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In trying to STUMP THE LIBRARIAN regarding the Public Research Foundation's
pointed to the press release, showing me where it said:

>> 2. The October 1993 IRS tax-exempt blessing on CST was granted >>just
>>months after Norman F. Starkey, executor of the estate of >>L. Ron
>>Hubbard, had finally secured control of every >>intellectual property
>>ever produced by L. Ron Hubbard.

Then Zed commandingly said:

>Evidence please?


Oh, Zed! I just *knew* somebody was going to ask me that, and now I'll have
to *bend over* to pull *lots* of Library of Congress copyright transfer
records out of the bottom drawer behind me. Well, oh-h-ka-a-ay. If I *have*
to. Watch the desk, for me, will you? Or...whatever.

(Lots of bending over later)

Phew-weee! <THUMP> Here they are. In chronological order!

Now, before you wade through these, you need to know that once Norman F.
Starkey set up shop as the Executor of LRH's estate, he called himself all
*kinds* of things, so you're really going to have to pay close attention if
you want to follow this. What's the matter, did I spill part of my salad
down my blouse, or something? Are you paying *attention* here? Please! Now.
Here's a list of all the different things he called himself:

1. Norman F. Starkey
Executor of the Estate of L. Ron Hubbard &
Trustee of Author's Family Trust

2. Norman F. Starkey
Executor of the estate of L. Ron Hubbard

3. Norman F. Starkey
Executor of the will of L. Ron Hubbard,
d.b.a. L. Ron Hubbard Library

4. Norman F. Starkey
Executor of the will of L. Ron Hubbard

5. Norman F. Starkey
Trustee of Author's Family Trust-B

6. Norman F. Starkey
Trustee of the Estate of L. Ron Hubbard &
Trustee of Author's Family Trust

7. Norman F. Starkey
Trustee of Author's Family Trust-B
d.b.a. L. Ron Hubbard Library

8. Norman F. Starkey
Trustee of Author's Family Trust

Got all that? Are you okay? Dizzy? Do you need some water or something? I
know *just* how you feel. You don't think Norm was *trying* to confuse
people, do you? Well, look, it's simple: IT'S JUST NORMAN! See? That makes
it simple, doesn't it. Feel better? Poor baby! Let me just give you a
little hug. There, there.

Okay! Now we're ready to see the chronology of how Norman spent seven long
years tracking down everybody who ever held any of LRH's copyrights, and
got them to hand over the rights! Ready?

To keep this as simple as possible, I'm showing you just the names of all
the people who transferred their rights, and the dates the transactions
occured. All you have to know is that, according to the Library of
Congress, all these rights went to Norman in one of his alter-egos listed
above. Got it? Here we go:

1. 21 MAY 1986
Ronald DeWolfe, a.k.a. L. Ron Hubbard, Jr.
No titles; Memorandum of Agreement

2A. 27 SEPTEMBER 1986
Mary Sue Hubbard
No titles for works by L. Ron Hubbard; assignment

2B. 27 SEPTEMBER 1986
Diana Meredith DeWolfe Hubbard Ryan (Diana)
No titles for works by L. Ron Hubbard; assignment

2C. 27 SEPTEMBER 1986
Mary Suzette Rochelle Hubbard (Suzette)
No titles for works by L. Ron Hubbard; assignment

2D. 27 SEPTEMBER 1986
Arthur Ronald Conway Hubbard (Arthur)
No titles for works by L. Ron Hubbard; assignment

3. 10 NOVEMBER 1986
Catherine May Hubbard Gillespie
No titles; Assignment and Consent to probate will

5. 13 APRIL 1987
Davis Publications, Inc.-(Unknown transaction)

6. 17 APRIL 1987
Blazing Publications, Inc.-4 titles; By L.Ron Hubbard. Assignment of

7. 14 MAY 1987
T S R Inc.-Assignment of Copyright.

8. 18 MAY 1987
the Conde Nast Publications, Inc.-Declaration

10. 15 NOVEMBER 1987
Diamandis Communications, Inc.-23 titles; By L. Ron Hubbard. Assignment of

12. 23 AUGUST 1989
Author Services Inc.-47 titles; fine arts. Assignment.

13. 13 OCTOBER 1989
Author Services, Inc.-Evolution of a science & 6 other titles; Assignment

14. 5 APRIL 1990
Scott E. Sutton.-Assignment

15. 4 JULY 1990
Church of Scientology International d.b.a. Golden Era Studios.-Copyright

16. 27 APRIL 1993
Beneficiaries of John A. Flory.-10 titles: By L. Ron Hubbard. Quitclaim

And that was it! He had them all! Now, that wasn't so bad, was it? Oh, my,
now I think I've upset you. You're going to need another hug. There, there.

Well, as you can see, once Norm had done his job, in April of '93, then the
only thing left, really, was that the paperwork had to get wrapped up, and,
well, CST--you know, Meade, and Shermy, and Larry Heller--the
non-Scientologists--and Lyman--with that *big* moustache...what do they
call that, some kind of a broom? Never mind. I can't remember, but I bet it

An-n-ny-wa-a-a-z, CST had to get its "government stamp of approval"
(explained to you in another post this date) before it could grab all those
copyrights out of Norm's hands (crossing his palms in the process, maybe?),
and *that* was going to require a *BIG* event, a slick story, a lot of
diversion and hoopla. You know, like the Granada invasion, or something.

The only natural choice was the IAS event coming up in October, just a few
months away, which would allow time to get everything ready. So Meade's
friends over at IRS accomodatingly waited until *one week* before the IAS
event--don't you just *love* coincidences like that? I do!--before they
wrote their letters, and Davey made *real sure* he didn't *mention* CST, or
the fact that Meade had *worked* for the IRS and all (MUM's the WORD) at
the *BIG EVENT*. So everybody was, like, *bah-lown* a-way by this *BIG
WIN*, so, of course, nobody was paying any attention when November 29th
came, and Norm handed over all 7,730 copyrights that he had collected,
right over to CST, and to that dedicated non-Scientologist, Sherman Lenske,
and his buddies. See?

And those guys started "doing business as" the "L. Ron Hubbard Library" the
*very same day*! Ha-ha! And they aren't even Scientologists! Ha! What a
great joke on old Hubbie, don't you think? Say, I wonder if *they* need a
cute, sexy, breathy librarian over *there*? I mean, it's just *got* to pay
more than the ARSCC pays. Jeez, I mean, those guys control *millions*!! And
there *is* that Lyman moustache to think about...

Well, there's the whole miserable tale, Zed. Okay. One more hug.




Z-z-z-ip, Zed? Come on, Zed. Fair is fair. (I *did* tell you this was a
strip challenge, didn't I?)

--<The ARSCC Librarian>

---------------------------------------------------------------- *The
ARSCC, like its fickle librarian, does not exist.