The rundown was originally developed to resolve extreme cases of psychosis or people in psychotic breaks. The first step in such a case would be rest, food, even mild sedatives to get the person destimulated enough to audit.


The first auditing actions undertaken might be only a GF or CS 53 to further cool it off, then the rundown goes for blood. CS Series 37R is assessed and handled per the issues. While the EP (stated) is an FN'ing flows assessment, if there were to be a big cognition on the subject of continuing or something to do with that that showed it no longer to be a problem or real particular lack of interest, in going further with it, it, would be considered to be complete. It also seems to have a marked influence on TA position and has been known to help resolve chronic low TA's.


Following 37R, the person is given a copy of HCOB 21 Jan, 1960, JUSTIFICATIQN and asked to read it, and write an essay on how it has applied (or may have applied) to his/her life. This is a restimulative action and helps to open up the case even further.


At this juncture. the pc is asked for an IMPLANT TO HARM which is then Date/Located and should result in blows. Following this, GENERAL OW is run. If the person is stuck in some psychosis, an EVIL PURPOSE will "explosively" blow into view. If a purpose doesn't, it is run to a general EP.


If no Ev Purp comes off in 0W, you would then L & N for it. The following actions are routinely undertaken with ev purps encountered at this level and above: It is Date/Located to blows and then a 2WC - WHAT PROGRESS HAVE YOU MADE IN ATTAINING THAT PURPOSE?, (or a variant of this) is done to blow off further considerations and free the purpose up to leave. These are the routine steps of NEW VIEWPOINT.


In a later HCOB, CS'ING FLAG RUNDOWNS, an expanded step was added which is: a) CAUSE PA (Program Assessment), CAUSE RA (Results Assessment) and then a Date/Locate to blows of each of the 37R items. This completes New Viewpoint as a rundown.


While other organizations know to us sell this as a minimum of two intensives to complete, it is a fairly short action which averages less than half an intensive. I think it's an excellent "set-up" for CAUSE and in C/S'ING FLAG RUNDOWNS, is given as the first of these rundowns. Arbitrarily, in that issue, they are done: NEW VIEWPOINT, EXTROVERSION and then CAUSE, although each has its own results and can be done entirely separately from the others.