Scientology in the Media [Internet]

A Documentary History of the Church of Scientology and the Net
Deana M. Holmes

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Usenet: alt.religion.scientology
April 1995

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A Documentary History of the Church of Scientology and the Net
VERSION 1.0 / April 17, 1995
Compiled by Deana M. Holmes (

Compilation (c) 1995 by Deana M. Holmes.

Another Scientology filk popped up on April Fool's day.

From: (John C. Randolph)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: There's been a lot of high-level, reasoned debate here...
Date: 1 Apr 1995 16:40:30 -0800
Organization: Idiom Consulting
Message-ID: <3lkrpu$>
Summary: But now, I'm going to poke the cult in the eye with a stick.

My friend Lynn wrote this, and I thought some people here might get a 
chuckle out of it.

"L. Ron Ron" 
 Copyright 1990 Lynn Gold 
He keeps on writing novels though his life is through 
It's L. Ron, Ron, Ron; it's L. Ron, Ron! 
Some folks say it shows what Dianetics do 
It's L. Ron, Ron, Ron; it's L. Ron, Ron! 
Yeah, his life is through 
Yeah, what Dianetics do 
Yeah, when I saw the name 
It's L. Ron, Ron, Ron; it's L. Ron, Ron! 
He wrote before he founded Scientology 
It's L. Ron, Ron, Ron; it's L. Ron, Ron! 
But soon he found religion makes bucks easily 
It's L. Ron, Ron, Ron; it's L. Ron, Ron! 
Makes bucks easily 
Yeah, Dianetics pays 
For L. Ron, Ron, Ron; for L. Ron, Ron! 
Oooo...  Oooo... 
It's L. Ron, Ron, Ron; it's L. Ron, Ron! 
Oooo...  Oooo... 
It's L. Ron, Ron, Ron; it's L. Ron, Ron! 
Twenty-two best sellers and there's more to come 
It's L. Ron, Ron, Ron; it's L. Ron, Ron! 
Heaven only knows where they're a-comin' from 
It's L. Ron, Ron, Ron; it's L. Ron, Ron! 
Yeah, more books to come 
Yeah, who knows where from 
Yeah, this I've gotta see 
>From L. Ron, Ron, Ron; from L. Ron, Ron! 
L. Ron, Ron, Ron; it's L. Ron, Ron!       \ sing lots of times through 
It's L. Ron, Ron, Ron; it's L. Ron, Ron!  / optional descant* 
*Optional descant (lines constantly being added): their questionnaire in the mail 
And I threw it out...found it on my car window too 
If you don't have a problem 
They'll find one and show you how they can fix it 
Battlefield Earth...don't know what else he wrote 
And I don't care! 
L. Ron, Ron, Ron; it's L. Ron, Ron! 

Supressive and proud!

"I found a slug on the path this morning. I named it XENU!"


Tony Sidaway struggled with trying to get milne to cough up information that milne said he had. As of yet, milne still hasn't posted the info.

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
From: (Tony Sidaway)
Subject: Milne has imploded.
Date: Sat, 1 Apr 1995 04:08:47 +0000
Message-ID: <>

It's been nearly two weeks now since Andy Milne claimed that the church
had this mysterious interview with the step-daughter of Snake Thompson
that proved that Hubbard did not spin a yarn about the guy.

I have repeatedly asked him to prove such an interview took place and
said what he claimed it said, by posting the transcript to the net.

No response.

He has continued to bang on about the Jonestown massacre, as if that
did not reflect badly on religious cults in general, and armed, paranoid
cults in particular.

He has refused point blank to answer a question about the church's
attitude to homosexuality.  This is of some concern to some homosexual
church members, as a recent email exchange posted to this newsgroup showed.

He has challenged a fairly straightforward description of an important
Scientology belief, called Event II.  He claims it is a lie, but will
not be more specific.

He declines to discuss the role of Mary Sue Hubbard in the illegal
Operation Snow White, and how she kept her actions secret from her
own husband.

All the time he shouts about the credibility of _other_ posters to
the group.

He has even used the D word, on occasion.

I'd say he's hardly in a position to point the finger at anyone else.

Tony Sidaway
"The most horrible thing they have done is to put out hundreds of messages
all over the net that say "free phone sex", with the scientologists'
toll-free phone number on it: 1-800-367-8788"
"Poor little clams - snap! snap! snap!" --SubGenius Pope Charles of Houston


SCAMIZDAT 2 was mailed through's remailer. The ensuing fracas caused some to wonder whether Homer was on the side of the CoS.

From: homer@math.cornell.EDU (Homer Wilson Smith)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: SCAMIZDAT #3
Date: 2 Apr 1995 03:49:53 -0000
Message-ID: <>

In article anonymous (anonymous@freezone.remailer) you wrote:
>SCAMIZDAT #3   2 April 1995

>Twenty-one documents from Scientology secret practices:
>(you may want to save this entire document before scientologists
>illegally attempt to cancel it)

>To contact the editorial staff post a message with the subject:
>including the word "SCAMIZDAT" to the group alt.religion.scientology.

     Please do not post Church copyrighted material through my



Homer went further in a later post.

From: homer@math.cornell.EDU (Homer Wilson Smith)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Date: 2 Apr 1995 17:50:40 -0000
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.950402134948.18232A@math>

     Did not get through the first time...  I think.

     Dear Folks,

     How do I put this politely?
     I have already served my time in this war, I have already dealt
with the lawyers, not as much as Dennis for sure, but more than
the rest of you have for sure.
     Now when I posted, it was openly not through anon remailers, but
I understand the need for remailers and so I provide the service to
the net community, AT SOME RISK TO MYSELF.  Surely at no risk to the
poster, eh?
     The purpose of my remailer is not to post copyright violations, but
to tell your story in your own words.  That is purpose enough for
remailers, if others want the burden of posting cracks, and copyrights and
stolen state secrets and the formula for fire, well that is their
business.  Use
     The point is that when YOU post copyrighted stuff through my remailer
*I* get in trouble and take the heat.  You wouldn't want me to do that to
you, now would you? 
     You may all think I am weak willed, and deserve to get in trouble for
your postings because I am not standing up for free speech (yours) that
gets *ME* nailed to a cross, but like I really care a lot about what you
think, right? 
     So again I ask, please do not post anything through my remailer
that will get *ME* in trouble.

     Your apologies are accepted, now let's get on with the show.


Homer Wilson Smith                                            ART MATRIX                                                FRACTALS!
(607) 277-0959             


However, this didn't get him out of hot water with Helena Kobrin. She called him no less than three times. And Homer's actions, as I said above, caused people to wonder who he was trying to please.

From: (Homer Wilson Smith)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology,,
Date: 4 Apr 1995 04:35:33 GMT
Message-ID: <3lqial$>

     Dear Folks,
     I received a polite call from Ms.  Helena Kobrin today, legal
counsel for the Church of Scientology, concerning a recent post of
alleged Church copyrighted trade secrets through my Free Zone remailer
     She asked if I knew who posted it, and I told her that it had
been chained.  She also asked if I could cancel it, and I said no, but
I meant more that it would be politically inexpedient to cancel it,
rather than a physical impossibility.
     I told her that she could have it canceled, and she responded by
saying 'Well *I'm not canceling anything.' (not an exact quote.)

     I told her that I have placed my remailer into moderation mode
concerning a.r.s.  and a.c.t.  and all known gatesways leading to
them, including mail to news gateways, so that any future posts
through my remailer to these two groups will come to me for

     I also directed her to my various responses to the posting along
the SCAMIZDAT subject thread.  I am highly annoyed that I have been
put in this position.
     I do not know what my proper course of action is.  I probably can
cancel the posting, I certainly would expect the Cancel Poodle IV to
do so, and frankly he has my blessings on this one.


     I just received a second call from Ms.  Kobrin.

     She asked me if I could tell her what remailer the posting came
to my remailer through.  I told her that she was pushing it asking for
that data.  We talked a bit about the present situation on the net and
possible solutions to it, but she was unwilling to discuss the various
strategies they are planning, and frankly I have no bright ideas about
how to stop the postings.

     She then pressed me on the subject of canceling the posting
again, and I said I would do it.  The posting will get reposted anyhow
over and over whether or not I cancel it, it has all already been
posted multiple times, so basically to show good faith, along with
moderation of the remailer, I have agreed to cancel the posting.


Homer Wilson Smith                                                ART MATRIX                                                    FRACTALS!
(607) 277-0959                         


From: "Homer W. Smith" <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology,,
Date: 4 Apr 1995 04:42:32 GMT
Message-ID: <3lqino$>

     I recevied a 3rd call from Ms. Helena Kobrin.  She was interested
in talking me into giving them the name of the earlier remailer that
the posting SCAMIZDAT #3 came through.
     I explained that my sworn written policy was that such data would
only be given out with a court order.  She mentioned that this could
get 'expensive' for me.
     I told her I have no choice in the matter, my reputation would
be destroyed on the net if I renegged on the written statement in
my remailer intro.  'This is SACROSANCT'. 
     The whole matter of why I keep logs comes up again.  The primary
justification for doing so, besides an effort to be somewhat responsible
with a loaded gun, is the fact that Rahul Dehsi keeps sendmail logs like
most systems do.  Thus if I am pestered to forward a complaint to a
sender, which is reasonable, I can forestall people from bothering Rahul
with it, because I have the data at hand.  Ms. Kobrin pointed out that if
I do not cooperate with handing over the sender's address, it will end up
on Rahul's desk anyhow. 
     I don't know what Rahul will do, he won't appreciate the
situation, fortunately we will be leaving Rahul shortly for our
own site.  Whether I will be running a remailer there, I really don't
know.  This is creating serious PTSness for me.

     In any case, finding the posting FOR SURE that came into me
that eventually went to a.r.s. from the send mail logs will be
dicey at best because the To: line will say, the
sendmail logs do not record the Anon-To: a.r.s. etc.
     Secondly by now, I am sure most of the remailer operators
have burned their logs since they know a posse if coming for them.

     Anyhow even if me and Ms. Kobrin do the 'expense tango', they
will merely get a name of another remailer and they will go bother
them.  Most remailers do not keep logs, many not even send mail logs, and
the probabilities are very high that they will run into a blank wall.
However they will use the data to further harass the remailers in turn
to get to the earlier remailer.  The end result will be the harassment
of the remailer operators, and not the original poster.  

     Which is why SOME solution to this problem must be found and fast,
lest the entire remailer network go out of existence.
     So I am sort of on the firing line.  Again.  There is no easy way out
of this one, although I told her that if she got a court order or
something signed by a real judge I would hand over the name of the prior
remailer.  Of course I might have gotten the name wrong, or the prior
remailer could even have been a total forge.  In any case its almost sure
that there will be no logs at that remailer, as I am the only remailer
that I know that keeps logs, for just such an occasion.  A lot of good it
is doing me. 

Homer Wilson Smith                                                ART MATRIX                                                    FRACTALS!
(607) 277-0959                         
Homer W. Smith <>


From: "Homer W. Smith" <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology,,
Date: 4 Apr 1995 04:40:46 GMT
Message-ID: <3lqike$>

     Dear Ms. Kobrin,
     You asked me for suggestions about what might be done concerning
the present 'sit' on the internet.  Here is one.

     I will be frank with you.  In the beginning the Church made a big
mistake by asking the remailer operators to block access to the two
news groups entirely.  This enraged nearly everyone, even people who
might have otherwise sided with the the Church.

     The need of people to recount their stories and viewpoints
anonymously and in safety is an overriding valid use of the remailers,
and certainly morally overrides any financial concern over corporate
copyrights and trade secrets.  Put bluntly when it comes to a choice
between the good of the people and the good of big business, the
people will always win out, at least when the people are in control as
they are on the internet.

     However this is not to say that the corporate concerns are not
valid too, and thus it behooves us to find a middle ground wherein the
corporate concerns are considered as well, without trampling the
people underfoot.
     Here is my suggestion.

     Consider writing a letter again to the various remailer operators
and ask them to do what I have done with the two groups, which is NOT
to block them entirely but to place them in moderation mode.  This
means all postings going to the two groups through their remailers, BY
WHATEVER MEANS including mail to news gateways, will end up in their
personal mail, to be scanned for obvious copyright violations and
rejected if they don't want to be responsible for posting them.  If
one of them reposts something that is over the edge, you must promise
to not hold them liable, and in return they would promise to cancel it
at your direct AND PUBLIC request.  That's a very fair deal.  Those
rejecting it would do so at their own risk.

     This idea will certainly not go over well with many of the
remailer operators, many of them feel that any oversight at all on
postings going through their remailers makes them defacto responsible
for all postings that go through.  They are, for obvious reasons,
trying to maintain 'common carrier' status, which in fact they legally
do not actually have.

     However such a request on your part will help you maintain the
high moral ground, it will show good faith negotiation when you come
in front of the Judges, it will mostly likely be looked upon with
approval by the EFF, and it will not unduly block the overriding valid
uses of the remailers.
     Some of the remailers will choose to comply, and this will limit
the number of sources that are giving you headaches.  Some of the
remailers will literally be unable to comply, because their code does
not support moderation mode, and others will simply refuse for reasons
of their own.
     However the Church will win the wider approval of the internet
community for this approach and possibly heal some of the damage for
their first approach of requesting total blocking and trying to remove
the group altogether, if indeed that was the Church or those working
for the Church who did this.

     I believe that the present situation of anarchy on the a.r.s.
scene can not long continue.  On one hand you have people posting
anonymously things that allegedly violate the Church's rights, but on
the other hand you have people canceling just as anonymously anything
that even vaguely looks like LRH wrote it.  This can only lead to
spite postings and escalation of the war to other newsgroups.

     Neither side is taking full responsibility for the bombs going
off, but both sides are sort of silently approving of those that at
leas go off in the 'enemies camp'.

     If instead you initiated a FORMAL PUBLIC PROTOCOL by which
postings could be declared copyrighted, and the remailer operators
could be asked to either moderate or cancel after the fact, and the
rights of normal people to post anonymously were not hindered in any
way, and all this were above ground and not laden with legal presssure
and threats, the Church might find a working relationship that would
benefit them in the end.

     I am not sure there will ever be a total solution to copyright
violations on the net, and trade secrets can only stay secret just so
long.  It is quite possible that the time is up for Church trade
secrets no matter what you do.  On the other hand the NO RESPECT
situation on the net is way out of hand, and that is the single most
dangerous factor that is influencing people's behavior in present

     My suggestion however is to form a WORKING, INTERACTIVE
relationship of mutual respect and cooperation with the PEOPLE on the
net, and the PEOPLE who oppose you.  The Church may not get everything
that they want, but they will most certainly get more than they are
getting now.


     P.S. Please remember that all private communication between us will
be immediately posted verbatim to the net.  That is one non negotiable
condition for continued cooperative communication.


Homer Wilson Smith                                                ART MATRIX                                                    FRACTALS!
(607) 277-0959                         

Homer W. Smith <>


From: (Diane Richardson)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Date: 5 Apr 1995 07:04:14 GMT
Message-ID: <3ltfde$>

homer@math.cornell.EUD (Homer Wilson Smith) writes:

>The Church could not possibly get away with canceling anything
>they didn't like merely based on critical comments.  They
>could only get away with canceling those postings that were
>obvious infringements.  Everyone knows what they are, the
>people who are posting them are posting them BECAUSE they are
>infringements, they want the world to know what LRH-L wrought.

>I do not believe that the Church would take to official
>canceling things that were not infringements, that would cause
>too much of a stirr, therefore I feel that the offer is safe.

I'm sorry, Homer, I hate to disagree with you, but I think
your suggestion to permit the "Church" of Scientology[tm] to
cancel at will is downright dangerous.

How can you insure that the "Church" wouldn't get away with
canceling noninfringing posts that they didn't like?  What 
if they begin cancelling posts they consider libellous?
What if Helena Kobrin were to call you and demand that you
remove a post because it defamed the organization, and
stated that you would be a party to a defamation suit?  Would
you act any differently in that situation than you did in
the actual situation?

Let's take this one step further.  Assuming that the CoS
received the cooperation of the majority of remailers and
were allowed to cancel at will.  How long do you think it
would take before other interest groups (not just hate
began demanding the same privileges.  Would you permit
homophobic groups to cancel posts that they deemed offensive?
Why should the CoS be granted privileges on Usenet that 
other organizations aren't afforded?

Diane Richardson


From: (Nico Garcia)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Date: 5 Apr 1995 06:33:07 GMT
Organization: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Message-ID: <>

In article <Pine.SUN.3.91.950404112319.18071K-100000@math> 
homer@math.cornell.EDU (Homer Wilson Smith) writes:

        The Church knows full well what it can cancel and what it can't.
   They would never take to canceling non infringing things officially.  
   As it is, they have renegades doing it for them, who sometimes cancel
   things out of ignorance or petty spite that ARE not infringing.  If
   The Church could OFFICIALLY be given permission to cancel they could
   come out strongly and denounce non official cancellations as they make
   the Church look bad and are done 'in the name of the Church or for
   the Church' without proper authority.

No. If we assume that their main goal in this is to prevent public
awareness of their ludicrous claims and documents, then they will use
*any* and *all* means to stop it. Public personas, like Ms. Kobrin,
will do publicly acceptable acts. Private ones, like the CancelPoodle,
will continue to act in secret, unabated. And the effect of officially
cooperating with them is to lend credence and legitimacy to any
questionable claims on their part, and to reduce the publication of
the awkward secrets, at least the properly copyrighted ones.

Now, Ms. Kobrin need not know the names, identities, or exact goals of
the CancelPoodle for this to be true. But we have seen absolutely no
effort on the part of her, or any scientology representatives (except
a couple of members here who have apparently not "attained" the higher
levels) to prevent the illicit cancellations. Ms. Kobrin is running
out of options. The legal threats and rmgroups didn't work, the
assault on Dennis and Tom and Julf didn't work well, now she will go
after people like you.

        You know when poachers almost wiped out the alligator in Africa for
   their skins, the answer was not to outlaw alligator hunting, but
   COMMERICALIZE IT.  This put the poachers out of business, provided the
   skins that were needed, and increased the numbers and survivability of the
   alligators using the profits from the skins.  Same principle applies. 

True. Scientology should commercialize their inner secrets, making
them available for specific prices and by specific methods other than
the Net posting that provides it now. But they don't want to permit
*anyone* to know the alligators are really cardboard cutouts:
ergo, they try to shoot anyone who even *looks* at an alligator.

                                Nico Garcia
My opinions are my own, not MIT's or my employer's or my cat's
(Well, maybe my cat's....)


On the lighter side, another poster decided to present us with wins from the Church of Sociology.

From: ()
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Wins from the Church of Sociology
Date: 2 Apr 1995 08:22:18 GMT
Message-ID: <3llmrq$>

42 year old woman in Davis, CA, never had orgasm. 
After auditing a class in anthropology, experienced 
MO's with SO. 

17 year old boy from Midwest, had never seen ocean, 
beach or live clam. Held clam by finger for first 
time and became immediately CLear As Mud (CLAM). 
Became beachcomber and surfer.

29 year old unemployed woman, went clam digging 
with CoS group, had successes because she had been 
a sociology major in previous academic career. Dug 
four clams and became CLAM during clambake that 
very evening!

Japanese earthquake victim was taught to read by 
CoS initiative, then brought to Pacific Northwest 
to go clamming. Mouth was unlocked when he dug his 
very first clam. By evening's end he was CLAM and 
rollicking with his new SO behind a dune.

For more information on the Church of Sociology, 
You will receive important information about the 
church, and you will receive your first Monterey 
County court date (all church adherents are sued, 
immediately and as often as possible).


Jeff Jacobsen reported on April 4 that his long distance service had been attacked--he thought by the CoS. Homer Wilson Smith reported a similar tactic had teen used against his long-distance carrier.

From: (Jeff Jacobsen)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: OSA attacks my phone
Date: 4 Apr 1995 23:08:48 GMT
Message-ID: <3lsji0$>

   I got a call this afternoon from my phone company.  A woman this 
morning called to get information off my phone bill.  But I have a pass 
code on my bill account.  When the woman was asked for the pass code, she 
hung up.
   Later, a man with a New England accent called saying he was Jeff 
Jacobsen and he lost the last page of his phone bill and needed 
information from it.  When this man was asked for the pass code he said 
"wildcat" (nope, not even close).  Then he was asked to give his social 
security number, and that wasn't mine either.  The operator wouldn't give 
him any information so he hung up.
   Later, "Jeff" called saying his voice messaging wasn't working and 
could they get the messages from it.  Again he was asked for the pass 
code and again he didn't know the pass code, so he hung up.
   Later, "Jeff" called the third time at 3:45pm and said my long 
distance service was not working.  Now I am on line with "Judy" from US 
West who has connected me to MCI for some reason.  I don't trust "Judy".

Below is how to prevent others from hacking your phone bill in the US.

 Handling crank callers:
1) hang up on the crank caller/cultish jerk
2) pick up the phone again and dial *57
3) follow instructions

   This will cost you $1.50 each time you do it, but this also records 
what phone number the crank caller was calling from.  This way the police 
(not you) can look at the phone logs and see who the crank caller is.

   Protecting your phone bill

Your phone bill is in the computers at your phone company.  An 
unscrupulous person/cultish jerk might call pretending to be you and ask 
about certain long distance calls, and thus get information about who you 
call.  To prevent this;

1) call your local phone company
2) ask them to put a code on your phone bill.
3) think up and give the nice phone co. employee your code
4) keep your code in a *safe place*.

   Now if someone calls pretending to be you they will need your pass 
code to get information.  The phone company will keep track of anyone 
trying this.

Other handy tips

Get caller ID if available.  I think it's $6.95/mth here.
Never assume a stranger on the phone is who they say they are.
Have your phone bill sent to your post office box, not your home.
If someone calls saying they are cleaning out the lines in your area, and 
   to please keep your phone off the hook with a cloth around the 
   mouthpiece, just hang up.
If someone calls saying they are a reporter, ask which paper, then call 
that paper and ask for that person again.

------------  Jeff Jacobsen  PO Box 3541  Scottsdale AZ  85271
For Info on Scientology anonymous /users/c/cultxpt OR  OR 


From: (Jeff Jacobsen)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: You too can be harassed for free!
Date: 4 Apr 1995 23:53:04 GMT
Message-ID: <3lsm50$>

   Here's how to get harassed by a cult known as Scientology;

1) learn about them
2) discover they are anti-societal thugs
3) begin to publicly criticize their thuggery
4) do it a bunch until they get pissed off at you
5) sit back and enjoy the harassment or
5a) get pissed off yourself and try to expose them even more

Here's what's happened to me since we picketed March 13 (and I assume 
this was the straw that broke the camel's back);

Eugene Ingram, crack Scientology private investigator (wanted in Tampa 
Florida for impersonating a police officer), comes to my place of 
business and takes flash pictures of me.  The next night he goes to my 
sister's house saying he is investigating me and wants to know how much 
money I made the night before.  My sister runs him off.  A while later he 
hangs out in my neighborhood so much the neighbors become suspicious and 
take his license plate number down (Colorado plates).  Eugene waits until 
the grownups go inside, then talks to a 13-year old neighbor kid about 
me, showing a picture he took of me at work.  The neighbors call the 
police.  Eugene disappears, but comes by again after the police leave.
   I am served a subpoena to give a deposition in a case I know nothing 
about.  Moxon and Bartilson, Scientology attorneys, include a check for $40 
as a "witness fee".
   My phone is attacked four times in one day (see previous post) to try 
to get phone numbers of those I call long distance.  This does not succeed.

   So what's next I wonder?  This wonderful, civic-minded, tax-exempt 
organization makes the above a regular practise against those it 
considers to be enemies of the church.  Much worse than the above has 
been done to many people, but since the above is current, I thought you 
might like to read about it.  And like huheyniaman said, there's much 
more to come...

------------  Jeff Jacobsen  PO Box 3541  Scottsdale AZ  85271
For Info on Scientology anonymous /users/c/cultxpt OR  OR 


In a very astute and prescient post, Grady Ward outlined his plans for dealing with a possible raid.

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology,,
From: (Grady Ward)
Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 1995 02:59:20 GMT

So I've been warned to expect some "action" up here soon from
Helena K. Kobrin, the 'ho of babble-on, and scientology
fighting mollusc.

I've got to compile my pre-raid checklist
(please add/edit items as appropriate)

(1) Warn kids to expect early morning visitors;
(2) Make sure 10 gigabytes of various storage are "cleaned and pressed";
(2.5) Everything is encrypted to avoid snooping personal files;
(3) Make sure multiple offsite backups are up to date;
(4) Make sure camcorder has plenty of extra charged batteries;
(5) Alert media that videotape will on the way to them from
their local affiliate via satellite on the big day;
(6) Assemble phone numbers of local media for immediate briefing;
(7) Make sure anything by L Ron Hubbard is mulched (this step is easy
'cause my house has always been a Hubbard free zone);

Other precautions include making sure the bathrooms are off-limits
Back up cameras, hidden "wires".
Lock up valuables to prevent theft by scientologists
Plenty of Raid heavy duty bug bomb to clean up after they go.
Imagine what the Federal Judge will say to Kobrin after their
raid produces no evidence.
File complaint with California Bar and contemplate multi-million dollar
suit against Kobrin personally and scientologists for various

Did I leave out anything?
Grady Ward  +1 707 826 7715 (voice / 24hr FAX)


In light of the continued posting of SCAMIZDAT, Nico Garcia decided to post a synopsis of Operating Thetan III, a synopsis which he felt was within the fair use of the copyright.

From: (Nico Garcia)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology,,
Date: 5 Apr 1995 06:19:33 GMT
Message-ID: <>

In article <> (Nico Garcia) writes:

   I'll be posting some posts to a.r.s. tonight that are, I believe, Fair
   Use, but describe *exactly* what they don't want us to know about.
   Remember: Ms. Kobrin and her employers do not care about netiquette,
   personal libel, law, copyright, independent verification, or free
   speech.  She is paid to protect the secrets and reputation of the
   Church of Scientology, and attempts to do so the utmost of her
   ability. Examine her behavior *only* in that light, and you will see
   exactly what she is doing and what she will do next.

And, for an example of what they cancel, see below, posted under Fair
Use (near as I can tell).

                 OPERATING THETAN, Section  Three

         The head of the Galactic Federation 
[ Note: ludicrous political situation described in original note here ]
   solved overpopulation 
[ ludicrous numbers invented for original text ]
   by mass implanting. He caused people to be brought to Teegeeack
   (Earth) and put an H-Bomb on the principal volcanoes (Incident II) and
   THEN the Pacific area ones were taken in boxes to HAWAII and the
[ Hawaii didn't exist 75,000,000 years ago, the time described in this
note. Of course, we didn't understand continental drift when L. Ron
wrote this drivel, so of course his recollection of these "Incidents"
is wrong in every verifiable detail not understand by L. Ron's limited
science knowledge. ]
   Atlantic area ones to LAS PALMAS and then re "packaged". His name was
   Xenu. He used renegades.  Various misleading data by means of circuits
   etc. was placed in the implants.

The slaughtered Galactics are, according to the inner documents of
scientology such as Section III and Section V, the source of all power
and the physical universe. They are reincarnated not only as our
bodies, but groups of them are re-consitituted as individual bad
thoughts of ours. Any bad thought we have, such as criticisms of
Scientology, are the work of these "thetans, and they must be
"audited" and "cleared" for us to be free of them. This is why "bad"
ideas are called "entheta", for example anyone who publishes the price
list or explains the secrets of scientology without paying them
$400,000 dollars to reach the inner levels is "spreading entheta".

Auditing involves paying between $70 and $100/hour to hold 2 soup cans
wired to an "e-meter", which is only explained after you are deeply
into the training as measuring "mental mass", or measuring the
reactions of your "thetans". This "e-meter" is a glorified resistance
meter, a simple polygraph device built with 30 year old technology
and sold for $5000 a piece. Anyone who wants a copy of the schematic 
can find it on the FACTnet ftp site, or I can mail it to them.

                                Nico Garcia
My opinions are my own, not MIT's or my employer's or my cat's
(Well, maybe my cat's....)


Joining his fellow Scientologists who could not understand what a killfile was, L. Sobocinski demonstrated his inability to understand how anonymous names were allocated at . He was sure his account had been hacked, and no amount of information could budge him.

From: L. Sobocinski <76523.2236@CompuServe.COM>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: " A warning to Pro-LRH Posters"
Date: 5 Apr 1995 17:20:34 GMT
Message-ID: <3lujh3$fqa$>

If you are posting pro-Scientology or pro-LRH material, 
or challenging the anti-Scientologists who post in A.R.S.,
watch out for the following tactic:

Apparently, someone can take out an ID for
you without your consent, and then post whatever they want
to against the anonymous ID.  The first notice you get will
be messages from "acknowledging" your
"anonymous posts".  By the time you know that some ill-
intentioned person is doing this, it is too late.

I had to cancel my PRODIGY ID because of this....there was
a chance that confidential church materials were being sent
to a.r.s. or to individual email boxes, all "from" this 
anonymous ID.

If this is true, then no one is safe, and this Bulletin
Board cannot be called a "dialogue" at all.  I don't have
the option of loading Scientology's opponents' mailboxes
with obscene messages, hate mail etc., nor can I in good
conscience play the kind of electronic "dirty tricks" on
them that have been played on me.  I have to fight with
both hands tied behind my back, since I will not stoop
to psychiatric/squirrel methods.  So, look out for email
fraud from anti-Scientologists.  Best,  L. Sobocinski


Grady Ward was understandably skeptical, while others warned of CoS tampering of their own mail.

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
From: (Grady Ward)
Subject: Re: " A warning to Pro-LRH Posters"
Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 1995 17:46:49 GMT

L. Sobocinski (76523.2236@CompuServe.COM) wrote:
: to psychiatric/squirrel methods.  So, look out for email
: fraud from anti-Scientologists.  Best,  L. Sobocinski

Like the rest of us have been putting up with scientologist
forged cancels?

I'm not clear (so to speak) why you don't use your remote-viewing,
exterioriation skills to prevent all the dissenters from getting
their way?  Did they take a vacation this week?  Were you "falsly
attested" to be an OT8?
Grady Ward  +1 707 826 7715 (voice / 24hr FAX)


Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
From: (Jon Noring)
Subject: Re: " A warning to Pro-LRH Posters"
Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 5 Apr 1995 17:54:46 GMT

In article L. Sobocinski <76523.2236@CompuServe.COM> writes:

>I have to fight with both hands tied behind my back, since I will not stoop
>to psychiatric/squirrel methods.  So, look out for email fraud from anti-
>Scientologists.  Best,  L. Sobocinski

Good advice.  But it works both ways:  Everybody look out for e-mail fraud
from Scientology supporters.

Jon Noring

(Is Mr. Sobocinski's post a prediction of things to come?)

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From: wbarwell@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM (William Barwell)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: " A warning to Pro-LRH Posters"
Date: 5 Apr 1995 15:57:58 -0500
Message-ID: <3lv08m$qrj@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM>

In article <3lv01d$qgk@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM>,
William Barwell <wbarwell@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM> wrote:
In article <3lujh3$fqa$>,
L. Sobocinski  <76523.2236@CompuServe.COM> wrote:
>If you are posting pro-Scientology or pro-LRH material, 
>or challenging the anti-Scientologists who post in A.R.S.,
>watch out for the following tactic:
>Apparently, someone can take out an ID for
>you without your consent, and then post whatever they want
>to against the anonymous ID.  The first notice you get will
>be messages from "acknowledging" your
>"anonymous posts".  By the time you know that some ill-
>intentioned person is doing this, it is too late.
>I had to cancel my PRODIGY ID because of this....there was
>a chance that confidential church materials were being sent
>to a.r.s. or to individual email boxes, all "from" this 
>anonymous ID.

More 'n' likely you sent a snot-o-gram through e-mail to somebody
posting to ARS through  When you do that, 
automatically gives you an account number.  You simply don't understand 

Believe us, nobody would bother to imitate you, as you are bad enough you 
don't need any further discrediting.

Pope Charles
SubGenius Pope Of Houston
Poor little clams!  Snap!  Snap!  Snap!
Poor little clams!  Snap!  Snap!  Snap!


Martin Hunt received a visit from a local policeman on April 6th.

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
From: av282@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Martin G. V. Hunt)
Subject: Harrassment from the Cult
Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 1995 00:26:35 GMT

A policeman knocked on my door today; he was very polite, and had some
computer printouts of some posts from ars in his hands.  He told me
he got the posts from a woman in Vancouver.  I showed him some books
on Scientology, and told him about the criminal nature of Scientology,
which he seemed mildly interested in.  He tiold me that the woman in
Vancouver from Scientology claimed the printouts were written by me;
I corrected him on that, and discussed with the sergeant how easy
it is to forge posts on the Internet, and how I had had trouble in the
past with forged posts to ars, and forged mail from some hacker who broke 
into my account.

The cult seems to want to silence me; should I give in and quit posting to
ars?  Or should I continue to voice my opinion about the criminal nature
of Scientology?

In any case, they seemed determined to frame me; the cult has no proof
that I wrote these posts, in fact they may have written them themselves
in an effort to discredit me.  Yet, even though they have no proof whatsoever
of any wrongdoing on my part, they have seen fit to make an effort to
have the local police investigate me in my own house.

I will say further that the posts the sergeant showed me do not
contain any copyright material; I may assume that the cult has given up
trying to claim that I posted their copyrighted material, and instead
has focused on silencing me through threats and harrassment.

I wonder how many people, when confronted with this kind of action,
simpkly buckle-in?  How many say to themselves why should I keep
fighting the cult?  Why should I be the one to take the fall?
Why should I stick my neck out?

When I look at my son, I have the answer.

All I can say is I need some legal advice, and I could use some
support; if the EFF is listening, can you tell me what I should
do?  What are my rights?  Do I have a case against the cult for
lying to the police about me, and claiming that I made certain
questionable posts to the INternet?  Is this sort of thing actionable?

Should I wait for the inevitable backpeddaling, or should I launch
a counter-strike?

Make no mistake; first, they want to stop the illegal posting
of their copyrighted materials.  Then they want to sue people for
speaking their minds about the cult.  Then they want to close this
newsgroup down, and silence all their critics.

Look for slander and libel cases next; these copyright things are
just the warm-up.

ttyl, <I hope>

"These poor bozos think they're clams, not human beings, so what do you
expect them to do except hide in the mud, spurt at random, and end up
in the chowder?" - Stella.
     Cogito, ergo sum.  Martin Hunt, 


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