German Documentary - Page two

Cynthia Kisser and her son in her Methodist Church. Two Scientologists were also in Church, but left before Church-Service was over. Her methodist community prays for her.

At Cynthia Kisser's trial in Chicago. On the left Heber Jentsch, then in the back Kurt Weiland. On the very right Moxon.

"Kurt Weiland - Scientology-Secret Service"

Jim Beebe in front of his home. He is upset, that OSA followed German media up to his house and has called the police. In the back, beneath the bushes (where else?) are the four OSA-guys to be seen. One of them is again Thierry DeChaunac.

Thierry DeChaunac on his way into his car, after having to give his name to the police.

The building on the left is today's headquarters of CAN. Nothing but a private post-forwarding service.

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