Time Line of Scientology XIII
[14 Feb 1998]

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March. Hubbard issues a general amnesty to all who had been declared
suppressive persons and booted out of Scientolgy.
May. Hubbard reveals that he had twice visited heaven. His first visit to
heaven, a town high in the mountains on an alien planet, went well enough but
when he came back three-million years later he found the place in a sad state
of disrepair. Later this embarrassing pair of bulletins would be deleted from
Scientolgy's list of Hubbard's writings.

1964 March. Hubbard gives his last interview with the press. In an interview
with the "Saturday Evening Post," he claims that his wages from Scientology are
just $70.00 a week and that Fidel Castro had contacted him about training an
elite corps of Cuban Scientologists.

1965 October. The Australian Board of Inquiry into Scientology publishes a
long and sarcastic report. A sample quote: "Scientology is evil; it's
techniques evil; it's practice a serious threat to the community, medically,
morally and socially; and it's adherents sadly deluded and often mentally ill."
As to Hubbard, "His sanity is gravely doubted."

1966 February. Lord Balniel, MP, asked the British government to investigate
Scientology. Hubbard responds by hiring a private detective to investigate Lord
Balniel. Unfortunately the detective ran off and sold his story to the
newspapers thereby creating even more ill feeling for Scientology.
March. The "Guardian's Office" is created at St. Hill, England. The primary
purpose of this entity is to sue Hubbards opponents and harass them with dirty
April. Hubbard goes to Rhodesia to see what the prospects are for
Scientology in that area. He also wants to look for lost treasure that he, as
the former Cecil Rhodes, had buried. The CIA take note of him but are told by
Washington that Hubbard is a "crack-pot," of "doubtful mental background."
18 July. Hubbard booted out of Rhodesia because of his bad reputation and
attempted meddling in local politics.

1967 Hubbard, smarting over the defeats that he had suffered at the hands of
various governments creates his own navy. The "Sea Org" is born. Here he will
be beyond the reach of law and the scrutiny of hostile reporters. He refits the
"Enchanter" a forty ton sea going schooner that he bought the previous year
along with the 414 ton "Avon River," an old North Sea trawler. Soon would
follow the "Royal Scotsman," a 3,200 former cattle ferry that had plied the
Irish Sea for the last thirty years. Later, due to a spelling mistake that
occurred while completing the paperwork necessary to register the vessel under
the flag of Sierra Leon the ship's name inadvertently changed to the "Royal
During this year the fledgling navy seasoned with some genuine sailors hired
by the thoughtful Hubbard sail the Mediterranean. Things do not always go well,
the inexperienced crew members attempt to sail using Hubbard's system of radio
wave detection but they are not up to the task and frequently get lost. Storms
play their part to and when the hired sailors return to port they had much to
say to reporters about there experiences. "Ahoy There: It's the Craziest Cruise
on Earth" says "The People" on 21, February.
Hubbard continued his development of upper Scientology doctrine, during the
next few years much of the OT series was written. Notable too is the formation
of the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) that was designed to punish
malefactors aboard the ship. Tales of Hubbard's cruelty would eventually
surface further tarnishing his name.

CULT." CIA cable traffic June/July 1968
April: Hubbard musters his crew for an important task. They are to find on
the coast of Corsica a hidden space ship base complete with craft. However,
just before they could find the secret entrance that would only open with
Hubbard's palm print they get an urgent cable from Hubbard's wife. Mary Sue
complains of serious trouble with the Spanish government causing him to
immediately weigh anchor and head for Spain. The UFO fleet unfortunately is
never found anymore than the gold treasure that Hubbard was always looking for.
Gold did come to Ron's way starting over the next few years but it was modern,
not ancient treasure.

July. Hubbard is declared an undesirable alien by the British government.
Kenneth Robinson, health minister says: "The Government is satisfied having
reviewed all the available evidence, that Scientology is socially harmful. It
alienates members of families from each other and attributes squalid and
disgraceful motives to all who oppose it."
August: Major John forte, British Vice-counsel on the Greek island of Corfu
sees Hubbard's flagship "Royal Scotman" steaming into the harbor and correctly
deduces that it is the "sinister Scientology ship." Later he would write a
humorous booklet entitled, "The Commodore and the Colonels."
August: Scientologist James Stewart, 35, found dead in suspicious
circumstances outside a window at the advanced org in Edinburgh. Stewart, an
epileptic had just completed an ethics condition wherein he stayed awake for 80
hours. He was in trouble with Scientology over his failure to rid himself of
his physical problems; the following notice was posted on the org bulletin
board: "James Stewart has been put in a Condition of Doubt for having seizures
in public and thus invalidating Scientology. If there is any reoccurrence of
these either consciously or unconsciously on his part he will be placed in a
Condition of Enemy."Author and ex-Scientolgist Jon Atack speculates that
Stewart fell from the roof while engaged in an ethics penance.
Meanwhile, back in Greece Hubbard tried to ingratiate himself with the Greek
authorities by promising to found a university and make Corfu a great center of
learning. He even renamed his ships with suitable Greek names. The "Royal
Scotman" became the "Apollo", The "Avon River" the "Athena" and the "Enchanter"
became the "Diana." However the Greek authorities were not impressed. They
found the teachings of Scientology to be incomprehensible and some of their
activities very strange to say the least. The morning ritual of "overboarding"
errant crew members (simply pitching them over the side of the ship) began to
draw amused crowds of tourists and dock workers. Inquires to other nations
about Scientology brought less than enthusiastic response.
December. Scientology tries to take over the membership of the National
Association of Mental Health in London. Officers of that group become
suspicious of the hundreds of new members joining just before the annual
election. All such applications bear the postmark of East Grimstead.

1969 March 19. Hubbard given 24 hours to leave Greek waters. The astonished
Hubbard was beside himself with rage at being given the boot but there was
nothing he could do but slip his cable and sail away.
September 26, Cable from US Consul General, Casablanca, to Washington: "It
is possible that Commodore Hubbard and his wife. . .are philanthropists of some
kind and/or eccentrics, but if one does not accept this as an explanation ,
there has to be some other gimmick involved in this operation. What this
gimmick might be is unknown here, although people from Casablanca have
speculated variously from smuggling to drug traffic to a far-out religious
November 2, Hubbard declares that he is the victim of a vast and nefarious
international conspiracy. The details, he said, are to be found in the "Tenyaka
Memorial," a mysterious document that has so far never been unearthed. Hubbard
instructs his wife, Mary Sue, to crank up security, already elaborate, to new
heights to meet the threat. During this time he sails aimlessly off the Spain
and N. Africa. Hubbard, now attended by prepubescent girls in fetching attire
alternately bullies and praises his crew. Sometimes he works long hours on
preclear files, sometimes he drinks rum and unbends with a tale or two yet
other times he bellows with rage if his shirts are not rinced with enough water
to remove all trace of soap smell.

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