Time Line of Scientology VI
[07 Feb 1998]

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1942 19 July. After a relentless barrage of letters from Hubbards friends,
collages and congressman the navy commissions him as a Lieutenant (junior
grade) in the US Naval Reserve.
February. After being transferred from one desk job to another Hubbard is
posted to the Philippines. On a layover in Brisbane he so infuriates senior
officers to the extent that he was sent home with a bad report. Again he rode a
desk, this time in NYC censoring cables.
June. Posted to Neponset, MA to take command of a fishing trawler being
converted to a gunboat. He is hounded by debtors who dun him for a variety of
unpaid bills.
Hubbard was passed over to command this vessel due to his inability to get
along with anyone. He is sent to the Submarine Chaser Training School in Miami

1943 20 April. Hubbard takes command of USS PC 815, a new but small
18-21 May. Hubbard has his ship repeatedly attack a suspected submarine.
Other ships and even blimps join the attack but fail to find a target.
8 June. The navy command, after reviewing all data, discounts all
possibility that there was a enemy sub in the area at the time Hubbard's ship
attacked. The brass consider it a distinct possibility that Hubbard attacked a
"Known magnetic deposit."
8 July. Hubbard relieved of command.
28 June. Hubbard has gunnery practice on a small uninhabited island of the
coast of southern California. It turns out that this island is owned by Mexico,
a minor diplomatic flap occurs. Hubbard is relieved of command and sent back to
San Diego to ride a desk.
1943 October. Attends Naval Small Craft Training Center, San Pedro, CA, for
a six week course.
December. Posted aboard the USS Algol, a ship now fitting out for heroic
duty in the Pacific. The ship earned two battle stars for involment in the
invastion of the Philipines and the landing at Okinawa. Hubbard did not partake
of this glory having transferred to the Military Government School in

1945 April. Hubbard diagnosed with an ulcer.
5 September. Hubbard admitted to the US Naval Hospital at Oakland, CA. Here
he was treated for a duodenal ulcer. His other complaints included arthritis,
hemorrhoids and headaches.
5 December. Hubbard leaves the hospital and is mustered out of the service.
He never saw battle or smelled gunpowder fired in anger. The four medals he
recieved (he would later claim over twenty medals) were the ones commonly given
to those who served in the areas that he was in. He was not wounded and never
was singled out for bravery or heroism despite claims to the contrary. All of
his time in the navy is accounted for, he was not employed as a secret agent
and he did not go behind enemy lines for any purpose at any time.

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