Part of a public library containing court papers related to lawsuits involving Scientology in some way. Collected to help lawyers and critics of Scientology in future lawsuits from or against this cult. Please report back if this has been of help, or send new contributions to the collection. Thanks. Andreas Heldal-Lund (heldal@online.no)

                 UNITED STATES of America, Petitioner-Appellee,
          Frank ZOLIN, County Clerk, County of Los Angeles, Respondent,
           Church of Scientology of California, Intervenor-Appellant.
                                  No. 91-55506.
                         United States Court of Appeals,
                                 Ninth Circuit.
                                 Jan. 21, 1993.
  *988 On Remand from the United States Supreme Court.

  Before:  SNEED, SCHROEDER and CANBY, Circuit Judges.
  On November 16, 1992, the Supreme Court vacated this court's September
 10, 1991 order which had dismissed this appeal as moot and remanded the case
 for further proceedings.  Church of Scientology of California v. United
 States, 506 U.S. 9, ----, 113 S.Ct. 447, 453, 121 L.Ed.2d 313 (1992).  The
 Court held that compliance with the Internal Revenue Service summons
 enforcement order did not render the appeal moot because this court can still
 fashion an effectual partial remedy by directing the government to return or
 destroy all copies of the tapes in its possession.  Id. at ----, ----, 113
 S.Ct. at 450-51.  In accordance with the Supreme Court's decision, the May 30,
 1991 order to show cause is hereby discharged.  The Clerk shall reset the
 remaining briefing schedule.

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