10 - RA

1. Did we slide over something you didn't want mentioned?

(If it reads, pull it)


2. Would we kill you if we found out?

(If it reads, clean it up)


3. Are these somebody else's O/Ws?

(If it reads, clean it to FN) (if OT III, LDN OT III)


4. Have you always expected something magical to occur?

(If it reads, get it phrased as an item, do W/W & 0/W)


5. Are you still wanted somewhere?

(Date it, clean it, find out what overt)


6. Are you punishing yourself?

(If it reads find out How? Why? E/S if no FN)


7. Are you getting even for something?

(Get the motivator, then the overts and W/Hs on it and then

the ARC Break)


8. Do you think the group should be protected?

(Find out the original reason for coming, E/S on other groups)


9. Are you preventing overts?

(2WC what they are)


10. Would it be bad to have a win?

(2WC to cog)


11. Are you protecting your reputation?

(2WC to pull the thing the pc has done that he won't discuss)


12. Are you protecting your auditor?

(2WC to find what the withhold is)


13. What else hasn't done any good?

(Get pc to ES to other failures)


14. Do things go on and on?

(2WC what has gone on and on)


15. Do you deserve a good result?

(2WC why not)


16. Is change bad?

(2WC with ES)


l7. Would it make somebody else right if you won?

(2WC who)


18. Are all wins overts?



19. What are you waiting to have happen?

(Hidden standard WW & OW)


20 Did we pass a flat point?


21. Do you feel you have been criticized?


22. Have you done something (else) bad during this rundown on overts?

(2WC and get it)


23. Would it make your enemies right to change?

(2WC what, who)


24. Is it better to suffer?

(Who else list WW and OW)


25. Have there been auditing errors?



26. Have there been listing errors?



27. Did you hit a great win in this and lost it?



28. Is getting no case gain an overt?

(2WC ES Did you intend it?)


29. Are you withholding a case gain?

(2WC. Get it to cog)


30. Are you actually right after all?



31. Was this list unnecessary?

(Indicate it)


32. Haven't you understood what we are trying to do?

(Run 2WC and ARC Breaks)


33. Are you pinned down by some earlier life?

(Get its identity, L10 it)


34. Did we miss answers you had but didn't give on earlier lists.

(2WC this, then repeat L10 lists)


35. Are you trying to leave somewhere?

(Find out where, stress why he went there ES)


36. Are you left with stuck pictures?

(Turn over to Dn auditing)


37. Has all this been done on somebody else?

(LX lists or OT III if pc in that band)


38. Have intentions been suppressed?

(Prepcheck Intentions)


39. Was the one we found the real reason?



40. Is something else wrong?

(GF total)