Time Line of Scientology II
[07 Feb 1998]

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Subject: Time Line of Scientology II
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1917 Harry Hubbard re-enlists in the US navy after the entry of America into
the war.

1918 Harry Hubbard makes officer grade, becomes assistant paymaster with the
rank of ensign.

1920 While serving on the USS Aroostock Harry Hubbard becomes the subject of
an inquiry concerning missing funds. Apparently there was no theft, merely
bookkeeping errors.

1921 Harry Hubbard pursued by 14 creditors for unpaid bills amounting to
$125.00. They take their complaints to the Navy Dept.

1922 Harry Hubbard posted to the USS Oklahoma as assistant supply officer.
His wife and child move to San Diego, the ship's home port. Later that year he
is sent the US Accounts School in Washington DC. They travel via the USS Grant
through the Panama Canal.

1924 March. Hubbard becomes an Eagle Scout, later he would claim to have been
the youngest in the country. Critics would later dispute this claim as the
Boy Scouts listed their members only alphabetically, not by age. That fall the
Hubbards return to the west coast and live in Seattle, WA, his ship's new home

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