L-12 Steps:


L12-1 (Preliminary}


A. Any date/locate not fully blown (can use the assessment stops)

B. Anything dated but not located (can use the assessment steps)

C. Has there been any dating/locating of SOMATICS? PRESSURE AREAS? or UPSETS? not fully blown (Can use the assessment steps), or Re-date / Re-locate: On 0T III/above, Incident II's/I's. Also on a III/above add:


D. Any cluster Date/located but not fully blown?

E. Any cluster not fully handled?

F. Any cluster they had trouble with?

G. Any cluster only partially gone?

On these steps assess for type (Impact, Electrical, Shock, Vacuum, Fall, Injury, Lightening, Explosion, Operation, Collision, Psychiatric, Surgical, Smash, Violence, Implant, Fight, etc.); Then, get the scene (some content), Date/Locate it, Incident II's/I's.




Date/locate the following:


A. Pressures

B. Pressure Areas

C. Too full feeling

D. Heavy feeling

E. Tight Feeling

F. Numb Feeling

G. Any feelings that, are natural and should be there (On a III/above, Type, scene, D/L, II's/I's.)


Ll2-2 (Preliminary)


A. Identities in past auditing (Clear first)

B. Item OW

If its a BT, it will blow.

If its a cluster, (TA up on listing, agonizing somatics, pressures, trouble), Type, Scene, D/L, II's/I's.

If its a valence, D/L it,

If its his own this LT identity, D/L it.

If its his own past life identity, L & N for the basic purpose, then


D/L it.




A. Assess the group.

B. L & N "What past identity was _________________?"

C. Item OW to a blow (Or handling as above if other than a single BT.) Do each group M7,




A. Verify old S & Ds (or L & N for new ones)

B. Clear BEAM and the related actions.

C. "Was there any member of your family that you instinctively disliked?"

D. "Were you ever married to somebody_____________ ?"

E. Whatever else you can find (Friends, Other family, Co-workers, Etc.)

F. 1. Look around the body - find the beam (where it hits the preOT from the terminal found)

2. Describe it.

3. Smooth it out (the edges).

4. Nullify it (trace it back to the end until it vanishes)

Do these steps on each beam you locate.

G. Two way comm (by flows) of Beaming others; Others beaming others; Self beaming self (if quad.)