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Tory's KR

Low and behold...Andreas Helda-Lund (Founder of the internationally known Web site: was right in Clearwater today, and not one person even followed him! This violates "What isn't Scientology" ("Never attack, always defend--but catch um if you can")

Top Secret Policy:
"ALWAYS follow each and every enemy, find out where they're going, make sure if they come near our buildings, you trick them into some legal BS deal". Someone seriously screwed up.

Let's not forget the Top Secret International Policy:
"For anyone who has up critical sites exposing our abuses, make sure if they come near "Flag:The Friendliest Place in the World", that large quantities of Tech Volumes are pitched at them out the 10th story, sending them a "Clear" message: We ARE a church, damn it.

It was reported to me that Andreas, assisted by Mr. Scarry, and Gabe made the rounds of the Scientology Clearwater Buildings, including the following:

as well as many other buildings and locations. Mr. Scarry might want to fill in details.

Andreas called me from the One Stop Shop, and later from a local store while casually buying DVD's. He was amazed at their total out Security, and suggested a KR be written.

He did note the C of $'s entire security cameras were working constantly, and wanted to say "Hi" to those who have him on tape. He's the guy with the dark pants on....see him?

Security......Someone screwed up here...and take no justifications as an answer!

I attest the above isn't true...well...some of it is :)

Tory/Magoo~dancing in the moonlight~
In Scientology for 30 years
Happily out for 3 years, 7 months
For thinking and speaking my mind, I am:
Declared SP (SP 6 ^with Cumulative Cluster)
Expelled from C of S (Woooo hoooo!) :)
A Free Speech Advocate!
Free at last!!!

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