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[05 Jan 1998]

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Xref: szdc alt.religion.scientology:244833 (Marina Chong) came *running* into the
ARSCC Chimerical Library and *woke* me up at noon on New Year's Day (I was
on top of the map cabinet, though how I got *there,* I'll *never* know!
*SOME* party!), and shouted:

>Happy New Year!!!

When she saw that I had just a *MAJOR* hangover, she tippy-toed over to my
terminal and *quietly* typed in:


Holy CTCC! It was *me!* On the Web! I almost fell off the map cabinet!

>Scientology in the Media [Internet]
>The Librarian
>Introduction by Sister Clara
>Thu, 01 Jan 1998 01:22:04
>Late 1997 saw the appearance of a new poster to >alt.religion.scientology
>who glories in the simple pseudonym of >The Librarian.


>Page created on: 01 January 1998

I can't *believe* it! This is the BEST New Year I have *ever* had! Thank
you, thank you, THANK YOU, Marina for the lovely way you presented my
posts. And, Sister Clara... . I'm speechless. I sure hope I can live *up*
to all the nice things you said about me. Gosh, I'm just trying to provide
ARSCCers with the facts they need, when they need them. I mean, that's what
Bob *pays* me for, isn't it?

Of course, if anybody feels my uncon*troll*able flirtatious nature gets to
be just *too* much (and, <SIGH>, it probably does at times), someone might
find it interesting to just snip out all of that, and compile the FACTS
that can be found in nearly all my posts (except for a few simpy, girlish
"thank-you's" like this one.)

Well, simpy or not, I mean this from the bottom of my heart. I just can't
*believe* that you two were kind enough to put me up there on the World
Wide Web for the whole world to see! I hope I can find a way to repay you,
and if there is *any* information you need that I might be able to find,
*please* let me know.

Now, uh, Marina--can you toss me the ARSCC flag from that pole over there
in the corner. I *was* wearing that silver little sequined number at the
New Year's party, but...well, for the *life* of me, I can't seem to locate
it... .

--<The ARSCC Librarian>

*The ARSCC, like its flag-waving [Whoops! Censored!] Librarian, does not exist.