Time Line of Scientology IV
[07 Feb 1998]

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1934 Hubbard studies pulp fiction which is big at that time in an effort to
find out what the public is reading. Soon he is writing 5 to 20 thousand words
per day. His first story "Green God" published appears in Thrilling Adventures.
Soon after the "The Phantom Detective" is printed in Calling Squad Cars
followed by "Sea Fang" in Five Novels Monthly. His rock'em, sock'em style
appeals to readers. He now has the first steady, although modest, income in his
7 May. L. Ron Hubbard Jr. is born. Hubbard tenderly constructs a small
incubator out of a cardboard box and lamp. After considerable effort by the
parents the boy begins to thrive. The relationship between this boy and his
father would become stormy in later life. Junior would one day disown his
father and change his name.
Hubbard leaves his family and heads for NYC to get a first hand look at the
writer's market. Over the years he would spend more and more time there. He
meets the writers of that era, well-known and otherwise. The average pay is a
penny a word, only a few get more. Competition is keen and to make more than a
bare living wage is a challenge.

1935 Hubbard works with great zeal to sell his work. That year he had
published 10 pulp novels, three novelettes and three non-fiction stories. He
also writes the screen play for the Saturday matinee series The Secret of
Treasure Island. This is the ONLY screen play that he ever wrote regardless of
any claims to the contrary. Although he would later enjoy a reputation as a
writer of science fiction Hubbard wrote many westerns. This year he wrote,
among others "The Baron of Coyote River," for All Western besides more
thrillers like "The Blow Torch Murder" for Detective Fiction."

1936 15 January. Catherine May Hubbard born. In July Hubbard's friend and
literary critic gives him a boost with the preposterous and senseless claim
that Hubbard had written over a million words so far. That absurd claim would
be added to considerably over the years.

1937 Hubbard writes his first hard cover novel "Buckskin Brigades." He spends
the advance on an old 30ft ketch to the bewilderment of his wife who wanted to
be free, for once, of their mounting bills and creditors.

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