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The "L" Rundown

L Rundown page 1

The L's below was sent to me anonymousely and are only written down from memory. On WikiLeaks you will find a collection of all the Operating Thetan documents which includes the full L's.

Extracts from the anonymous mail:

Dear Andreas

Hello and firstly may I congratulate you for your courage, conviction and effort in putting up such a fine web page and teriffic content.
On your page regarding the "L Rundown" materials you ask for opinions as to if they are authentic. I'd like to clear the mystery for you.
Last year I decided to embark on doing the best possible reconstruction of these materials based on all we knew and refering to original materials where possible. One breakthrough came when realising that many of the 'items' off the L's lists were contained in the original PSYCHOSIS RESEARCH CASE STUDIES which form part of the Expanded Dianetics course. Those items were extracted and then made educated guesses about the gaps. Also had the Class 10 checksheet to use as a road map.
The version which you received and have posted is in our humble opinion, the most accurate and best possible re-construction available at this time.
It is hoped that one day someone will liberate the original issues but until then I hope that what is presented will suffice.

(language and text is strongly edited so that it's origin can not be found, but the message is the same)

Warren McShame, president of RTC, declares in District Court in Northern District of California (February 21 1997) in case RTC v. Grady Ward that "[the L's listed on this page] are not the Scientology documents that comprise the L's, but are someone's unartful attempt to duplicate those documents." His declaration to court is availble as a PDF file (need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view) here (132kb).


The "L" Rundowns are super-secret. People pay $1000 per hour (yes, that's one thousand US dollars per hour, not a typing error!) to be audited on these. You go in as an ordinary human being and you come out a super-thetan, or so people believe. And they must believe it otherwise they would not part with such vast sums of money.

The L rundowns are where people assume they will receive super-human powers if they have not already done so (and strangely enough nobody has). These are the "Fabulous, Flag only, L Rundowns". Are they really fabulous or are they just a load of Scientology junk?

Think about this. Let's suppose you were a con-man. You had some sort of meaningless ritual you wanted to use to con money out of people. Well you could make out it was extremely valuable by charging people a huge amount for it, rather than just a large amount. You would surround it with the greatest secrecy as if it were some incredible invention that went beyond the realms of anything the world had ever seen. You would encourage hype around this ritual, a form of mass hysteria that would draw people in. Now since you would like to pull this con as many times as you could get away with you would be selective not only in terms of people with loads of money but you would pick out those among them who were totally gullible. You would make sure they had done some sort of minor rituals and been totally taken in by those already. If you set things up like that and were careful then you could pull the con time after time and make millions of dollars out of it. Recognise it?

Well someone got careless. Copies of the L Rundowns went astray. They got copied and ended up on the Internet. They are here. Are they incredibly powerful processes that could turn a person into a super-being or are they a load of junk being used to con money out of people. I have already decided and now you will get a chance to decide it for yourself.

The are three L Rundowns. L10, L11 and L12. There was talk of an L9 at some stage. The document described as L9 here has never been secret. I have included some commentaries on each.

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