Time Line of Scientology VIII
[07 Feb 1998]

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Subject: Timeline of Scientology VIII
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19 Sept. Hubbard writes to the VA listing a variety of aliments; he is sent
for a physical where only arthritis and a "Minimal duodenal deformity" are
found. About this time he decides to get his former writing career in hand.
1947 14 April. His first wife files for divorce on the grounds of desertion
and non-support. At this time they are living with Hubbards parents.
23 June. Polly given custody of their children and $50.00 a month support.
She sees very little of this money over the years.
August. Forrest Ackerman becomes Ron's first literary agent. Later Hubbard
will borrow thirty dollars from him because his first wife has gotten a lawyer
after him to make him pay his support payments.

1948 27 January. "I cannot imagine how to repay the $51.00 as I am nearly
penniless," Hubbard replies to a notice from the VA demanding the return of
31 August. Hubbard fined $25.00 for writing a bad check in San Luis Obispo
Later that year he and Sara move to Savannah, GA. Hubbard takes up his
former career as a pulp fiction writer. His stories include "Gun Boss of
Tumbleweed," "Blood on his Spurs," and "The emperor of the Universe."
December issue of "Astounding Science Fiction," a twenty-five-cent magazine,
announces an upcoming non fiction story about the new science of "Dianetics."
It says: "It's power is unbelievable. . . ulcers, asthma and arthritis can be
cured, as can all other psychosomatic ills."

1950 April. Another mention of the upcoming article about the new science of
Dianetics is made in "Astounding Science Fiction,": "A technique that gives any
man a perfect, indelible, total memory, and perfect, errorless ability to
compute his problems. A basic answer, and a technique for curing-not
alleviating ulcers, arthritis, asthma, and many non-germ diseases. A totally
new conception of the truly incredible ability and power of the human mind."
8 March. Alexis Valerie Hubbard born.
May. The long awaited article on "Dianetics" appears in "Astounding Science
Fiction" magazine. The ad touting the story on the cover is next to a large
glowering ape like figure who figured in another story contained in that issue.
This is the first science ever launched from a magazine of pulp fiction. The
story itself is somewhat vague for Hubbard cleverly abstained from giving away
too much too soon. It was merely a device to wet the public's appetite for the
upcoming book.
9 May. "Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental Health," hits the
bookstores. It is published by the small firm of Hermitage House. Critics pan
the book calling it "Incomprehensible."
Sales languish at first as only sci-fi devotees buy the book but by degrees
sales pick up putting it on the best sellers list. Ron takes his first royalty
check and buys a big luxury Lincoln with it. Soon he is giving courses in
Dianetics for $500, a large sum in those days.

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