next time.
        I noticed a guy early in the evening and thought "that
     looks like a young Eugene Ingram," but he looked lighter,
     younger, and wore glasses.  I had just seen him at the CAN
     convention last November.
        When we were about to do the Electric Slide (a line dance)
     there was Eugene in front of me taking flash pictures of me. 
     I said "are you Eugene Ingram?" and he said "hi Jeff."  I
     said "do you have a warrant for your arrest?" and he said
     "not anymore."  I said "have you registered with the state to
     work here?" and he said "no, I'm just here as a paying
     customer at your dance."  Then I had to get back to work
     playing the music, and he disappeared.
        Coincidentally, that same day I had been trying to verify
     with the Tampa police whether the warrant for Eugene was
     still outstanding, but never got a call back.  It is still
        Eugene then went to my sister's house Saturday night with a small 
clone following him.  He said he was investigating me and wanted to know 
how much money I'd made the night before.  My sister basically said to 
get off her property, and he and his shadow left.
   Eugene has a warrant for his arrest in Tampa Florida for impersonating 
a police officer.  He has a Private Investigator's license in California 
and here in Arizona.  From what I've heard California law requires a PI 
to be convicted of something before they begin a long process to remove 
his license.  Arizona law, on the other hand, makes holding a PI license 
and having an outstanding warrant incompatible.  Hard to believe, but 
Arizona law seems better than California law in this case.
   So, Eugene will probably be moving on somewhere else soon.  There's a 
gif photo of him at my ftp site if you're curious.  Hey, you might get to 
see a photo of me soon in some DA pack or Freedom magazine!  Stay tuned!

------------  Jeff Jacobsen  PO Box 3541  Scottsdale AZ  85271
For Info on Scientology anonymous /users/c/cultxpt OR  OR 


Apparently some person discovered the joys of anonymous remailers during the last week of March and the first week of April, for several copies of "SCAMIZDAT" were posted to the Net. Grady Ward here gives instructions on how to find your very own copy.

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology,alt.censorship,
From: (Grady Ward)
Subject: SCAMIZDAT #2 published
Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 27 Mar 1995 15:29:21 GMT

The second issue of SCAMIZDAT has been published.

One copy was found in alt.2600:

Date: Thu, 23 Mar 1995 20:05:01 +0000
Message-ID: <9503232005.AA16845@nately.UCSD.EDU>

Another copy in alt.activism:

Newsgroups: alt.activism
Subject: SCAMIZDAT #2: OT2 Lower Bank and Class8 Tape
Date: 24 Mar 1995 12:38:28 -0500
Lines: 906
Message-ID: <9503232135.AA18894@nately.UCSD.EDU>

I encourage all to copy, repost, archive, and especially
read whatever authentic Scientology material they can
under the fair use provision of the US Copyright law.

The following is a Perl script by Ron Newman to fetch
Usenet messages by message ID:

>From Sat Mar 25 08:21:42 1995

Please include my perl script when you post future pointers to
this kind of material in other newsgroups.  (Feel free to
criticize or improve my perl style--I'm a rank newbie)

# This is the 'getnews' perl script.
# You feed it a Message-ID as its only argument.
# The enclosing <angle-brackets> are optional.
# Output goes to STDOUT.
# This script assumes that either you have an NNTPSERVER environment
#   variable, or else your NNTP server is called "news".

$AF_INET = 2;

require '';

$sockaddr = 'S n a4 x8';

$proto = (getprotobyname('tcp'))[2];
$port = (getservbyname('nntp', 'tcp'))[2];
$hostname = $ENV{'NNTPSERVER'} || 'news';
$hostaddr = (gethostbyname($hostname))[4] || die "No such host: $hostname";

$port = pack($sockaddr, $AF_INET, $port, $hostaddr);
socket(S, $AF_INET, $SOCK_STREAM, $proto) || die "Can't open socket";
connect(S, $port) || die "Can't connect socket";

(($prompt = <S>) =~ /^200 /) || die "Bad NNTP status: $prompt";
$msgid = $ARGV[0];
$msgid = "<$msgid>" unless ($msgid =~ /^<.*>$/);
&printflush (S, "article $msgid \n");
(($reply = <S>) =~ /^220 /) || die "Bad NNTP status: $reply";
while (<S>)
   {s/\r//;  # get rid of annoying CR's before each newline
    last if /^\.$/;  # article ends with a period all by itself on line

Grady Ward  +1 707 826 7715 (voice / 24hr FAX)


Also at the end of the month, FACTNet's bbs was threatened with legal action by the CoS. The following details the threat.

From: (Daniel Davidson)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Scientology Attempting to Suppress Information
Date: 29 Mar 1995 00:48:52 GMT
Organization: San Francisco State University
Message-ID: <3laapk$>

[ Article crossposted from ]
[ Author was Brian Wright ]
[ Posted on 28 Mar 1995 21:25:32 GMT ]

For everyone concerned about the "Church of Scientology" and its
methods, please red on.  They are attemtping to suppress critical
information about their organization by threatening to sue the people who
own the Web pages.

Jeff Lowder                                             <>
PGP Public Key available upon request.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: (James J. Lippard)
Date: 95-03-27 03:02:25 EST

 THE FREEDOM OF information on the THE INTERNET


 For those of you unfamiliar with me I am a co-director of the United
 States non profit 501(c)(3) victim advocacy organization and
 electronic library and archive called FACTNet. We provide electronic
 information on dangerous cultic groups like Jonestown, Waco, the Swiss
 Solar Temple, and Scientology. Lately we have focused on public records
 and research information on Scientology because of the dangerousness of
 this group, its economic size, and its worldwide history of criminality.
 Scientology has responded to our collecting and electronic making
 available of these public records by threatening our organization with
 4 lawsuits using three different law firms covering everything from
 copyright infringement to libel and slander. They have followed and
 intimidated our staff, attempted to infiltrate to possibly sabotage
 our organization, threatened our Internet Web page provider with a
 lawsuit, and they have even threatened to sue our secure mail and
 offices services provider (Mail Boxes Etc.) if they even send out
 another fax out for us.

 Through Scientology's now notorious overt and covert operations
 (just one was as widespread anonymous  mailings calling FACTNet's
 Board of Directors and network associates everything from criminals,
 perverts, con men, CIA operatives to insane) Scientology seems to be
 taking every step to destroy our ability to archive and preserve public
 records and research and make those records available to the public
 who wants them now or who will want this information in the future.
 Over the past year FACTNet has been able to survive this onslaught,
 but we are a small humbly funded all volunteer organization and are
 getting to the point that if our insurance premium is raised
 because of all these new threatened lawsuits we will not be able to
 continue to exist. (We are paying $1,000 a month in insurance now.)
 We also are concerned the library and archive may soon be made
 unavailable to the public because we believe that we are about to be
 raided and our equipment seized. We believe Scientology is preparing to
 do a search and seizure of our premises based on false affidavits and
 illegal applications of copyright law as it applies to religious
 freedom. This raid expectation is not at all paranoid. This just
 happened to Dennis Erlich an outspoken Scientology Internet critic.

 Although our organization is expendable and our staff have come to
 grips with we may be run out of operation by the nazi tactics of
 Scientology, the information in our library is NOT expendable and
 much of it is NOT replaceable. We urgently need you to help us
 frustrate this new "electronic book and library burning" evolution of
 Nazism for the 90's called Scientology. Do this by downloading as much
 of our library as you can to safe places around the world and helping
 get our report out.

 It is very important for you to help us tell the Internet and non
 internet world what is happening to us. Pass and copy this message to
 other BBS's, other libraries and library associations, and other Internet
 Newsgroups so that everyone who should know about this new Scientology
 form of electronic book and library burning and intimidation on the Net
 will be informed. (We simply do not know everyone to turn to and who is
 best out there that can help us frustrate Scientology's efforts to destroy
 our library and to curtail Internet freedom of information.)

 If others are informed maybe they will know what to do to creatively and
 ethically to show this neo nazi cult the power of free and open dialog
 and what will happen to them when brave individuals and brave coalitions
 are willing to fight for this valuable freedom which libraries and
 archives such as we at FACTNet help preserve. For those faint hearted
 who have heard what Scientology does to its critics, take heart. It is
 not generally known, but if you can last the harassment  Scientology is
 horribly unsuccessful in the courts. It really has NO victories other than
 intimidating critics by spending or scaring them into silence. Like
 cowards Scientology usually only attacks those who have no insurance or
 whom they believe are weak or they can intimidate or wear down.

 I do not say the following lightly or for effect. Scientology really IS
 the new face of Nazism, a  "white" collar new evolution of Nazism drawn
 in substantial part from the worst of the secret society principles and
 occultism of the old Nazism. (FACTNet has a report coming out soon on all
 the details of this.) For those of you who understand what Nazism does if
 it is not resisted and understand the "NEVER AGAIN" painful lessons
 learned from the rise of the first generation of Nazism we invite you to
 stand with FACTNet to stop or frustrate this ruthless organization's
 efforts before it destroys our library.

 If you are going to help you must act now! We have only a matter of a
 few weeks left before we may loose our insurance and be forced to go off
 line because of Scientology's activities. Begin downloading all of or
 the best of our library so the information is preserved.

 Our direct BBS # in the U.S. is 1-303-530-1942. Call this number and
 follow the instructions on the screen.  (There is no downloading charge
 and the downloading is unlimited.)

 Thank you for your help, ideas and courage in advance,

 Lawrence Wollersheim

 Lawrence Wollersheim, Co-founder and Executive director of F.A.C.TNet,
 Denver, Colorado, USA e-mail:

                          = Daniel Davidson =

          When seeing someone lying unconscious on a city street,
            it is considered appropriate to continue walking,
                         essentially unaffected.


Tilman Hausherr made this observation about CoS posters on March 30th.

From: (Tilman Hausherr)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Do scienos prefer to appear in pairs ?
Date: 30 Mar 1995 16:31:51 GMT
Organization: Xenu's ranch
Message-ID: <3lemdn$>

There are several inet providers with exactly a pair of scientologists:
  lightside: David Talbot and Chris Miller
  deltanet:  forgot the names, but the postmaster told about *two*
             guys paying in cash
  directnet: Tom Lasher and Ken Johnson
  earthlink: Vera Wallace and James Marius
  kaiwan:    Rick Davis and Brian Stone
Of course, they don't always come in pairs. At netcom (noodle), prodigy
(oatee), delphi (milne) they came alone.

--- Tilman Hausherr          [KoX, 1.9, DB]
business (optical archives 'n stuff):
          company page at
private  (magic, Co$, MWC, skeptic,...):

   Praise Xenu!    Praise Mozilla!    Praise "Bob"!


"Cluster User" posted the following filk about Our Favorite Lawyer.

From: (Cluster User)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: NEWS FLASH!!:  Kobrin joins Gilbert, Sullivan
Date: 30 Mar 1995 18:57:54 GMT
Organization: Yale University
Message-ID: <3leuvi$>

To be sung to the tune of, "I am the Very Model of a Modern Major 
Check with your attorney to determine if this is a fair use.
I am the legal eagle of the Church of Scientology,
For First Amendment purposes that's what's called "a theology";
Of course we don't believe in God--if you do, we don't mind, as such:
We'll convert you (and your property) through Operation Midas Touch.
I oversee manipulation of the law in Dennis Erlich's case,
I practice my beliefs before Judge Whyte by lying to his face.
In short, in matters criminal, both overt and subliminal,
I sing the songs of L. Ron from his copyrighted hym-n-al.
Chorus:  In short, in matters criminal, both overt and subliminal,
         She sings the songs of L. Ron from his copyrighted hym-n-al!
By now you've heard our leader sailed a Navy ship and saved the day,
At Flag, Sea Org and L.A. we salute and shout, "Hip, hip, hooray!"
Our records show he seized the reigns and ne'er once failed to take them
And, like the facts in Erlich's case, he ne'er once failed to make them
The SPs who are PTS the OSA will deal with,
The HCOPLs work best to RPF your meal with.
Though Grady Ward can say that I am just the 'ho of babble-on'...
Ah yes!:
Such acronyms I'd like to wager ten fair games of Scrabble[tm*] on!
Chorus:  Such acronyms she'd like to wager ten fair games of Scrabble on!
         Such acronyms she'd like to wager ten fair games of Scrabble on!
         Such acronyms she'd like to wager ten fair games of Scrabble,
              Scrabble on!
At redefining words I make George Orwell do a double-think,
Uncork me and the law's my punch-bowl; I'm Jim Jones's bubble-drink.
In short, in matters criminal, both overt and subliminal,
I sing the songs of L. Ron from his trade-secreted hym-n-al!
Chorus:  In short, in matters criminal, both overt and subliminal,
         She sings the songs of L. Ron from his trade-secreted hym-n-al!
Now, let me be perfectly "clear":
Our church is not a cult because our church is not a cult because
Our church is (nod) occult. Be. Cuss our churchies. Not ack. Old beak 
Arch urges noted.  Culled because hour charge is nada.  Gold--be cozy.
Cherish Tom, Nicole (big house--ours?).  Churlish snotty cold pig hose.
How odd it is that "audit" is the term we use for "therapy",
The same word from the IRS would set a grizzly bear a-pee.
But since we've infiltrated them we are not scared a bit ourselves,
When they come to examine us, we'll know how to audit ourselves!
Chorus:  When they come to examine us, we'll know how to audit ourselves!
         When they come to examine us, we'll know how to audit ourselves!
         When they come to examine us, we'll know how to audit, audit
There's only one remaining law with which we haven't been attacked:
The Racketeer-Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.
Of course we won't defend ourselves; we'll fire lying flak at them:
If Justice files a RICO suit, we'll counterfile one back at them!
Though no one is beyond redemption, I am on the road to hell,
The money talks. The money talks. The money talks.  I know too well.
In short, with ethics minimal, from L. Ron's secret hym-n-al,
I am the very model of a modern legal criminal!
Chorus:  In short with ethics minimal, from L. Ron's secret hym-n-al,
         She is the very model of a modern legal criminal!

* After all, dears, this is *only* a dispute over intellectual property!


The end of the month of March brought relief for Daniel Davidson in his dispute with the CoS.

From: (Daniel Davidson)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Co$ v. Davidson: My *TOTAL* exoneration...
Date: 1 Apr 1995 02:38:14 GMT
Message-ID: <3lieam$>

March 31, 1995

All charges dropped, and a letter stating that I have in
no way violated San Francisco State University standards
of Internet behavior.

The major concern was to verify that I had not been deprived
of Internet access, as a result of Kobrin's "complaint", a copy of
which I obtained -- along with all other material in University 
hands pertaining to me and CoS, or so I was told.

There is some new Kobrin spiel, which I'll post later. Right now
I'm gonna chill, its Sat. night, right? :)

I plan to debrief in detail in a post over the weekend.

The only thing I'll do right now is follow up with a stern email
to the single idiot who sent Mr. True a short (one line) abusive email.
Grrrr... But actually, not bad. I got a copy of all the emails
sent to the University on this matter, and only one inappropriate one
out of about 30 is really very good. Heartening, even.

Loging off, and looking forward to Sat. Night Live later.

Happy happy,


                          = Daniel Davidson =

          When seeing someone lying unconscious on a city street,
            it is considered appropriate to continue walking,
                         essentially unaffected.


Because of the ongoing work of Woody and Rick, and their inability to trim down messages that they were responding to (usually with "Killfiles are an act of cowardice and non-confront!"), a.r.s was in the top 40 of newsgroups by volume for the month of March.

From: (Jeff Jacobsen)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: a.r.s. makes the top 40
Date: 1 Apr 1995 16:47:46 GMT
Message-ID: <3lk03i$>

From: (Brian Reid)
Newsgroups: news.lists,news.groups
Date: 1 Apr 1995 07:51:47 -0800

A companion posting explains the statistics and the algorithms that produced

        +-- Estimated total number of people who read the group, worldwide.
        |     +-- Actual number of readers in sampled population
        |     |     +-- Propagation: how many sites receive this group at all
        |     |     |      +-- Recent traffic (messages per month)
        |     |     |      |      +-- Recent traffic (megabytes per month)
        |     |     |      |      |      +-- Crossposting percentage
        |     |     |      |      |      |    +-- Cost ratio: $US/month/rdr
        |     |     |      |      |      |    |      +-- Share: % of newsrders
        |     |     |      |      |      |    |      |   who read this group.
        V     V     V      V      V      V    V      V
  40  26000   184   54% 12123    26.8     6%  0.61   0.3%  alt.religion.scientology 

------------  Jeff Jacobsen  PO Box 3541  Scottsdale AZ  85271
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