[04 Jan 1998]

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Date: 4 Jan 1998 19:48:30 +1100
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Xref: szdc alt.religion.scientology:244460 (Jeta) dropped a note in my in-basket, which is
in the cloak-room, where there is STILL no light bulb! (Zane! Aren't you
the ARSCC Janitor Pro-tem? I *know* that the ARSCC D/Janitor for Libraries,
Statues, and Park Benches is *supposed* to replace the light bulb, but
would you *puh-leeeese* be a sweetie, bypass that lazy ARSCC D/JLSPB, and
come on over here and screw one in for me? Would you, pretty please, Zane,
honey? I'll make it worth your while, I *swear*!)

An-n-n-ywa-a-a-yz! Poor, poor Jeta, you sweet, patient thing, you. I'm *so*
sorry, but I finally found your message in my *dark* in-basket with my
penlight, when I went there looking for my overdue Minton checks.

Your sweet little note said:

>The Librarian (through (The Galactic Overlord
>[3 non-Scientologists; 1 perhaps a Scientologist]
>[3 non-Scientologists]
> I've some questions Lib honey.
> Does the "board" of founders control CST? If not, I
>assume the board of directors does (correct?). So:
> How many directors are there in this board in total?
> If it doesn't exist of "special directors" only: who are
>the "normal directors" (+Scn / -Scn)?
> Is this a one-person, one-vote board?
> -,-
> If ya need a new bra I'll send you the money, let me
>-- Jeta.

Jeta! You've got more questions for me than the IRS is gonna' have for CTCC!

Well, shoot, Jeta, *I* don't know. That's a pretty tight-lipped bunch over
there at CST. I mean, all they do is just dig, dig, dig all the time.
Sheesh! It's like it's the Seven Dwarves, or something. Bury, bury, bury!
Busy, busy, busy!

Jeta, I'm going to *do* something to find out for you. The holidays are
over now, and I've just *got* to get down to business, so I will. I know
you've been *so-o-o-o* patient with me, and I've been *so-o-o-o* slack over
the holidays. But I have my crispest, Librarianist skirt and blouse on now,
and I have this new pretty chain for my glasses, and a brand new briefcase.
So I'm going to march right over to the ARSCC Corporate Intelligence Office
(ARSCC CIO) and see what I can do!

As for the bras, I got *so* many for Christmas that I'm planning to make a
quilt with them, but you are a *dear* for offering!

Now come here and give me another Hughughughug, you! MmmmmmMMMH! Okay--I'm
off! Toodles!

--<The ARSCC Librarian>

P.S. (Turning back at the door, skirt flipping coquettishly) Gosh, Jeta,
who do *you* think leaked that agreement? I mean, I admit that I knocked
back a few--warming up for New Years and all--but I think I would remember
if I did something like *that*! Altho-o-o-ough, I *did* wake up on top of
the map cabinets at noon on New Years day, and I have *no* idea how I got
*there*! (Leaving again. Stopping and turning again.) And did anybody
happen to see that little silver sequined number, by the way? I can't find
it *anywhere* and I think Bill wants it back. Darn! Oh, well. Gotta' run!

The ARSCC, like its crisp, svelte, determined-to-find-out Librarian, does
not exist.