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In trying to STUMP THE LIBRARIAN regarding the Public Research Foundation's
moved his lips while reading from the press release:

>>Oddly, while proclaiming the long list of Scientology entities >>that had
>>received exempt status, Miscavige made no mention of >>CST's
>>inclusion--even though that is the senior-most >>corporation of all, and
>>the one that benefitted most from the >>sudden IRS change of heart.

Then Zed looked up, perplexed, at the sweet librarian who was leaning close
over him, and he mused aloud:

>It may be odd, but I can't see how it's particularly significant >even if
>it's true, unless DM listed _every_ Scientology entity >except CST. Did he?


Well, let's just *see* if he names every one of them. He-e-e-e-e-e-re's DM!

(Excerpted from the October 1993 IAS Event Speech:)

"What exactly does this mean? ...It...means that all Scientology
organizations organized not-for-profit have been so recognized and are tax
exempt. That's right--every single one of them. ...All such groups have
been recognized as fully tax exempt! Let me take you through this from the
top of the org board on down."

(LIBRARIAN INTERRUPTION: Okay, he said *all*, and then he
says he's going to take us through it "from the top of the
org board on down. Let's see who's at the top:)

" ...Here you can see the IRS letter to Religious Technology Center and
that is of course the organization I am in charge of."

(LIBRARIAN INTERRUPTION: Wait, DM! What happened to CST?
According to Judge Bruggink, in CST v. The U.S., *they*
are at the "top of the org board." Well, we'll be patient:)

"Here you can see a copy of the letter to the Church of Scientology
International that is the mother church of the Scientology religion and is
the corporation that houses international management.
"Here you can see the letter recognizing the top service org on the planet,
the Flag Service Org.
"And here you see that the Sea Org Ship Freewinds and the Flag Ship Service
Org have also been fully recognized as tax exempt.
"Tonight we celebrate in Los Angeles, and the orgs in the Pac Bridge, such
as AOLA and ASHO, are part of the Church of Scientology Western United
States Corporation, which also received a letter of recognition."

(LIBRARIAN INTERRUPTION: <SIGH> Well, I think I'll check my
lipstick and eye-shadow while I'm waiting. I just *know* he's
going to get to CST in a minute. I mean, like, they only own
*everything* is all. <SIGH>)

"Here you can see the letter recognizing Scientology Missions
International. They are the head of the mission network internationally.
"Field auditors are licensed by I-HELP, which stands for: International
Hubbard Ecclesiastical League of Pastors. And they too have been recognized
as fully tax exempt.
"The Association for Better Living and Education is the group which
promotes and coordinates the social betterment groups that utilize LRH's
tech. Organizations like Narconon, Applied Scholastics and so forth. ABLE
is the group that raises funding for these groups and helps coordinate
their activities and they too have been recognized as fully tax exempt."

(LIBRARIAN INTERRUPTION: Where does he get all that *air*
from? Oka-a-a-ay, DM, we got the idea. But what we want to
know about is the non-Scientologists in CST who now control
all the copyrights and stuff, and control *all* these other
things you're talking about. Sheesh! Anybody got any gum?)

"Applied Scholastics International also received a new recognition.
As well as the Way To Happiness Foundation.
The IRS even recognized that the publishing of LRH books on Scientology is
a charitable activity and as you can see here, they issued letters
recognizing Bridge Publications.
And New Era Publications in Denmark, which handles all non-US publishing.

(LIBRARIAN INTERRUPTION: I know! He's saving the best for
last! He's going to tell us all about CST, and Meade Emory
and Sherman Lenske [who he takes orders from] at the end!)

"Over the last several years we have been expanding our efforts to get
LRH's admin tech into full use. WISE Int. has now set up a new college to
train people in this tech. It is called the Hubbard College of
Administration and as you can see here, it too is recognized by the IRS!
"CCHR exposes the crimes of the psychs and works to clean up the field of
mental healing. To help them do a better job, the IRS confirmed they are
tax exempt.
"Aside from indicating that these organizations don't have to pay taxes,
these letters also signify that the IRS has reviewed their activities and
has found they are exclusively charitable in nature.
"In other words - these letters act as a sort of 'government stamp of
approval' for each and every one of these churches and groups.

(LIBRARIAN INTERRUPTION: Zed! There's that "government stamp
of approval" I told you about in another post! See. "Busty"
does not automatically mean "dumb." But, what about CST!?)

"These recognitions are even more far-ranging than you may realize. You can
see on the screen another letter of recognition from the IRS. It is to the
Church of Scientology International.
"This is different than the one I showed earlier. It is called a group
exemption letter. What that means is that it covers all subordinate
organizations to this corporation. In strictly layman terms, let me explain
what this means. In the future, when new orgs open--they will no longer
need to apply to the IRS. Instead, they would have to pass the
qualifications laid out and enforced by the mother church of Scientology
International--who themselves would then grant the exemption and pass on
the data to the IRS for their info. So, Church of Scientology International
will now be the one granting exemption to all Churches of Scientology. And
what about missions? You can see another letter to Scientology Missions
International on the screen.
"It gives them the right to grant exemption to new missions opening in the
United States. Many other organizations received similar letters. Narconon
Int. can grant exemption to Narconons. The Hubbard College of
Administration can do so with their subordinate colleges. Applied
Scholastics International can as well and finally, even the Citizens
Commission on Human Rights can grant new exemptions!
"In all, on October 1st, 153 orgs, missions and Scientology groups were
newly granted full tax exempt recognition by the IRS. In 1984, the IAS was
established to protect and defend Scientology. As you have seen, this was
in no small measure to ensure that the Internal Revenue Service could not
wipe us out. It was the IAS that provided the means for us to fight this
war with the IRS. And to show you just how much the war is over--the
Internal Revenue Service--after having reviewed all of these activities of
the IAS--has granted it tax exempt recognition!"

(BLINK of long, dark LIBRARIAN lashes behind scholarly glasses)

That's it? *NO* mention of CST *anywhere*?! But...But... .I mean, Meade
Emory helped *found* CST, and he's a former Assistant to the Commissioner
of the IRS, for criminee's sake! Doesn't he get any *credit* for getting
this all set up, for opening the back door to 1111 Constitution Avenue?
(SHRUG) Well, I guess Meade Emory must not have had anything to do with it,
because DM goes on to give crystal trophies to Yingling and all those other
lawyers (who now get paid from the tax-exempt IAS funds) who helped make
this BIG win possible, and you just *know* that if Meade had played *any*
kind of role at all, DM would have given *him* a trophy, too.

'Course, having a piece of the trademarks and copyrights, maybe Meade was
too humble to accept a trophy as well, as that would just seem *greedy* or

Who knows? <SIGH> All my poor muddled mind can grasp is that in his whole
speech, little Davey never once even *mentioned* the *existence* of the
Church of Spiritual Technology, Meade Emory, Sherman Lenske, Stephen
Lenske, or Lawrence Heller. Wonder why that was?

But, golly-geez, he looks so cute up there, with that little cow-lick,
and--mercy, I *am* a sucker for a man in a uniform, even if he only does
come up to my...well, *you* know.

But as for *you*, Zed...




Now, Zed, how would *you* look in a uniform--or coming out of one? (I *did*
tell you this was a strip challenge, didn't I?)

--<The ARSCC Librarian>

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ARSCC, like its perfumed librarian, does not exist.