Time Line of Scientology XI
[08 Feb 1998]

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Subject: Time Line of Scientology XI
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November, 1951. Hubbard's attempt to enroll elite scientists in a plan to
store their research in bomb-proof caves in Arizona fizzles. Most who receive
his promo literature are suspicious of it and pass it on to the FBI whose files
on Hubbard are by this time bulging. The FBI sourly notes in an internal memo
that Hubbard is "mentally incompetent" and has "delusions of grandeur."

1952 12 February. Purcell and other members of the Dianetics board of
directors vote Hubbard out for gross mis-management.
March. Hubbard, by this time no longer in control of Dianetics, announces
that he has a new device, called the "e-meter" that will figure prominently in
his new science that he calls "Scientology." He takes time out during this
month to marry one of his followers, Mary Sue Whipp who is now at this time two
months pregnant.
April. Hubbard opens a Scientology office in Phoenix, Arizona. He
discovers the state of OT (operating thetan). Later he would say "Neither Lord
Buddha nor Jesus Christ were OT's according to evidence. They were just a shade
above clear."
July. Hubbard writes "The History of Man." Critics call it one of the most
unintentionally funny books ever written. It impresses his adherents but
scientists and scholars dismiss his assertions as sheer balderdash written by a
man ignorant of history, geology, anthropology and a host of other disciplines.
September. Hubbard and wife move to London, England.
16 December. Hubbard returns to the US to give a series of lectures in
Philadelphia. There he is arrested for wrongfully withdrawing $9,286.00 from
the now bankrupt Wichita Dianetics Foundation. He agrees to pay restitution and
the matter is dropped.

1953 Hubbard awarded a Pd.D. from the "University of Sequoia," a diploma mill
run by a LA Chiropractor who conferred degrees on anyone that he felt worthy.
6 January Geoffrey Quinten McCaully Hubbard born.
November. Hubbard gets Dianetics back under his control when former
business partner Don Purcell, tired of the endless litigation, gives up the

1954 Mary Suzette Rochelle Hubbard born.
The Church of Scientology, California, incorporated.

1955 11 July. Hubbard writes to the FBI complaining that evil accountants and
communists are trying to ruin him. The FBI declines to answer any more of his
letters because: "Rambling, meaningless nature and lack of any pertinence to
Bureau interest."
7 September. Hubbard complains to the FBI that the American Psychological
association was trying to poison Scientologists with LSD.

1956 Scientology begins to prosper and from this point on makes money
regardless of controversy.

1957 Hubbard's personal income now estimated a $250,000 per year.
"All About Radiation" is published by famed nuclear physicist and doctor,
L. Ron Hubbard. He also invents a weird vitamin compound called "Dianazene"
which is supposed to cure radiation sickness. The FDA takes a dim view of this
and confiscates 21,000 tablets. Hubbard takes time to send the FBI a pamphlet
on brain -washing that he had supposedly got from communist sources. The FBI
concludes it a fake and add it to the already crowded files on Hubbard.

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