[19 Dec 1997]

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No *wonder* I got you boys confused in the dark cloak closet! This sounds
like a conversation with Tweedledee and Tweedledum:

Zed sed:

>rnewman@thecia.net (Ron Newman) wrote:

>>I'm struggling to keep up with this story -- who is Lawrence >>Heller?
>>He is not listed anywhere in
>>http://superlink.net/user/mgarde/ct_cl.92 .

>Apparently it's Lawrence Keller, not Lawrence Heller. From the >claims
>court document:
>"the IRS inquired about Sherman Lenske, Stephen Lenske and >Lawrence
>Keller and their role as CST's "special directors.""

>>Also, who are the *current* directors of CST? Is Emory still >>one of them?

>That's a very good question.

Zed! You just get a girl all confused when you say things the Sheriff
already said. We can't make this, like, a *group* thing!

Please, boys! *One* at a *time*! Now, I already explained this, but let me
just straighten my hose and straighten you out:

The name is HELLER; Lawrence *HELLER*!

(Oh, I'm *so* sorry--I didn't mean to shout. Now I got everybody looking up
from their research.) Sorry! I'll be quiet.

Somebody goofed when they OCRed the U.S. Claims Court document in, and left
"Keller" as a typo. (You don't suppose it was a *blonde*, do you? Sheesh!)
The name is Heller!

As for Meade Emory "still being a director," I never saw anything that said
he ever *was* a director--the court ruling said he was a *founder*. The
"Special Directors" are Sherman and Stephen Lenske, and Lawrence
Heller--that's "Heller" with an *H*.

So, let's go over this *one* *more* *time*:


1. LYMAN SPURLOCK--claims to be a Scientologist.
2. LEON MISTEREK, Esq.--not a Scientologist. Currently an
attorney with offices in Seattle. His publically-available
office phone number is 425-828-6912. His sweet little
secretary said he does estate planning, probate work,
and some corporation work.
3. MEADE EMORY, Esq.--not a Scientologist. Former Legislation
Attorney for the Joint Committee on Taxation, United States
Congress (1970-1972), and former Assistant to the Commissioner
of IRS (1975-1977). Currently Director of the Graduate Program
in Taxation at the Law School of the University of Washington,
also in Seattle, where Misterek is. Law School phone number is
206-543-4550. Emory also has a law practice of his own,
publically listed phone number being 206-223-7000. He's
associated with the law firm Lane Powell Spears Lubersky LLP
(oh, my goodness--and you should just see who *they* are
connected with!).
4. SHERMAN LENSKE, Esq.--not a Scientologist. Is also a "Special
Director" of CST (see below). Is also registered agent for
RTC, CST, and ASI. Drew up all the wills and trusts for all
the intellectual property, and represented Norman F. Starkey
as executor of the estate.


1. SHERMAN LENSKE, Esq.--not a Scientologist. See above.
2. STEPHEN LENSKE, Esq.--not a Scientologist, Shermy's brother.
(Oh, *brother*!)
3. LAWRENCE HELLER, Esq.--not a Scientologist.

<Sniff, sniff> *What* is that *smell*? Did somebody open up a can of scam
in here? Pe-e-eYEW! It sure doesn't smell like clam. Maybe it's just Shermy
the Wormy's cologne, or something. Gag! Smells sort of like it does when
you walk into the lobby of 1111 Constitution Avenue, the way DM says he did.

Okay. You boys all *straight* on this, now? (Oo. I *hope* so.) The two of
you together could wear a girl *out*! Come back anytime. But, please--one
at a time.

--<The ARSCC Librarian>

*The ARSCC, like its sometimes ditzy librarian, does not exist.