This is an assessment, style which is done on these rundowns (CAUSE, NEW VIEWPOINT) which has similarity to method three. The principal difference is that the commands are delivered directly to the pc and meter reactions are noted (out of the "corner" of the eye). Answers to the questions are noted but not followed up unless there is a meter reaction to the question. In essence, you're assessing through an FN and anything that "kills" the FN is taken up.


For the most part, on the major lists, the questions are followed down to a basic by the use of "Earlier similar ______". It's a safe assumption and rule of thumb that if it doesn't resolve on 2WC'ing the line, there is probably an E/S answer.


On such parts of CAUSE and NEW VIEWPOINT (expanded), when handling the PA, RA or the general considerations 2WCs, one follows the action up (as in the PA or RA) with it's handlings and the other questions are self-explanatory.




What you're looking for, on the major lists of CAUSE are reading nouns (terminals) which you then cull from the worksheets and run Quad O/W's on. At various times within an earlier practice. This has been run both ANY terminal mentioned end any reading terminal. In practice, the ones that read are available to be run.


If you have run OW quad on an item and it later comes up again, reading, you'd rerun the four flows of OW and get further charge and realizations off the item. Sometimes items have been known to come up more than twice and still read which means more to do on the item.