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  1. Transcript: Jeff Jacobsen on KTAR [03 Feb 1997]
    Transcript of a local radio talkshow in Phoenix, Arizona, which featured Jeff Jacobsen as guest.
  2. TRANSCRIPT: WYNC Fri Mar 28 1997 [31 Mar 1997]
    From the "On The Line" program hosted by Brian Lehrer.
  3. CJVI Radio Kicks Butt-nor [23 Jul 1997]
    A review of the CJVI radio show on Scientology by Merchant of Chaos.
  4. Re: CJVI Radio Kicks Butt-nor [28 Jul 1997]
    Transcript of the Howie Siegel talkshow on CJVI, AM900.
  5. Final transcript of second CJVI radio show [23 Aug 1997]
    Transcript of the second Howie Siegel talkshow on Scientology, CJVI, AM900.

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