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FBI files on L Ron Hubbard



Miami, Florida
February 8, 1963

Re: The Founding Church of Scientology

On February 7, 1963, [BLACKED OUT] came to the office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Miami, and furnished the following information:

[BLACKED OUT] stated he is very much opposed to an organization headed by one Ronald Hubbard, which organization is known as the Founding Church of Scientology. He said he had written President John F. Kennedy a letter complaining about this group and asking President Kennedy to examine the "Scientology file of the Federal Bureau of Investigation" and take appropriate action. He furnished a copy of the letter which he addressed to the President, which is as follows:


"Enclosed herewith, I respectfully submit to you:

"1. Data on Scientology and Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard, Science Fiction Writer, compiled by Oliver Field, Director of Legal and Socio-Economic Division of the American Medical Association, 525 North Dearborn St., Chicago 10, Illinois, Department of Investigation.

"2. Copy of L. Ron Hubbard's Alert Memo' to his cell leaders throughout America and the world after our U.S. Pure Food and Drug Administration seized the tools of this quack practitioner in the evil premise of Scientology.

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"3. Copy of memorandum titled Scientology Seizure' directed to me by [BLACKED OUT] of the Miami Office of the U.S. Pure Food and Drug Administration under the heading: Scientology Devices Seized: Cure-All Claims Attacked.

"4. A picture of [BLACKED OUT] my children, who are the captives of Scientology. Their last known address was [BLACKED OUT] and are as guinea pigs in this psychotic unscientific idiotology in the hands of [BLACKED OUT] Scientology Auditor and their mother [BLACKED OUT]

"Mr. President, I respectfully address you as the recognized leader of the free world and petition you and your great office to:

"Direct the Attorney General of the United States to examine the Scientology file of the Federal Bureau of Investigation which I initiated approximately three years ago, in a report to [BLACKED OUT] Former Director of the Miami Division, and take appropriate action: Examine, affirm or deny this criminal investigator's contention supported by fact that:

"1. Scientology, like an evil genius who tries to play God, is a fraud and:

"2. Furthermore, that L. Ron Hubbard has tried to hide the evil philosophy of Dianetics and Scientology under the protection of the First Amendment of the Constitution as a religious institution in order to:

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[page 3]

"A. Avoid Payment of many millions of dollars of Federal Income Tax.

"B. Fraudulently practice medicine without a license.

"C. Use the United States mails to distribute the fraudulent scheme.

"D. Place before the public of the United States and other countries [sic] of the world, his sinister pronouncements more sinister than Karl Marx and Lenin in Communism and more dangerous to the morals and minds of man than the most lewd, lascivious and evil pornography ever composed by a sick mind.

"Mr. President, I as you, took the oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America when I joined the Pennsylvania National Guard, in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, the U.S. Marine Corps, the Coast Guard Reserve, the U.S. Army, the Coast Artillery and the U.S. Air Force, where I terminated my service as a Provost Sergeant with Criminal Investigative Duty.

"This duty, Sir, along with a proper religious childhood prepared me as a private citizen to recognize a threat to our great country and our free way of life when the psychotic, evil and debilatising philosophy of L. Ron Hubbard destroyed my family. My wonderful children, Mr. President now languish in Hubbard's snake pit of Scientology without direction in religion, manners and the morals of mankind.

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"The idiot-lunatic fringe of Scientology is a danger to man-kind as was Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and now Castro in Cuba. A knowledge of Scientology by this writer, made Khruschchev come through loud and clear as he pounded his shoe on a table at the United Nations.

"I, in conclusion, respectfully petition you and you honorable high office, one father to another, to aid in the protection of the religious and moral standards of our great country and of our children, I am sir,


[BLACKED OUT] also furnished the enclosures mentioned in the above letter, which contain the following information:

1) A letter from the American Medical Association dated January 24, 1963, signed by Oliver Field, Director.

This letter outlines information in American Medical Association (AMA) files on Scientology and enclosed for [BLACKED OUT] information data which had been published regarding the organization and its practices. The AMA letter stated the Council and Mental Health of their organization felt that none of the Scientology organizations employ methods which are based on scientific medical background.

2) A copy of a memorandum by L. Ron Hubbard protesting the seizure of property and records of the organization by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in Washington, D.C.

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3) A memorandum entitled "Scientology Devices Seized, Cure-All Claims Attacked."

This release was furnished to [BLACKED OUT] by Inspector [BLACKED OUT] of the Miami Office of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and relates that 100 Scientology devices had been seized by U.S. Marshals at the Academy of Scientology and the Hubbard Guidance Center, both in Washington, D.C. Also seized as labeling containing therapeutic claims charged to be false were numerous books put out by the organization. The Food and Drug Administration charged that the Scientology devices mentioned above are misbranded under the Federal Food and Drug Act because their labeling claims are false.

[BLACKED OUT] He did not specify when he planned to do this nor did he state what specific grounds he planned to use in his law suit. [BLACKED OUT] stated he is also planning to write a book on Scientology in which he will play the central character who joins a Scientology Church and then is victimized by the group. He believes this book will expose this group for what they are.

PROPERTY OF FBI - This memorandum is loaned to you by the FBI and neither it nor its contents are to be distributed outside the agency to which loaned.

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