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The H-Files

FBI files on L Ron Hubbard


The Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation, Inc.
275 Morris Avenue
P.O. Box 502, Elizabeth, N.J.
Elizabeth 3-2[?]51

Office of the President

March 3,1951

Attn: Mr. Parrish.


The following is a list of Communist Party members of suspects in our organization.

LEO WEST: In charge Chicago office. Known.
DAVE VROOMAN: Employee our Chicago office. Suspect.
ROSS LAMEREAUX: " " " " ".

SARA NORTHRUP (HUBBARD), formerly of 1003 S. Orange Grove Avenue, Pasadena, Calif. 25 yrs. of age, 5'10", 140 lbs. Currently missing somewhere in California. Suspected only. Had been friendly with many Communists. Currently intimate with them but evidently under coercion. Drug addiction set in fall 1950. Nothing of this known to me until a few weeks ago. Separation papers being filed and divorce applied for.

MILES HOLLISTER: Somewhere in vicinity of Los Angeles Evidently a prime mover but very young. About 22 y 6'. 180 lbs. Black hair. Sharp chin, broad forehead, rather Slavic. Confessedly a member of the Young Communists. Center of most turbulenc[?] in our organization. Dissmissed [sic] in February when affiliations discovered. Active and dangerous. Commonly armed. Outspokenly disloyal to the U.S..

GENE BENTON: Somewhere in Los Angeles. Permitted to resign when discovered to be a member of the Young Communists. Center of much turbulence in organization. Was living at Deane Apts. on North Carondelet. May still be there. Squat, beefy, about 5'8", about 30. Possibly a member of the Lincoln Brigade but not very probable. Right name, Weinberger.

PEGGY BENTON: Member Young Communists by statement. 28 yrs. old, wife of Gene Benton.

LYN HITE: Friend of Bentons and Hollister. Suspected 840 N. Western, Los Angeles, Hempstead 1316. Very intimate with none but Communists or suspects.

HENRY HUNTER: Mathematician from Berkeley. One arm. Left arm severed at shoulder. Supposed to have ha[?] trouble with government before. About 28 yrs. Blond hair. Blue-grey eyes. Suspected only.

MARGE HUNTER: Wife of Henry. States she is a

[small type along the bottom of page: NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. - WASHINGTON, D.C. - CHICAGO, ILL. - LOS ANGELES, CALIF. - HONOLULU, T.H.]

[page 2]

SUSAN ISAACSOON: New York office of Foundation. Suspect. Cont. M.Hunter) Trotskite. [sic] Living with Hunter somewhere in Los Angeles. Still to be found around LA Dianetic Foundation even though ejected.

ROGER STARR: About 20 yrs. Small, good looking boy. Intimate of Miles Hollister, probably a dupe. Suspected only. HAL MOON: The orders of this man are implicitly obeyed by these other Los Angeles people. Was once employed by the Foundation. About 6'1", black hair, tall and pompous. Advertisdely [sic] a practicing minister of the gospel at Monte Bello, California. Intimate with these others. Cause of much trouble in Foundation. Shows considerable leadership. No other data.

RICHARD HALPERN: New York office of Foundation, 55 East 82nd St. A trustee of the NY Corp.. Only very faintly suspected due to small objections to our having loyalty oaths.

[HANS crossed out, Haljmar handwritten] RUTZEBAK: Sunland, California. Intimate of the Bentons. Highly liberal but not otherwise known to have any Communist connections. Once employed by the government for forming cooperatives.

All but Starr, Moon and Rutzebak have been reported to field offices.

At the last session of the board of Trustees, Mar. 2, 1951, a motion was made and passed that everyone employed by the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundations everywhere should be requested to sign a strong oath of loyalty to the U.S. government, a denial of Communism and that their fingerprints be taken and forwarded to the F.B.I. The operation of preparing and signing the oaths and fingerprinting all employees is now being undertaken and the results will be forwarded to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington as soon as these are completed. It may take some weeks to complete this task but the documents, as completed, will be sent in.

The Foundation has assumed a highly punitive stand on Communism. I shall shortly be in Washington to go over this matter with the government.

[signed] L. Ron Hubbard
L. Ron Hubbard


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