The theory of this rundown is that:


a. Man is basically good,


b. That when faced with doing evil that Man restrains himself and limits or lowers his power/cause level,


c. That long ago on the wholetrack, evil persons (originally said to be "psychs") implanted people with evil purposes. Such an implant is referred to in this rundown as an "Implant to Harm", as these implants embedded commands to do something harmful.


d. That when an Implant to Harm gets keyed in, the person has the choice of dramatizing it (i.e., committing the harmful act), or, suppressing the dramatization (and himself). But in any event, because the person has an impulse to do something evil or harmful, he tends to consider himself harmful or evil and thus tends to restrain himself generally.


e. If the person dramatizes the Implant to Harm, he commits overts and becomes more susceptible to the Implant being restimulated and dramatized again in the future.


f. Subsequently, the person will probably form an evil purpose of his own and commit overts as a result. These overts form a chain on that evil purpose. There is usually one such evil purpose and chain of overts on any case, or one major one (most dramatized).


g. Although the person formed that evil purpose himself and is