Time Line of Scientology I
[07 Feb 1998]

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The Timeline of Scientology

1885 Ledora May Waterbury born in Burnett, ( later changed to Tilden) Neb.
Her father is a small time rancher and veterinarian who did NOT own a quarter
of the state as LRH would later claim. The Waterbury's were humble, hard
working people who struggled just as everyone did in their location, to make a
home for their large family.

1886 31 August. Henry August Wilson born at Fayette, Iowa. His mother dies at
birth, he is adopted by Mr. and Mrs. James Hubbard of Frederiksburg, Iowa and
renamed Harry Ross Hubbard. Later L. Ron Hubbard would claim all sorts of
grandiose nonsense about his Hubbard lineage but in fact his father was an
orphan and therefore LRH had not a drop of real Hubbard blood in him.

1909 25 April, Marriage of Ledora May Waterbury and Harry Ross Hubbard. Harry
was at this time working as a clerk for the "Omaha World Herald" newspaper.

1911 10 March, 1911, birth of Lafayette Ronald Hubbard in Tilden, Neb.

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