Time Line of Scientology XII
[08 Feb 1998]

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June, 1957. The CIA starts a file, No. 156409, on Hubbard.
June. Hubbard gives a series of lectures in Washington, DC. Scientologists
film the even but when lab technicians developed it they are so outraged at the
anti-American content that they report Hubbard to the FBI.

1958 8 June Arthur Conway Hubbard born. By this time there are more than
sixty books on Scientology written by Hubbard.
Summer. Hubbard purchases and moves into Saint Hill Manor in East Grimstead,
Sussex, England. Formerly owned by the Maharajah of Jaipur it is was built in
1733 by a wealthy landowner. The people welcome the famous American "Dr.
Hubbard," into their midst. At first all goes well with the townspeople, a
relationship soon to change.
August. The local paper, the "Courier" reports the "nuclear scientist, Dr.
Hubbard," was experimenting with the growing of vegetables. A picture of
Hubbard with an e-meter attached to a tomato plant appeared in "Garden News,"
and when the British press heard about it there was a scramble to the gates of
St. Hill. This famous picture of Hubbard eventually found itself into
"Newsweek," magazine in the US.

1959 Hubbard alarmed to find out that his oldest son "Nibs" had left
Scientology complaining that although his father gave him a lot of duties,
titles and responsibilities his father didn't pay him enough money to earn a
December. Hubbard's mother is on her deathbed. Under pressure from his aunt
he reluctantly flies back to the US and Bremerton. He arrives too late to speak
with her, she is in a coma and soon dies. Hubbard pays for the funeral expenses
and marker stone but pleads urgent business and skips the funeral. The
relatives are outraged at his behavior.

1960 March. The solid citizens of East Grimstead read a report in the
"Courier," about a book written by the local Dr. Hubbard entitled, "Have You
Lived Before This Life?" Much interest is aroused concerning this eccentric
American and his steady stream of followers. Also talked about locally were the
strange "security checks" made on members of the staff and the servants. This
involved the use of the e-meter which the residents thought some sinister
Hubbard's success was now interesting the FBI who had prior to this time
dismissed him as a mental case. He became the only American owner of a country
house in England to be kept under suveilence. File No. 244-210-B.
October-November. Hubbard gives a series of lectures in South Africa.
December. Hubbard flies to the US for a series of lectures in Washington,

1961 Hubbard returns to South Africa for more lectures.
March. St. Hill is expanded to accomadate the growing number of auditors who
show up for his special breifing courses. Cost: L250.
Security checks are stepped up with more questions like: "Have you ever had
intercourse with a member of your family," and "Have you ever had anything to
do with a baby farm?" Despite the intrusive questions people, mainly Americans,
flock to St. Hill where additional housing was made to receive them.

1962 Hubbard writes a letter to the White House to advise President Kennedy
that Scientology methods would be very usefull to the space program and offers
to train American astronauts. Hubbard orders his staff to make peperations to
receive the astronauts.

1963 4 January, 1963. The astornauts didn't come but the FAD did in a raid
that siezed mounds of paperwork and hundreds of e-meters. The government
alleged massive medical fraud in their use.

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