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This bulletin describes different "goals", or implants, one is supposed to find in pre-clears (PCs). A PC is someone who is getting auditing (spiritual counseling) who is not yet "Clear," Clear being that state of being free of unconscious impulses and implants that cloud your judgment, and not having any memories of pain and unconsciousness or engrams. PC or preclear is often used to mean anyone taking Scientology "therapy" even if they are Clear or above. A person who is OT 1 through OT 8 and being audited may be called a PC or sometimes a pre-OT.

Quote from the "ROUTINE 3N, LINE PLOTS" document:
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Quote from the "ROUTINE 3N, LINE PLOTS" document:
      This goal pattern (HCO Bulletin of 17 April 1963 as changed) was in use in an aircraft-type set between 315 trillion years ago and 216 trillion years ago and less, and is the pattern which precedes the Helatrobus Implants in this galaxy. It remains to be seen if all preclears have it.

Hubbard found these goals or implant when auditing himself or other Scientologists using the E-meter. In the hypnotic trance created during auditing subjecs may believe they imagine memories from past lifes and some of these were explanied by Hubbard as being implanted in their mind or in the minds of the thetans who were stuck to them.

Helatrobus was an interplanetary nation. A little pip squeak government that didnít amount to very much according to Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary.

Quote from the "ROUTINE 3N, LINE PLOTS" document:
      It was given in the mocked-up fuselage of an aircraft with the thetan fixed before an aircraft door. (There are also two or more aircraft fuselages used in the Helatrobus Implants, but the preclear moved through them, was not fixed in them.) The date is the way to tell the pattern. The Helatrobus Implants existed only between 52 trillion and 38 trillion years ago, the total life span of the Helatrobus government. If the goal is found to lie earlier, between 315 trillion and 216 trillion or later, up to 52 trillion years ago, then it is probably this pattern.

Dates are important in the process of identifying and clearing implants.

Quote from the "ROUTINE 3N, LINE PLOTS" document:

      This same pattern, but given in an amusement park with a single tunnel, a roller coaster and a Ferris wheel, was used between about 319 trillion years ago to about 256 trillion trillion years ago, a long span.

      The symbol of a Gorilla was always present in the place the goal was given. Sometimes a large gorilla, black, was seen elsewhere than the park. A mechanical or a live gorilla was always seen in the park.

These aliens built fake amusement parks in space with mechanical gorillas just to implant fake memories in the minds of aliens Xenu killed on earth millions of years ago by blowing them up in vulcanoes... Yes folks, this is Scientology. People like John Travolta and Kristie Alley actually believes this is true. Hubbard sais so.

Quote from the "ROUTINE 3N, LINE PLOTS" document:
      This activity was conducted by the Hoipolloi, a group of operators in meat body societies. They were typical carnival people. They let out concessions for these implant "Amusement Parks." A pink-striped white shirt with sleeve garters was the uniform of the Hoipolloi. Such a figure often rode on the roller coaster cars. Monkeys were also used on the cars. Elephants sometimes formed part of the equipment.

Comments are often superfluous when presenting the ravings of Hubbard. No wonder why the cult uses every trick in the book to try to stop it being made publicly available. How many would join Scientology if they knew all this up front?

It will look silly to you, and you might wonder how people can fall for Scientology. Remember that it is not what's in the belief that matters, but the methods Hubbard developed to get people hooked. Those who get involved are usually people like you and me, but may be in a period of their life where they are more susceptible to this type of fraud. You are offered a chance to not only make yourself more able (increase your IQ, communicate better, learn faster, etc) but also a chance to join an "elite group" to save the world!

All Scientology training are splitted up in levels, and you are not allowed on to the next level before you are 100 per cent ready. If you refuse to accept something you will have to go back, and back, and back until you understand (accept) it. Scientology has this word clearing technique that says that if you do not understand (or agree) with something it is because you have misunderstood a word in the text. Then you have to go back and "clear" every word until you understand properly (dictionaries are important in CoS). This is very tedious and will over a long period weaken your doubts and skeptisim. Remember that their core belief is that Hubbard was right, all the people around you say so and it is not allowed to question any of it. It must be you who have misunderstood something, you must go back until you get it right! Eventually your mind will accept it, you want to be as good as the rest. You don't want to hold back the progress. The group is looking at you and you have to submit. You are on a road to save the universe, you must not fail. You must save enough money to get on the next course. Submitting to this for years people will gradually believe almost anything.

Hubbard could have claimed anything and he would still have found some followers. The more you read about Scientology you will learn that there seems like there are no limits to what he wrote.

Quote from the "ROUTINE 3N, LINE PLOTS" document:
      The series is always five goals. These are very simple goals, no long words. To End, To be Dead, To be Asleep, To be Solid, To Create, To Find, To be Visible, To be Sexual (not To have Sex as some pcs give it), To be Invisible, To Postulate and a very few more were used, always five goals in a series. The series usually started with To be Dead, but To End, To Sleep and To be Asleep must also be investigated as the first goal of each series.

These goals are described here to assist the auditor when he or she audits a preclear (PC). Scientologists pay hundreds of dollar per hour to be audited and claim it helps them to become more able. The first goal is to become Clear (of engrams and implants). But you don't only have your own engrams and implants, no, the thetans or clusters of thetans stuck to your meat body also have them. The problem is that they have no money, so you have to pay to audit them too!

Quote from the "ROUTINE 3N, LINE PLOTS" document:
      From about 256 trillion trillion years ago to about 370 trillion trillion years ago the GPMs are the Bear Goals.

      These use the same pattern, similar amusement park arrangements, the same type of goals as the Gorilla Goals.

      The only real difference is that instead of a mechanical gorilla a mechanical or live bear was used, and the motion was even more violent.

      There is, however, a change of pattern in the Bear Goals in that TWO RIs were added. These come as a pair just below "The Vast Value of Goaling." They are oppterm "Any worries about being _________ or goaling" opposed by terminal "A worried goaler." Aside from this addition, the pattern is the same as the Gorilla Goals.

The auditor tries to communicate with the implants in order to make them "blow". To blow means here to get rid of the charge or mass of a thetan, a cluster of thetans or in other cases an engram (a moment of pain and unconsciousness).

GPM stands for "goals problem mass".

Quote from the "ROUTINE 3N, LINE PLOTS" document:

      From about 390 trillion trillion years to 370 trillion trillion years ago, the Black Thetan goals were given.

      These were given in a glade surrounded by the stone heads of "black thetans" who spat white energy at the trapped thetan. The trapped thetan was motionless.

      The pattern is the earliest "To" form of GPM now known.

      There were six RIs per goal, consisting of:

Not Accomplished
Action (ing)
Never Action (ing)
Not Goal

      There were from 15 to 18 goals in the series, all of a simple nature such as To End, To be Dead, To be Asleep, etc.

There are many implants to blow, and an endless number of thetans stuck to your body. Many Scientologists have been milked dry before they got them all out, which lead some to suicide or serious personal problems. If you can't pay you either are dumped or you have to work for the cult to get courses. The lucky ones see the fraud and get out. Usually it takes years of treatment in order to get free from the grip a cult has on you. Many are embarassed to talk about their history in the cult, looking back at it they have problems explaining how it could go so far. The main focus now is to get on with life, for many that means starting all over since they leave the cult with empty hands and maybe poorly adapted to the outside society.

Quote from the "ROUTINE 3N, LINE PLOTS" document:
      Between 38 trillion years ago and present time a lot of off-beat implants can be found. They sometimes have only pictures, sometimes only items, sometimes items and pictures both. They are usually short, often have no goal in them, only positive -- negative commands, and are not hard to work out. The pc can usually get them easily if they're on his assessed R3R chain.

Hubbard put a lot of effort into creating new words and abbrevations in Scientology. This helped in bonding the people in the cult. While they study they will learn new things and get the feeling they understand more and more. After a while they will take for granted that what Hubbard said was always right, there is no room for skeptical questions in the cult whatsoever, and the victim will slowly detach from society. They work hard to afford new courses (some compare it with drug addiction) and get too tired to follow the news and be with friends and family. People outside who react because they see the change are concidered as bad influence and Scientologists are told to disconnect from them. Their defense is broken down and they have nowhere else to turn than to other Scientologists.

Quote from the "ROUTINE 3N, LINE PLOTS" document:
      In a complex GPM pattern almost anything can be made to fire until the exact RI is found. Then no RR is left.

      Wrong RIs leave white mass and eventually crumple up the engram. Missed RIs leave black strips or patches. Partially discharged RIs leave gray patches. Restimulated but not run RIs turn everything black in the picture.

      Scan a pc through RIs you don't suspect and it all goes black.

      Get a wrong date or wrong duration and the pc has no visio or pictures that don't belong there.

RI stands for "reliable items" and means any item that rock slams (hittig a "rock" during auditing) and RR means "rocket read" which is a type of E-meter read (characterized by the needle on the E-meter "taking off"). This is all daily language to a Scientologist.

Quote from the "ROUTINE 3N, LINE PLOTS" document:

      This is a rapid resume of principal GPMs on the track. Where the pattern applies it must be done exactly as given.

Auditing is, according to Hubbard an Scientology, a science. Applied correctly it will solve all human problems. Hubbard is supposed to have managed to develope this standard technology which makes him the ultimate prophet in Scientology. Scientology is called "applied religious technology" and any argument against it is simply countered by the claim that if it dosn't work then it is not applied properly. Since Scientology auditing is a very expensive treatment it is only available for those who can pay for it. The "Church" of Scientology offers to make the "able more able", to create a better world for us all. If you've read George Orwell's "1984" you will see what that kind of world it would be.

Quote from the "ROUTINE 3N, LINE PLOTS" document:


Thanks to Martin Hunt and his ARS Acronym/Terminology FAQ

"What? That means we've cracked insanity itself? That's right."

L. Ron Hubbard, HCO Policy Letter of 5 April 1965

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