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Operation Clambake visits Clearwater

The new Super Power Building
The new "Super Power Building" in Clearwater
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Fort Harrison
From Fort Harrison
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4: Flag & Super Power

February 8th 2004

Operation Clambake on the move, this time cruising around Clearwater - the Mekka of Scientology!

Thank you to Gabe and Mike for taking the time off to show me around Clearwater! It is a strange feeling when you see a place for the first time after 7 years of reading and talking about it.
Brick in Clearwater saying "Avoid negative people"

We had brunch with Gabe, a real nice guy, who then took us driving to all the CoS locations. I truly enjoyed myself!

I've been to several small towns in US so far and what I notice as the biggest difference between Clearwater and other places is the friendliness - or lack thereof in Clearwater. All are just walking around clinging to a couple of books with both hands and looking down. Or the odd young guy in blue shirt and key chain. No "Hi, how are you doing?" or even friendly nods. I had also expected a lot more people in the most infested parts of Clearwater, to me it looked rather deserted.

After Gabe's sightseeing Mike and I went for a walk. Around Flag and the new Soooper Power Building (or Taj Mahal as Gabe calls it). Sandcastle has a nice location though. We saw OSA,
AHL in front of Flag
Me in front of Flag, check out the t-shirt. Get your t-shirt here.
all the new cameras, the old LMT, the motels all empty but still signs saying full, etc.

Thanks again for a great day! :)


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