Time Line of Scientology IX
[07 Feb 1998]

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Subject: Time Line of Scientology IX
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10 August. Before a large crowd at the Shriner's auditorium Hubbard shows
off the world's first "Clear." The event proves to be a humiliating fiasco as
Sonya Bianca can perform none of the wonders that a clear is supposed to
possess. Gleeful reporters ask if she can tell them the color of Hubbards tie
(his back was turned for a moment) - she hangs her head in shame unable to
Not long after this a certain Dr. Winter, a medical doctor who supported
Hubbards assertions quits the Dianetics movement after concluding that Hubbard
conducted no research and that this system was not without danger. He had seen
two preclears develop acute psychoses during auditing.
3 November. Art Ceppos, president of Hermitage House quits the Dianetics
foundation. Hubbard reports him to the FBI as a communist. About this time
Hubbard invents "Guk," a mixture of Benzedrine, vitamins and glutamic acid, to
facilitate auditing.
December. "Look" magazine publishes a scathing review of Hubbard's work
calling it a "poor man's psychiatry."

1951 The New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners institute proceedings against
Hubbard for teaching medicine without a license. Hubbard flees to LA to avoid
24 February. Following a series of domestic disputes with his wife Hubbard
abducts the child.
25 February. Hubbard returns the next day and forces his wife to accompany
him the Yuma airport. A juicy farce ensues that will later provide grist for
many a newsman's mill. Hubbard gets his wife to sign a paper absolving him of
any wrong doing, she in turn expects to get the baby back. At this time his
first wife Polly initiates legal proceeding against him to collect owed child
support. The Dianetics foundation of NJ is besieged by creditors.

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