Time Line of Scientology X
[07 Feb 1998]

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Subject: Timeline of Scientology X
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3 March. Hubbard sends a list of suspected communists to the FBI. Heading
the list of 15 people is his wife. A week later he is interviewed by an agent
of the FBI who concludes that Hubbard is a "mental case."
12 April. Hubbard takes his child to Havana to effectively put her beyond his
wife's reach. Newspaper headlines in the US: "Cult Founder Accused of Tot
Kidnap," and "Hiding of Baby Charged to Dianetics Founder."
13 April. Hubbard applies to the US Embassy in Havana for protection from
communists who are trying to steal his work.
23 April Sara Hubbard petitions for divorce citing "extreme cruelty, great
mental anguish and physical suffering," besides "systematic torture, including
loss of sleep, beatings. . .bigamy, kidnaping and crazy misconduct." Hubbard's
fledgling empire now in tatters as he is hounded by creditors and bad-mouthed
in the press.
May Hubbard goes to Wichita, Kansas at the invitation of wealthy real
estate developer Don Purcell. Soon after, with Purcell's backing, they open a
Dianetics center in that town. This was a move that Purcell would live to
2 May A letter from Hubbard's first wife to Sara Hubbard states: "You must
get Alexis in your custody. Ron is not normal. I hoped that you could
straighten him out. Your charges probably sound fantastic to the average
person, but I've been through it- the beatings, threats on my life, all the
sadistic traits that you charge-12 years of it."
14 May. Sara's attorney files another motion for Hubbards assets in LA be
placed in receivership. The same day Hubbard writes a seven page letter to the
Department of Justice claiming that Sara had attempted to kill him by sticking
a needle into his heart and hooking it up to an electrical outlet. He repeats
the charge that she is a communist.
12 June. In return for custody of her daughter Sara Hubbard allows Ron to
divorce her, an attempt by him to save what was left of his reputation.
June. Hubbard writes "Science of Survival" and introduces the tone scale.
Summer. Ron meets 19 yr. old Mary Sue Whipp in Wichita, she is a student
at the U. Of Texas.

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