Time Line of Scientology VII
[07 Feb 1998]

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Subject: Time Line of Scientology VII
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1945 6 December. The day following his mustering out Hubbard files for
disability listing a number of complaints.

1946 Hubbard meets, and eventually moves in with, John W. Parsons an
eccentric but brilliant scientist. Parsons, a developer of rocket fuel was a
devotee of the notorious Alistair Crowley. This Englishman, a self proclaimed
reprobate and practitioner of the occult, considered himself the "Beast"
mentioned in "The book of Revelation." Parson's large Victorian home in Los
Angeles that he named "Ordo Temple Orientis," or OTO for short. People of odd
beliefs and backrounds frequent the house to the disgust of the neighbors.
February. Hubbard gets a disability pension for $11.50 a month.
April. Parsons gives Hubbard $10,000 to go into partnership with him in
the buying a boat. Hubbard takes the money and Parson's girlfriend (Sara
Northrup) as well and departs.
1 July. Parsons tracks Hubbard and Sara to Miami and files suit against him
in Dade Co. Court. This matter is settled out of court but Parsons gets little,
if any of the money back. He leaves and has no further dealings with Hubbard.
In 1952 he dies from an explosion in his garage while conducting chemical
10 August. Hubbard commits bigamy by marrying Sara Northrup (who does not
know tha Ron was even married) while still married to his first wife.

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