One opened, more to come! Operation Clambake present:


After sitting through about 150 hours of extremely tedious auditing (and parting with approximately £20,000) then if you are lucky (and some are not) you reach the state of Clear. According to the Dianetics book you should be near super-human. That is what you were encouraged to believe when you first got into Scientology and that is probably what you stayed around hoping for. So what is this "State of Clear"? How do you know when you have got there and what difference should it make to your life? Are Clears like Superman or Supergirl?

Well this is the first big secret when it comes to the "technical" business of auditing.

Letís pause and think about secrets in Scientology. Why are these things kept secret? One reason could be that if it were revealed too early to a person who is not at the right stage of spiritual evolution then it would be meaningless and would prevent them getting the benefits at a later stage. Or we could be more cynical. The reason could be that if the public were to find out this secret then nobody would be stupid enough to get into Scientology in the first place.

There is a confidential document named "The State of Clear" that is kept under lock and key in Scientology organisations. It is the first big secret on your journey "Up the Bridge". Does it contain profound spiritual truths or is keeping it a secret done to cover up the worthlessness of this "State of Clear"?

Well you can read this document here. Originally the document would have had a proper header. This has been lost. However the full text exists and is reproduced. I invite you to read it and consider the following.

You went into Scientology as a fairly normal and perhaps unimaginative person. You then spend years believing you have been a torturer and super criminal and other such nonsense in your past lives. You have been led to believe that a Clear possesses almost super-human powers and so you stayed and spent an absolute fortune to achieve this elevated state.

And what does this document tell you? It tells you that you have some control over your mental pictures! Not complete control mind you. It also says that you are Clear when you realise you are imagining it all (mocking up your bank). Put crudely and cynically it means you have reached the stage you were at before you got into Scientology.

What if a person were to read it (with all the techno-babble translated of course) before they decided to do Scientology courses, receive auditing, part with £20,000 and the like? Would they continue with Scientology or would they walk out the door in disgust?

Do you see why the Church of Scientology keeps this document secret?