Time Line of Scientology III
[07 Feb 1998]

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1927 16 July, Harry Hubbard assigned officer in charge, US Commissary Store
at the naval base in Guam. He leaves on 5 April, his family several weeks
later. They go via Honolulu,Yokohama, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Manila. Total
time from US to Guam: 36 days. 16 July Harry's son L. R. Hubbard returns to
Bremerton on the USS Nitro. 6 Sept. L. Ron Hubbard enrolls as a junior in
Helena High School while living with his maternal grandparents.

1928 14 May Ron drops out of school and goes to Seattle to live with his
aunt. He receives reluctant permission to go to his parents and arrives in Guam
on 25 July. His mother begins to tutor him in hopes of getting him past the
entrance examination at the US Naval Academy. Im October he and his mother go
for a two month junket to China. They see Peking, Tsingtao, Shanghai and Hong
Kong. Young Hubbard is oppressed by the smell and squalor of the places he
visits. An entry in his diary reads: "The trouble with China is there are too
many chinks there" and "they smell of all the baths they did not take.". He and
mom arrive back in Guam 18 December.

1929 Hubbard fails his entrance exam to Annapolis. His father, now the
Disbursing Officer at the US Naval Hospital in Washington, DC puts his son into
the Swaely Preparatory school in Manasses, VA, for more intensive study. Here
it is found that Ron's eyesight is defective forever ruling out the naval
1930 Ron is enrolled at the Woodward School for Boys, in Washington, DC. That
fall he is admitted to the School of Engineering at George Washington
University. For the next two years he struggles to stay in school, most of 1931
is spent on academic probation.

!932 Summer break. Hubbard organizes a trip to the Caribbean. He and friends
charter the old four-masted schooner Doris Hamilton and set forth in search of
adventure. Their ambitious schedule includes collecting various fauna and flora
as specimens for universities. Treasure hunting is also mentioned. Things,
however, go wrong; eleven of the crew defect at the first port of call, the
rest grimly persevere in the face of bad weather, seasickness and short funds.
None of the high-minded goals had been completed, few even started. Despite
claims later made by Hubbard that they made a geological survey of Puerto Rico
(they did no such thing) the trip was considered a flop.
September, Hubbard returns to school only to drop out after reviewing his
last semester's grades. He got an "F" in molecular and atomic physics, an area
that he would later claim a degree in. His other grades were similarly

1933 13 April. Hubbard marries Margaret Louise Grubb. Nicknamed "Polly" she is
pregnant when they wed. Two months after they were married she suffered a
spontaneous abortion thought to be caused by overexertion while swimming.
18 August. A three column article in the Washington Daily News stating that
L. Ron Hubbard had found gold (also platinum and iridium) on his in-laws farm
in Maryland. Big plans are made to unearth the hidden wealth. Nothing comes of
this, they continued living in near poverty. Hubbard's income for that year was
a little less than $100.00.

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